Companies That Manufacture And Supply Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) In Kenya

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In Kenya, many households especially in the urban areas face many challenges by the methods and techniques that they require for preparation of their meals. Most of them are forced to use charcoal and paraffin stoves which are not only expensive but they also pose health threats to the occupants of the houses. Charcoal also pollute the environment as its combustion produce carbon monoxide which is a respiratory poison to the human body.

This therefore makes the people to search for more ways which are environmentally safe and which will be pocket-friendly. Most of the urban areas residents have thereby resolved and turned to the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) which is environmentally safe and cheap as compared to the other methods of fuel. The most feature of affordability in the use of LPG is that the suppliers recently introduced the “Pima Gas” where the users can refill their cylinders with as low as Ksh 50. Companies in Kenya due to the high demand as thereby developed to manufacture and supply this products. In Kenya, the companies which are more popular and ensure they provide high quality services are;

Total Kenya

This  is one of the leading companies that ensure that the residents receive the product in an easy accessible method as their marketing strategies ensure that their customers can get the LPG products in their nearby locations. Total Kenya has the LPG product as TotalGaz and they market it five different pack sizes which are 3, 6, 13, 22.5 and 50 kgs cylinder containers. Total Kenya have all networks which ensure that their products are available in almost all the towns.

Hashi energy

This company  provide the form of energy in liquefied petroleum gas which is located in Mombasa but its products can be found in almost all the towns for their customers to enjoy their products. Hashi energy with their LPG products named Hashi Gas presents their customers with its LPG in bulk and in cylinders of varied sizes of 6, 13, 35 and 50 kgs cylinders. The various cylinders of Hashi Gas is packed in such a way that they are the specified cylinders for domestic purposes as well as those for commercial use.


This company is yet another manufacturer of LPG products branded as K-gas where they sell these products to their retail customers through the service stations and selected dealers which include supermarkets in 6kgs, 13kgs and 35kgs packages. They are the most growing and developed manufacturer as they offer the most competitive in their pricing. Through their services, they also provide home delivery to most of their common clients.

National Oil

This is another manufacturer in Kenya which provides their LPG products which they brand SupaGas. SupaGas is the one of the best quality of the LPG products in Kenya as they ensure that the flames are strong and best environmental friendly. National oil being a well-established company in Kenya thereby makes their products in the market more competitive and at a cheap price. They offer cylinders of 6kgs and 13kgs gas in affordable prices at all their outlets in the country.

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