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Well Performing Secondary Schools In Rift Valley Region Of Kenya

Having knowledge about secondary schools in Kenya before enrolling your form one student is very crucial. As a parent in Kenya, you need to know which are the best performing schools in Kenya, to see what secondary schools in Kenya to prioritized, when it comes to choosing the best secondary school for a KCPE candidate in Kenya. There are a lot of secondary schools in the Rift Valley of Kenya, though among those ranked as the top performing schools in KCSE results in recent years include:

Kabarak High School in Rift Valley was in the recent past ranked as the top priv  Continue reading ...

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Location Of The Nyahururu Elite Group Of Schools In Kenya

The Nyahururu Elite Schools in Kenya were founded in 1981. The Nyahururu Elite group of schools in Kenya began with a nursery school that was located in the Nyahururu Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) grounds in Nyahururu town in Kenya. The Nyahururu Elite Nursery school then grew to include a Nyahururu Elite junior school in Kenya in 1986 and with the rising student population and need for expansion the Nyahururu Elite group of schools shifted base to the posh Muthaiga suburb of Nyahururu town in Kenya in 2001.Continue reading ...

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Location Of St. Andrews Turi School In Kenya- The Most Expensive School In Kenya

St. Andrews Turi school in Kenya is one of the few schools in Kenya that teach based on the British curriculum. The St. Andrews Turi school in Kenya is an international school in Kenya and it is a multicultural school located in the heart of the Rift Valley in Kenya.

St Andrews School Turi in Rift Valley part of Kenya was started in the early 20th Century by the Leverts. The St. Andrews Turi school was ran by Peter and Jean Lavets. The St. Andrews Turi school in Kenya however was reduced to ashes by an accidental fire, in 1  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Moi Nyeri Complex Primary School In Nyeri Town In Kenya

Moi Nyeri Complex in Kenya is one of the public primary schools in Nyeri town. Moi Nyeri Complex is located approximately 1.5 kilometres from Nyeri town in King’ong’o part of Nyeri town on the Nyeri-Kiganjo Road. The Moi Nyeri Complex school in Nyeri town in Kenya had its glory years as it was a school for the whites during the colonial era in Kenya. In those colonial times in Kenya, Moi Nyeri Complex Primary School was inaccessible to ordinary Kenyans.

Moi Nyeri Complex Primary school in Kenya wa  Continue reading ...