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What to consider before starting a business in Kenya

Kenya is known to be a country with a competitive business platform that makes it challenging for a breakthrough for an upcoming business person and in most cases some companies pull out of the county because they cannot keep up with the increased competition. The following are the major considerations to be taken by upcoming business people;

Establish mentors

For them to come up with the best business idea they should take part in mentoring program. Due to their experience mentors can help in order to avoid mistakes and make good business decisions. They   Continue reading ...

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How To Start A Laundry And Dry Cleaning Business In Kenya

Dirt in every day’s activity is unavoidable no matter what activity is involved. After the acquirer of dirt in garments, many people hate to be involved in the cleaning process of these dirty garments in form of clothes, footwear and any other wear that may have gotten dirty. In the process of cleaning and doing laundry which many people dislike, various people have seen it as a business idea and have thought of making it a business by providing the laundry services at a fee.

Laundry and Dry cleaning services business is one of the lucrative business that may be very profitabl  Continue reading ...

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Most Popular Open Markets In Kenya

Open markets are market stores that are located outside a building in a marked area where business men are required to bid for the stalls which are owned by the county government. Open markets are the main Centre’s of business in the city due to their preference by several groups of people in the society mostly the middle class and the poor which comprise of more than two thirds of Kenya’s population and although business in this markets has of late been threatened by terror attacks witnessed in two of the markets Gikomba and Garissa Lodge Nairobi open markets remain the heart o  Continue reading ...

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Major Forms of Business Units in Kenya

Forms of business Units found in Kenya

The level of business in the country is being done using a set of measures that are essential in determining the economic growth of the country. The following comprises of the major business units in the republic of Kenya.

Sole proprietorships

Refers to the business unit owned and run by one person. It can be either the head of a family or a person that individual operates the business by themselves. The person is responsible for the business decisions they make hence the growth of the business relies on the decision made by t  Continue reading ...

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How to register for business license in Nairobi: Get a hawkers and shop permit

Hawking is a way of operating small scale business in kenya through selling from one place to another, this kind of business is operated by many unemployed persons living in city or town; this business earns many a living as opposed to moving in different offices searching for jobs. Most extensive networking manufacturers have adopted this design in order to move their goods in a competitive market.

Hawker business license in kenya is obtained from the town clerk; the hawker must apply for the permit giving details of the place of hawking and the goods or services to be hawked. In c  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Kenya Sugar Board Offices In Nairobi

Kenya Sugar Board Headquarter offices are located in Sukari Plaza in Upper Kabete, Off Waiyaki way in Nairobi.

The postal address of Kenya Sugar Board in Nairobi is P.O Box 51500, 00200, Nairobi.

The telephone contacts of Kenya Sugar Board offices in Nairobi are Hotline 0707349908, +254 20 801 8750 - 3, +254 20 801 8751, and Mobile numbers +254 722-203127/ 8, 0733-333378/ 9. The Fax details are +254 20 2021277.

The email address of Kenya Sugar Board in Nairobi is info@kenya  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Kenya Coconut Development Authority Offices In Mombasa

Kenya Coconut Development Authority offices in Mombasa are located on 6th Floor of NSSF Building on Nkrumah Road in Mombasa.

The Kenya Coconut Development Authority in Mombasa telephone contacts are (041)2319616, (041)2319617, (041)2319613, 0702217682 and 0737217682.

The postal address Kenya Coconut Development Authority is P.O. Box 84351-80100, Mombasa Kenya.

The email address of Kenya Coconut Development Authority is

The website of Kenya Coconut Development Authority is at Continue reading ...

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Pelican Signs Company Limited In Kenya

Pelican Signs Company Limited in Nairobi is located on Uhuru Highway, opposite Nyayo Stadium. You can reach Pelican Signs Company Limited in Kenya via mobile number 0720208308, +254733208308, 0739930413, +254772208308, +254773210504, +254714606824, +254750208308 and +254752907038

Pelican Signs Limited deals with production of airport signs ABS printing bill boards, providing advertising banners, posters, suburb signs and lighting poles. Pelican Signs Company Limited also provide Vehicle Branding services in Kenya.

Pelican Signs Limited email address is Continue reading ...

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How To Improve Quail Products Market In Kenya; Is Quail Keeping In Kenya Good Business?

Quail rearing in Kenya is on everyone’s mouth in Kenya after some Kenya TV stations highlighted the growing quail craze in Kenya. Late last year, most people in Kenya had come to learn of the possibility of rearing the quail bird in Kenya, and of the fast high returns of quail keepers in Kenya. Farmers in Kenya abandoned their earlier ventures to rear quails birds in Kenya. Some even left their well paying jobs in Kenya to engage in the quail million shilling venture. The quail rearing business in Kenya did provide good returns wi  Continue reading ...

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How To Access Uwezo Funding In Kenya As A Group/Chama In Kenya

With the increased taxation especially on value added goods in Kenya, the level of unemployment has unfortunately risen quickly and steadily. It has become an everyday affair to hear of people complaining of the high cost of living in Kenya and all the bills they have to foot such as house rent or school fees in Kenya. Uwezo fund in Kenya, which was launched in 2013 by Hon. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is a government of Kenya project initiated to empower women in Kenya and empower youths in Kenya. Uwezo Fund in Kenya is a means of availing capital for business enterprise growth in Kenya. Initiall  Continue reading ...