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Various Department available for Services at Coffee Research Foundation

Coffee is a cash crop grown in Kenya mostly in the central part of Kenya and among the major sources of revenue for Kenya as a country. The farming of coffee therefore is not taken for granted as the quality of the coffee products is the major determinant of the amount of revenue gained from coffee. This therefore makes the government ensure that the coffee farmers are provided with the necessary equipment and farm input for quality guarantee.

Kenya has also established an institution which enable the farmers of coffee in Kenya to have the best knowledge on how to tackle the challen  Continue reading ...

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UNIPESA Bill Payment System Services available in Kenya

Kenya has been one of the African countries to be advanced in almost all sectors of the economy. Through the advancement in technology, many beneficial services have been introduced in Kenya and cannot be found in any other Africa country. For instance, Kenya is the main discoverers of mobile banking and mobile fund transfer services such as M-PESA, Orange Money, Yu cash and many more mobile banking services.

On the hand, Kenyans have a lot of utility bills to pay periodically and this has been a major challenge since they have to flock in banks to be able to pay the utility bills o  Continue reading ...

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Products and Services offered by Waterways Africa in Kenya

Kenyans are among people in the world would like parties and holidays mostly when they are out of work. These have therefore made people to find best places to spend their weekends away from their homes. The best places that they can find best for the whole family are in recreational centres which basically have a swimming pool. Swimming pools provide the best pleasure and relaxation experience to almost every member of the society.

Institutions in Kenya have established swimming pools, Steam baths, Sauna and Spa to provide the services that are required by the people visiting these  Continue reading ...

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Private security companies in Kenya

No one want to dwell on the thought of possible disaster or insecurity in Kenya hence the creation of companies offering security personnel at fee to protect your homes, place of work and maybe even yourself as you travel/walk .

Security is a major concern to each one individual and due to insecurity in Kenya. Many companies have grown offering alternative way of conquering insecurity related issue. They include;

Kk security - it has branches all over Kenya main cities, its headquarters are in industrial area in Nairobi. One can call +254(0)20 4245000 or +254 (0)734 62226 or  Continue reading ...

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Micro Insurance Policy Offered by Faulu Microfinance Bank Limited:

Finances in Kenya especially for the unemployed or underemployed could be a major challenge when it comes to its use. Money may be scarce and therefore require proper budget before on how it is to be spend. However, in the world today, there are different organizations which has offered to provide the needy with some loans and microfinances for them to be able to set small businesses which will in the long run benefit them as well as the society.

Faulu Microfinance Bank Limited is one of these institutions which is a duly liability company incorporated in Kenya to provide loans and   Continue reading ...

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Using the M-PESA (safaricom)money transfer:

On the M-PESA menu:

  • select pay bill option

  • enter HELB business number e.g200800

  • enter your national ID number as your account number

  • enter amount you want to pay

  • enter your secret PIN number

  • confirm transaction and send

  • wait for SMS confirmation


Ensure that you include your national ID number as your account reference number:<  Continue reading ...

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Best Companies Offering Transport Services in Kenya

The transport sector in Kenya is one of the major sectors of the economy which provides services to almost all the other sectors of economy. The transport sector offers rampant services to the urban centres and may involve Matatus, Cabs and other transport services such as those on luggage and other commodities.

In Kenya, there are several companies which ensure that the transport sector is smooth running by providing transport services of luggage and other commodities such as sand, spare parts and others through containers and for long distances. These companies are available in th  Continue reading ...

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The Best Children Home In Kenya

Kenya as a country has a large population and as a matter of fact, many people are unemployed especially the youths. On the other hand, poverty has led the unemployed to find sources of income which could be the dangerous and disastrous to their health and well-being. Many youths especially women has resorted to prostitution in order to cater for different needs that they may have. This has therefore led to unwanted pregnancies as well as diseases.

In the area of unwanted pregnancies, the women therefore since they are unable to support and bring up the children they got unexpected,  Continue reading ...

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Best Funeral Service Provider In Kenya

In Kenya, there are many reasons why people may die and be departed by their loved ones. People may die from road accidents which have been rampant in Kenya, prolonged sickness which is also common as well as other related causes and reasons such as suicides and court ruling for hanging of the any people involved in serious illegal deeds where the only judgment is through hanging. All of these reasons may lead to their loved ones and people involved in the deaths organize for the respective funerals for their loved ones be laid in peace.

The funeral organization period may be the mo  Continue reading ...

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Contacts Of Building and Contractors Companies in Kenya

Kenya is a growing nation and much is required in putting up more infrastructures including buildings and roads. Many building and contractor firms have been set up in Kenya to provide services to both private companies and the Kenyan government. These firms are distributed across Kenya especially in larger cities; including Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. They include:

  • Aqua Boil Contractors

Tel: 0722334777

  • Alikim Painting Contractors

Tel: 0712224830