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Business Communication Styles in Kenya

Most Kenyans does not like direct and frank communication. In many occasions they will always attempt to support or put across their point in a way that the message is delivered in a most sensitive way possible. They will want to protect other people’s face and more so their relationship. However, the style of communication depends directly on the level of intimacy between the communicator and the person who the message is communicated to.

A more intimate relationship will tend to trigger a more direct communication. Diplomacy becomes of more importance in relationships that a  Continue reading ...

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CISCO Networking Systems Centers In Kenya

CISCO Networking Systems is an international organization that offers training and certification in computer netwroking. Courses offered by the CISCO Networking Systems include IT Essentials CompTIA A+, CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA), CISCO Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and Health Information Networking.

The following are some institutions offering CISCO Training courses in Kenya:

  • African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI)

  • African Institute of Research and Development Studies

  • Amboseli   Continue reading ...

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Where to acquire the best skills in Media production and related fields: Shang Tao Media Arts and Mass Communication College

Media is one of sectors where people expect for provision of the available news and current affairs in the society. The media is of varied types from mass media and print media and they ensure that they provide the accurate information that is happening and required by the people. The advent in digital technology and the liberalization in the media industry has given rise to many television and radio stations, creating an enormous market for the need for well trained and skilled mass media practitioners. This has led to the establishment of different schools and institution for offering the  Continue reading ...

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Programmes Offered at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication in the University if Nairobi.

Without the media, any given country will be in a total darkness. This is because people will not be informed of any news or events occurring in the country. If you look at the occurrences which are happening in Kenya at the moment such as Al-shabab attacks, you will appreciate the role of media sector because they keep Kenyans informed of all news required. Therefore, media has played a role informing and educating people. They are also involved in advertising jobs and products of various industries.

The people involved in the preparation of news, collection of reports and broadcas  Continue reading ...

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Minimum Entry Requirements to Faculty of Media and Communication at Multimedia University of Kenya

University education is in high demand in Kenya as a result of the revolution that the world is heading. These has made entrepreneurs and the government to establish and upgrade other institutions to accommodate and be able to provide the students with the knowledge they require for the future life.

Multimedia University of Kenya was established as a constituent college of JKUAT and it is located along Magadi Road which is near Ongata Rongai. It is a public university and therefore they are allowed to offer diploma and degree programmes in various courses in professional areas.

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African Nazarene School Of Mass communication Admission Criteria

African Nazarene University is a private university in Kenya. Chartered in 2002 by the commission of higher education it offers a bachelor degree in mass communication. African Nazarene University has an up to date, state of the art technology that is well equipped to offer above average training to its students. It ensures that individuals who graduate have the necessary training to have successful careers in journalism. The training is provided in various departments that include;

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Courses Offered At The Technical University Of Kenya School Of Information And Communication Studies

Naturally social beings, humans find numerous ways in which to communicate with each other. The ever evolving systems of communication change the way in which information is shared and distributed. Information and communication studies enable individuals to learn the latest the world has to offer in terms of communication. The Technical University of Kenya offers several courses under the School of Information and Communication Studies. These are:

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The Technical University of Kenya offers Bachelor of Science in   Continue reading ...

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Diploma Courses offered at East African Institute of Certified studies (EAICS).

Diploma Courses offered at East African Institute of Certified studies (EAICS).

East African Institute of Certified studies is a professional training institution where students learn new skills in a wide range of professional course, both at certificate and diploma levels. EAICS is the Nairobi Technology Village ‘Pasha center’, selected by the Ministry of Information Communication and Technology.

The college is equipped with latest ICT facilities that empower students socially and economically. The aim of EAICS is to develop competitive career  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of The Commission On Administrative Justice (Office Of The Ombudsman) In Kenya

Commission On Administrative Justice (Office Of The Ombudsman) in Kenya has offices in The Deputy Presidents`s Building on the 6th Floor on Harambee Avenue.

The Commission On Administrative Justice postal address is P.O. Box 20414 – 00200, Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of Commission On Administrative Justice in Kenya are +254-20-2270000, 2303000, 2603765, 2441211, 8030666.

The email address of Commission on Administrative Justice in Nairobi isContinue reading ...

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Contacts Of Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board In Nairobi

Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board in Nairobi is located in NHIF Building on the 4th Floor. 

The postal address of the Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board offices in Kenya is P.O. Box 34035-00100, Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board are 0202715390 and 0711944538.

The website of Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board is at

The twitter handle of Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board is at @Kenyayearbook.

On Facebook, Kenya Yearbook E  Continue reading ...