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Contacts Of Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat In Kenya

Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat offices in Kenya are located in KUSSCO Centre on the 2nd Floor in Upper Hill, Nairobi.

The postal address of Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat offices is P.O. Box 52301-00200, Nairobi.

The email address details of Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat in Kenya are

The telephone contacts of Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat offices in Nairobi are 0202722030. The Fax details 0208091353.

The website of Kenya Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat is at&nbs  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of National Council For Law Reporting In Kenya

National Council For Law Reporting offices in Kenya are located in Nairobi.

The postal address of National Council For Law Reporting offices is P.O. Box 30420, Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of National Council For Law Reporting are 0202716727 and 0202719231.

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Contacts Of Kenya Law Reform Commission (KLRC) Offices In Nairobi

Kenya Law Reform Commission (KLRC) offices are located in Re-Insurance Plaza on the 3rd Floor found on Taifa Road in Nairobi.

The postal address of Kenya Law Reform Commission is P.O. Box34999-00100, Nairobi.

The telephone and mobile contacts of Kenya Law Reform Commission offices in Kenya are 0202241201 and 0736333533.

The Kenya Law Reform Commission website is at

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Changes To Uwezo Fund Approved By MPs And Senators In Kenya

Uwezo Fund in Kenya is a fund given to youths to boost entrepreneurial culture in Kenya. The youths in Kenya are to form groups and start businesses to apply for Uwezo Funds successfully. The aim of the Uwezo Fund is to boost the livilihood of the youths of Kenya and at the same time improve development and growth of Kenyan economy.

Uwezo fund was a proposed pledge by Hon Uhuru Kenyatta during his campaigns to power.

The MPs recently approved changes proposed by Senate Chambers in Kenya on the Uwezo Fund. Some of the changes that are to occur include the management of Uwezo   Continue reading ...

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The New Regulations Bound To Alter The Oil Sector In Kenya

Energy Regulatory Commission in Kenya is to alter the oil rules. The Energy Regulatory Commission announced its intention to issue new rules for importation and holding petroleum with an aim of eliminating speculators in the oil market. The new proposed changes in the oil and petroleum sector were to foster investment in the petroleum sector in Kenya. The rules in the oil industry have to be adjusted as they do not favour investments as they are.

The new rules to be issued by the Energy Regulatory Commission will also shift the oil storage mandate from Kenya Pipeline Company. There   Continue reading ...

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Newly Enforced KWS National Park Charges In Kenya

Kenya tourism sector has undergone changes recently in January 2014, following the introduction of the 16% VAT on tourism services which marked increase in conservation fees. This led to increased park rates including:

Entry Fee to National Parks in Kenya

The entry charges at Amboseli National Park in Kenya and Nakuru National Park in Kenya are USD 90 per person per night and USD 55 per child per night. The entry charges to Meru National Park in Kenya and Kora National park in Kenya are USD 75 per person per night and USD 40 per child per night. The entry charges to Nairob  Continue reading ...

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BebaPay Card Use On Matatu Transportation Within Nairobi In Kenya

Kenya keep on revolving and becoming a technologically proficient country as time goes by. Equity bank in Kenya, together with Google has provided Kenyans with a chance to pay for matatus and merchandise using cards in Kenya. This is an easier way of making the bulky way of carrying around cash escapable in Kenya. One can now just carry a card and electronically pay for everything using it, without having to withdraw cash from banks or mobile phones in Kenya to do so.

Kenya is now catching up on levels of innovations especially where Consumers can now enjoy quick and easy cashless b  Continue reading ...

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Vuma Online: The New Revolutionary Means Of accessing Internet In Matatus In Nairobi

There is no doubt that millions of Kenyans today are becoming tech savvy with every passage of the day. Unlike the past, where people in Kenya rarely knew much about computers and mobile telephony, almost every Kenyan today, and especially those living in urban centers in Kenya have an idea of what technology means and how it impacts on their lives. Whether you want to see technology advancements in Kenya from the perspective of modern computers, tablets, smart phones, netbooks, or advanced use and function of the internet, one thing that is for sure is that technology use in Kenya has trul  Continue reading ...

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The Art Of Clubbing In Nairobi Kenya: How To Be Safe

\'Clubbing\' a word coined from \'club\' to mean raving or rather going out in sports bars to unwind is the order of the day in Nairobi. Sometime back, people in Nairobi used to club only over the weekends in Kenya after having a busy and draining week in offices or  schools(perharps). Well this is not the case anymore! Any day is raev day in Nairobi- from Karaoke to Ladies nights, Uptowns to Thirsty it. There is a phrase doing rounds in the city of Nairobi that Thursday is the new Friday. Going by this trend in Kenya, Monday will be the new Friday!

There are to  Continue reading ...

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How To Avoid Traffic Snarl Ups In Nairobi, Kenya

The horrendous traffic situation in the city of Nairobi has been thorn in the skin for most Nairobi residents for quite a while. Most people in Nairobi estates are forced to leave their house as early as 5 a.m. so as to get to their offices in different parts of Nairobi on time. Avoiding the traffic madness in the streets of Nairobi, especially during rainy mornings, is quite a big piece to chew. It is estimated that Kenya loses approximately 37 billion shillings annually in terms of man-power, pollution and fuel attributed to traffic snarl-ups in Nairobi.

The population in Nairobi   Continue reading ...