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The Best language Colleges in Nairobi

Alliance Francaise, the college prepares French language experts; the college offers certificate and diploma in French language, the official address is P. O Box 45475- 00100 Nairobi, Telephone number: 020 340054. Prestige Global language, the college offers various courses in different languages including, Italian language, French language, Japanese language and English language. It is located in Kampus towers 2nd floor along university way, the address of the college is P.O Box 55064 00200 Nairobi. Telephone number is: 020 359  Continue reading ...

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Courses offered in Kenya Medical Training College- Karen

The college offers various courses in the field of medicine, the courses include the following; Diploma in clinical medicine, Diploma in medical laboratory, Diploma in occupational therapy, Diploma in community health nursing, Diploma in Dental technology, Diploma in community oral health and Diploma in Health records and information technology.

Occupational therapist will be equipped with the skills to help disabled persons in the society; the student is prepared on how to help such persons perform their everyday activities. The disabled persons are helped to participate fully in t  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Contacts Of Embakasi Training Institute In Nairobi, Kenya

Embakasi Training Institute in Kenya is located in Embakasi Estate in Nairobi.

The postal address of Embakasi Training Institute in Nairobi is P.O. Box 19284-00100, Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of Embakasi Training Institute are (020)8223216, (020)2042712 and (020)2098054.

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How To Get To KASNEB Headoffices In Nairobi, Kenya

With the large number of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education candidates in Kenya attaining good grades, coupled with the limited spaces in the public universities found in Kenya, many people are caught in the quagmire of what step to take next. Professional exams in Kenya and short courses in Kenya have been a popular way out for those who can not afford to enroll in the private universities in Kenya. One of the most popular and sought after school professional training in Kenya is the certified public accountancy course   Continue reading ...

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Location Of The Buruburu Institute Of Fine Arts In Nairobi, Kenya

The Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts is a middle level learning institution located in Buruburu in the large East lands area of Nairobi County in Kenya. The Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts college in Nairobi is most popular for its unrivalled diploma and certificate courses in arts and design in Kenya.

The Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts in Kenya was established as a church founded institution in 1990 to accommodate the students in Kenya who had not secured entry points for university education within Kenya on completion of their secondary school studies.

Over the years, the   Continue reading ...

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Location Of Kenya Institute Of Highways And Building Technology (KIHBT) Campuses In Kenya

Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology in Kenya is a college that offers courses to students in Kenya in the fields of ICT, Mechanical field, Civil field, Building, Electrical field, Driver training in Kenya and the Roads field. Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology in Kenya is an institute whose main campus is located in Nairobi. Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology Main campus is located in Industrial area of Nairobi on Commercial Street. To get to Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology main campus in Nairobi, you have to access the N  Continue reading ...