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Location Of Shopping Malls And Supermarkets In Meru Town In Kenya

location of shopping malls and supermarkets in meru town in kenya


Meru County in Kenya is located in 240 km North of Nairobi. Meru town, which is in North Imenti constituency, is the Meru county headquarters in Kenya. Meru county in Kenya has witnessed a steady increase in the population just like many other parts of the country. This has led to the need for the provision of shopping facilities in Meru County, which act as one stop shops for the residents of Meru in Kenya.

Various shopping malls and supermarkets in Meru town in Kenya have come up. These supermarkets in Meru parts of Kenya include: Uchumi, Tuskys, Nakumatt, Quick budget stores and Samrat supermarkets among many others outside Meru town.

Uchumi supermarket in Meru is located on the Meru central business district of the town along Ghana Street in Kenya. Uchumi Supermarket offers convenience and ease for shoppers in Meru town in Kenya looking to do quick shopping on a wide variety of the products it offers. Uchumi supermarket is also the most preferred shopping mall in Meru for residents in the Meru CBD and downtown Meru town in Kenya.

Tuskys Supermarket in Meru is located on the western section of the town along Meru-Gaitu Road and bordered by the Meru town recreational park to the north and Pig and whistle hotel in Meru to the south. Turskys supermarket in Meru is the newest of all and offers quite a variety of products including ready-made indigenous dishes.

Nakumatt Supermarket in Meru town in Kenya, also known as Mwitu Centre, is located along the Meru-Nanyuki highway. The main Meru town is located to the east of the Nakumatt supermarket in Meru, a distance of about a kilometer or less and to the west is Makutano, the upper section of the Meru town in what is commonly referred to as the ‘uptown’. Nakumatt supermarket mainly serves Milimani estate in Meru which is located to the south and Makutano region in Meru county.

Quick Budget Stores in Meru is the oldest of all shopping malls and has got two branches in Meru. Quick Budget Store in Meru has one branch located in town along Tom Mboya Street while the other branch is located in Makutano along the Meru-Maua Road. The network of Quick Budget Store branches in Meru in Kenya is such that it aims to serve both the market in the main Meru town while also serving the upper and quite distinct section of Meru town in Makutano.

Samrat supermarket in Meru is also another shopping facility that adds to the variety of shopping places in Meru Town in Kenya. Samrat Supermarket in Meru is also located in the Meru CBD next to Nkubu-Chogoria bus stage and along the Meru-Nanyuki highway.

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