3 years ago

Trading Partners Of Kenya

Kenya is involved in alot of trade with other nations making it develop good working relationships that can help the country earn revenue by exporting the various products that are locally produced to be used in other countries.The following list comprises of the major trading partners of kenya.


It is currently the main trading partner with the kenyan government having signed about 15contracts in one day.China has greatly helped kenya in economic development as seen by the construction of the only superhighway in the country Thika road.It has since been assigned anot  Continue reading ...

4 years ago

First Donkey Slaughter-House To Be Opened In Naivasha, Kenya

So, Donkey Meat is legal in Kenya! To top it all, there is an entrepreneur in Naivasha, who is willing to start up a donkey slaughter-house. Kenyans do not have to worry anymore about the quality and cleaniliness of donkey meat anymore. 

This will mark the end of donkey ripped off meat by the road sides and in the bushes by butchers and traders in most parts of Kenya. Donkey meat has infact been legal for a long time. But who will be buying the donkey meat?

Kenyans who do not like the sound of equine meat (donkey meat), you do not have to worry anymore. The entrepreneur  Continue reading ...

4 years ago

Embassy of The Republic Of Kenya In China

Embassy of The Republic of Kenya in China is located in 4xi Liu in San Li Tun in Bejing 100600 China. 

The phone contacts of Embassy of Kenya in China is 000-86-10-65323381 and 65322473. The fax numbers are 000-86-106532170 and 65323325.

You can email the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya at

Other countries of accreditation include; Thailand, Phillipines

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4 years ago

PricewaterhouseCoopers Kenya (PWC)

PricewaterhouseCoopers Kenya is an auditing firm that has offices located in PwC Tower in Nairobi. PWC Kenya is located off the Waiyaki Way in Westlands on Chiromo Road in Nairobi. 

PWC Kenya auditors in Kenya can be reached on the telephone number [254] (20) 285 5000 or telecopier on [254] (20) 285 5001, (20) 285 5002. 

PricewaterhouseCoopers tax and advisory consultants in Kenya can be contacted on email address You can also find PwC Kenya online at Continue reading ...

4 years ago

Where To Enjoy Chinese Cuisine In Nairobi, Kenya

Every now and then in Kenya, we like to imagine we are in Rome, and as such we want to do what the Romans do. In as much as trying out a fried snail is a tad too explorative, eating with chopsticks is a worth the while challenge to Kenyans. There are many hotels in Nairobi that offer the very best of Chinese cuisine. For those who would wish to take up the challenge and the thrill, here are a few leads on the best preferred hotels in Nairobi:

China Plate in Nairobi

China Plate in Kenya is probably the most famous Chinese restaurant in Nairobi city. China Plate hotel in Nai  Continue reading ...

4 years ago

Where To Find A Samsung Care Centre In Nairobi, Kenya

Over the recent past, many people in Kenya have moved from the QWERTY keypad craze to the touch screen frenzy. Basically, everyone in Kenya owns a touch screen phone. There are so many mobile phone companies all over the world manufacturing all sorts of phones with various specifications.

From Techno, to Samsung to Nokia to Sony- people in Kenya are free to choose whichever they please, depending on their style and the kind of features they are looking for. However with the endless choices of phones in Kenya, it is very easy for one to get a counterfeit phon  Continue reading ...