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Services Available Within Greenspan Mall In Donholm Estate In Nairobi, Kenya

services available within greenspan mall in donholm estate in nairobi kenya


The Green span shopping mall in Nairobi is one of the few malls located in the larger Eastlands area of Nairobi City. The Green span shopping mall in Nairobi was open recently in 2012 and houses over ten brand shops in Eastlands part of Nairobi well known in Kenya and over. The four storey Green span shopping complex in Kenya is located in Donholm Estate in Nairobi. The Green span shopping mall supports all shoppers, gourmets and revelers in Kenya as it has boutiques, eateries and a pub in Donholm Estate in Nairobi.

The Green span shopping mall in Donholm part of Nairobi is strategically located for residents of Umoja estate, Kayole estate and Donholm estate in Nairobi. The Green span shopping mall is accessible by public means from the Nairobi Central Business District through Jogoo Road and Outer Ring Roads. You can access Green span shopping mall by boarding matatu numbers 33 in Nairobi which ply the Embakasi route in Nairobi, and alighting at the Caltex Petrol Station in Nairobi. From Caltex petrol station, you can easily get a matatu getting into Donholm estate in Nairobi, straight to the Green span shopping mall. You could also pick matatu numbers 19/60 in Nairobi at the Muthurwa bus stage in Nairobi or OTC bus station in Nairobi that ply to Kayole estate in Nairobi. These matatus picked from Nairobi city centre drop passangers right at the Greenspan shopping mall in Donholm in Nairobi. By private means in Nairobi, it is easiest to follow Jogoo route in Nairobi, into Donholm estate in Nairobi via Caltex petrol station.

Green span shopping mall houses at least 60 outlets in Nairobi. Some of the brands found within the Green span shopping mall in Donholm are;

Tuskys Supermarket in Green span shopping mall;Turskys supermarket is one of the nationally known supermarket in Kenya chains that stocks household appliances and foodstuffs.

Multi choice Kenya in Green span shopping mall in Nairobi; This is a pay tv outlet for DSTv service users and subscribers in Nairobi. You can also buy dishes and set top boxes for digital transmissions from the Multi Choice Kenya outlet in Donholm part of Nairobi.

Aga Khan Hospital in Green span shopping mall in Nairobi; There is an Aga Khan Hospital branch in Nairobi located within Greenspan mall in Donholm for treatments and various diagnoses. The main Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi is located in Parklands area in Nairobi.

Bata Shoe shop in Green span shopping mall; This particular Bata shoe store in Green span shopping mall stores both female and male shoe wear in Nairobi. You can also access children wear, sock, shoe polish and leather bags in this Bata shoe outlet in Green span shopping mall.

Eateries in Green span shopping mall; There is a food court in Green span shopping mall in Donholm estate in Nairobi that houses both chicken and pizza inns in Nairobi.

Financial services available in Green span shopping mall; Shoppers in Nairobi can access banking services in Green span shopping mall in Donholm estate in Nairobi from both the Standard Chartered Bank branch and the Bank of Africa outlet on the mall.

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