9 years ago

Contacts Of The Kenya National Treasury Offices In Nairobi

The National Treasury in Kenya has offices located in Treasury Building on Harambee Avenue in Nairobi. 

The postal address of the Kenya National Treasury offices in Nairobi is P.O. Box 30007-00100, Nairobi. 

The email address of the National Treasury office in Nairobi is

The telephone contacts of the Kenya National Treasury Office in Nairobi are (020)2252299 and mobile numbers 0728338111 and 0733660606. The Fax details are (020)318033. 

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9 years ago

The Difference Between Campus Life In Nairobi And Upcountry

Every time I pass by the suitcase vendors in Nairobi town, I am reminded of that time when I was shopping for a suitcase for my freshman year in college in Kenya. I was admitted to one of the public universities in Kenya. My first choice had of course been The University of Nairobi or at the very worst Kenyatta University in Kenya. Having been born and brought up in the country side, I wanted to have a personal feel of the city life, and what better opportunity than over the four years of campus stay?

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