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 Everyone hopes for a good job someday later in life, but what is a good job? The best job the one that pays better than the others or the one you enjoys doing? How important is it to choose a good job in Kenya? Those are the questions we will be looking at.

Kenya is a country of great educational competition. People become better and better at what they do as days goes by. If you are not good at what you do, the probability of you getting a good job are very slim but if you do, you will not keep it for long and if you do, which is very rare, you will not go up  Continue reading ...

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The Nuclear Career in Kenya

Kenya is embarking on nuclear power development for electricity generation.KNEBhas tailored this unique package to ensure that students are offered with  the basic tools and academic guidance needed to enable them pursue high top careers related to nuclear engineering and other mathmatical concepts.

The body of KNEB continues to get hopes of inspiring students to have positive attitude in education and exel in science as a foundation to chosing nuclear science careers and if it broadens the outlook of even one student it will be worth it.

The following are some of the c  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered At Kenya Wildlife Training Institute

Kenya wild life college is located in Naivasha which is about 90 kilometers from Nairobi town. It offers various courses in certificate and diploma level, the college is registered with ministry of education science and technology. The courses equip the student with competent skills in wild life conservation, tourism management, management of natural resources.

The institution offers an international course involving management of wetlands, the course takes six weeks and it is full time. The candidate should have at least a National diploma in or its equivalent in areas of wild life  Continue reading ...

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Kenya five most paying careers

Jobs in Kenya are available for the right type of applicants that show high cases of competence and willing to work well with others. It is therefore important that competitive candidates check and be informed on the best paying careers in Kenya before sending their applications. The following are the most competitive careers for Kenyans

Financial Experts

The parties are responsible for ensuring that a country maintains the revenue it gets in a more efficient manner or way. They play a leading role in signing big contracts with other country’s agenci  Continue reading ...

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Best Comedians in Kenya

The Kenyan comedy industry is growing each and every day. New talents are being observed in the screens and the desire to expand the industry is continually being received well by a good number of people. The Churchill show hosts the best comedians in the country and the following list comprises of the best comedians in the country.


Eric is Kenya’s best comedian known for his funny delivery of content. The comedian has taken part in one of Africa’s biggest shows including the night of a thousand laughs. Eric Omondi is travelling to   Continue reading ...

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Top Most Well Paying Jobs in Kenya.

Every student who finish Kenya certificate of secondary education (KCSE) every year wishes to pursue a course or career in one of the colleges or universities in Kenya in a course that is marketable and well paying in terms of salary. Back at home, the parents also advise their children to pursue courses which are well paying and marketable at the same time.

If you are one of the students who are planning to join college or university in Kenya, you need to make a concrete decision on the career to pursue. Choosing a career to pursue in life is one of the challenging things you can d  Continue reading ...

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How to Enroll to the Ongoing Nairobi Aviation College May/June Intake

Aviation is one of the careers which are known to be well paying and enjoyable in the whole world. This therefore make many people to have the urge to study aviation so as to develop this successful and comfortable career. Kenya therefore, has not been left out of the aviation race as it has developed several aviation institutions of higher learning to equip Kenyans with the necessary skills in the area of aviation.

Nairobi Aviation College is one of the institutions in Kenya which offer these skills in relation to aviation. This college was established as an aviation school but has  Continue reading ...

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University Of Nairobi School Of The Built Environment Undergraduate Admission Criteria

University of Nairobi i a kenya public university that offers various courses under the school of the built environment. Courses range from Diploma courses to Degree courses. Individuals who apply to the school can study Bachelor of Architectural Studies or Bachelor of Architecture –B02. They can also study Bachelor of Real Estate – B04, Bachelor of Arts in Planning – B65, Bachelor of Quantity Surveying – B666 and Bachelor of Construction Management. The school of Built Environment also offers Diploma in Estate Agency and Property Management – B118.

Tho  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of African Banking Corporation Limited (ABC) Offices In Nairobi, Kenya

African Banking Corporation Limited in Kenya has offices located in ABC Bank House on Woodvale Groove in Westlands Nairobi. 

The postal address of African Banking Corporation Limited in Nairobi is 45462-00100, Nairobi

The email address of African Banking Corporation Limited in Kenya is

The telephone contacts of African Banking Corporation Limited in Westlands are +254 (20) 4263000 and 4447352.

The telephone contact  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of ABB Limited Office In Mombasa, Kenya

ABB Limited Office in Kenya has offices in Nairobi and Mombasa. ABB Limited Office in Mombasa is located in KK Security Building on Links Road in Mombasa.

The telephone contacts of ABB Limited Office in Mombasa are 041 2634710 and 041 2634704. The mobile contacts of ABB Limited Mombasa Branch are 0708987964 and 0731009357.

The postal address of ABB Limited Company in Kenya Mombasa Branch is P.O. Box 95598-80106, Nyali Mombasa.

The email address of ABB Limited Office in Mombasa is AB  Continue reading ...