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Postgraduate Programmes Offered at Chuka University Main Campus.

With reduction of cut points required to join university and college, there is influx of students doing various courses. Since the minimum admission required for one to pursue diploma course in Kenya is now C- (minus) in Kenya certificate of secondary education (K.C.S.E), it is projected that there will be many students joining various institutions.

Therefore, it is high time for graduates to further their education in their field because Kenya as a country more people who have done a general course. There is need for specialization and this can only be done at postgraduate level. A  Continue reading ...

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Chuka University Bachelor Of Agribusiness Management Undergraduate Admission Criteria

In 2004, Egerton University established a campus college to enhance the availability of affordable education in the Eastern region of Kenya. Three years later, in 2007, Chuka University was established through a legal notice and became a fully fledged public institution. This was made possible when the local community donated 550 acres of land to enable the institution to come up and to aid in any future expansion. Since its establishment, Chuka University provides various degree programmes and courses. One such programme is the Bachelor’s Degree program in Agribusiness Management. Th  Continue reading ...

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Programmes (Courses) Offered by Chuka University In Embu Campus.

Programmes (Courses) Offered by Chuka University In Embu Campus.

Embu campus of the Chuka University is found in Embu town and is among the four campuses established by the Chuka University in their objective of increasing accessibility to education (higher education). Chuka university Embu campus was established in the year 2011 and is currently located at Njigoru building which is opposite the office of the governor of Embu County.

Majority of the courses offered by Chuka university Embu campus are humanities and social sciences and they are offered at a  Continue reading ...

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Undergraduate Programmes Offered at Chuka University Main Campus in Kenya.

Chuka University is a fully chartered public university in Kenya and is located in Chuka town along Nairobi Meru highway. This university (Chuka) is approximately 187 kilometers from Nairobi city. The university was a former constituent college of Egerton university in Kenya and it was called Chuka University College. Chuka University in Kenya became a fully chartered public university in Kenya on 8th January, 2013 and was awarded by the former president of the republic of Kenya His Excellence Hon. Mwai Kibaki.

The university of Chuka main campus has grown gradually in terms of acad  Continue reading ...

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Courses (programmes) Offered at Igembe Campus of Chuka University , Kenya.

Chuka University located in Meru County (Igembe central constituency) specifically in Njoune market, which is three kilometers from Maua town. Igembe campus of Chuka University is currently headed by director, Dr. John M. Kobia.

Chuka University was established on 30th September in year 2011 and has grown sporadically and has over 400 students enrolled at different levels of education (from certificate to doctor of philosophy). The courses that are offered at this campus are based in humanities and social sciences.

The certificate courses which are offered by the Chuka unive  Continue reading ...

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Chuka University Bachelor Of Science In Economics And Statistics

As competition in the job place intensifies, many Kenyan job seekers are quickly learning the value of being multi-talented. It is simply not enough to specialize in one area as his reduces the chances of gaining meaningful employment. It is for this reason that some universities are coming up with dual study programmes that seek to combine a number of disciplines. Chuka University offers an undergraduate degree programme, the B.Sc. (Economics and Statistics), that combines the disciplines of Economics and Statistics. This is a specialized programme that is intended to meet the growing dema  Continue reading ...

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Chuka University Bachelor Of Commerce Undergraduate Admission Criteria

Chuka University is a kenya peivate university that offers a four-year study course in Bachelor of Commerce. The degree course is aimed at preparing Kenyan students for management careers in both the public and private sectors. Apart from students taking the general commerce study in the first and second year, the course offers specialization in:

  • Accounting
  • Banking and Finance
  • Cooperative Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Management Science

Students in the third year and fourth year of study are ex  Continue reading ...