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Health Benefits Of Coconuts

Coconut plants grow naturally in the coastal lands of Kenya, along the beaches of Mombasa City, Voi Town and Malindi, among many other regions. A coconut tree is tall and slender. It has no branches, making it a strenuous experience to attempt climbing it if one is an inexperienced cocconut tree climber. Even though getting  the coconut from the tallest plant is difficult, the effort is worthwhile owing to the great benefits that coconut products have for the human body.

A mature coconut fruit gives the following important, edible products:

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Contacts Of Kenya Coconut Development Authority Offices In Mombasa

Kenya Coconut Development Authority offices in Mombasa are located on 6th Floor of NSSF Building on Nkrumah Road in Mombasa.

The Kenya Coconut Development Authority in Mombasa telephone contacts are (041)2319616, (041)2319617, (041)2319613, 0702217682 and 0737217682.

The postal address Kenya Coconut Development Authority is P.O. Box 84351-80100, Mombasa Kenya.

The email address of Kenya Coconut Development Authority is

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List Of Agencies Of Government Of Kenya

Kenya Government Agencies include:

Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) in Kenya

Betting Control And Licensing Board in Kenya

Brand Kenya Board in Kenya

Bomas of Kenya Limited 

Capital Markets Authority (CMA) in Kenya

Central Bank Of Kenya

Coffee Board of Kenya

Coffee Research Foundation in Kenya

Commission on Revenue Allocation in Kenya

Communications Commissions of Kenya (CCK)

Constituencies Development Fund Board in Kenya

Economic Stimulus Program in Kenya

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