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Courses Offered At South Eastern Kenya University

Agriculture plays a major role as far as Kenya’s economy is concerned. However, not all areas in Kenya are conducive for engaging in the various forms of Agriculture. South Eastern Kenya University offers various courses under the Department of Dry-land Agriculture to ensure that individuals are well acquainted with different agricultural methods. It offers degree courses as well as diploma and certificate courses.

Degree programs

The South Eastern Kenya University offers various degree courses under the department of Dry-land Agriculture. These are:  Continue reading ...

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Undergraduate Programmes Offered At Jodan College In Kenya

Since independence, Kenya has been trying to root out illiteracy. There have been a number of colleges and universities that have been established to cater to the growing demand of education. Jodan College is one such institution. The institution focuses on ensuring its students excel beyond their expectations and transform into individuals who can come up with ideas that can change the world. Jodan College is open to both the East African community and the international community. The college offers various degree courses such as:

Bachelor of Education (Arts)

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Courses offered in Egerton University

The University is located along Nakuru- Nyahururu highway 50 Kilometers from Nakuru and 11 Kilometers from Nyahururu town; it is located in the windward side of Subukia Escarpment in the Great Rift Valley. It is 8,500 feet above the sea level. The campus has Faculty of Education and Humanities and Development studies. There Degree, Certificate and Diploma Courses offered in the University.

Bachelor of Commerce

the degree takes a four year program me; it takes place at the center for continuing Education in Nyahururu town starting September, the program is  Continue reading ...

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Accredited Institutions That Offer Bachelor Of Medicine And Surgery In Kenya

Medicine course is among the marketable courses in Kenya. It is the most expensive course to pursue in Kenya and the government of Kenya spends millions of money to train students in this field. Many students who finish their Kenya certificate of secondary education (KCSE) apply for the medicine course in Kenya put only few are usually considered because of the highly required cut points.

There are approximately eleven institutions (both public and private universities) that offer Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in Kenya and only few offer Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Th  Continue reading ...

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Accredited Institutions in Kenya That Offer Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Nursing course in Kenya is becoming of the marketable courses because there is emergence of many health care facilities in the country and the nurses are the core health care providers who are required to manage patients and clients attending these health care institutions for various health services. Although Kenya medical training college (KMTC) have been training nurses at certificate, diploma and higher diploma levels, there has been a need for advancement in their education (to degree level) so as to improve the management of patients and assume managerial posts.

In Kenya, for   Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered At Kisii University Faculty Of Education And Human Resource

Kisii University offers various courses under the faculty of Education and Human Resource. The main aim of the various courses offered is to meet the society’s requirement of qualified teachers in secondary schools and in tertiary colleges. The teaching profession in Kenya is vastly disadvantaged as a lot of schools are under stuffed. Teachers are forced to teach subjects they are not well familiar with and they have to deal with a large number of students. The Faculty of Education and Human Resource offers the following courses:

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Kisii University Bachelor In Ecoutourism And Hospitality Admission Criteria

Tourism and Hospitality industries are billed among the top forex earners in Kenya and for good reason. Kenya is a beautiful country. Unlike other countries, the weather in Kenya makes it habitable throughout the year. The beaches, the faunal and floral biodiversity, the cuisine and the culture can be explored endlessly. The tourism sector has been dominated by conventional tourism for years and usually at the expense of local communities as they were only deemed as outsiders. However, there are new tourism policies that have been put into place that emphasize on the involvement of the loca  Continue reading ...

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Kisii University Bachelor Of Science In Natural Resource Management Admission Criteria

No doubt many Kenyans have already heard about the various discoveries of natural resources that are being made in coastal, arid and semi-arid lands. Lands such as Turkana, which previously held little appeal, are suddenly gained regional recognition. Natural resources in Kenya encompass, aquatic life, fauna and floral, water-catchment areas and wetlands. These are resources that are unfortunately not given the adequate attention where protection is concerned. Human beings encroach on wetlands and act surprised when they encounter floods or other disasters. Forests and animals are in danger  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered At Great Lakes University Of Kisumu Faculty Of Health Science

Since it became fully chartered, Great Lakes University of Kisumu has become a source of knowledge and instruction to many students living in the great Lake region. In fact, the university has since expanded to encompass four campuses and various teaching sites. Individuals can study at one of the sites, namely: Garissa, Kapsabet, Kisumu City, Kisii, Kokise, Mbita, Mfangano, Mumias, Nairobi, Oyugis, Siaya and Sondu. Great Lakes University of Kisumu offers various courses under the Faculty of Health Sciences. The Faculty of Health Science has different departments such as the Nursing Departm  Continue reading ...

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Chuka University Bachelor Of Agribusiness Management Undergraduate Admission Criteria

In 2004, Egerton University established a campus college to enhance the availability of affordable education in the Eastern region of Kenya. Three years later, in 2007, Chuka University was established through a legal notice and became a fully fledged public institution. This was made possible when the local community donated 550 acres of land to enable the institution to come up and to aid in any future expansion. Since its establishment, Chuka University provides various degree programmes and courses. One such programme is the Bachelor’s Degree program in Agribusiness Management. Th  Continue reading ...