The Anti-Terrorism Campaign In Kenya

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Terrorism according to the oxford English refers to the violent acts that are intended to create fear and are perpetrated for a religious, political, or ideological goal and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non combatants like neutral military personnel or civilians. Terror has of late become a common word in the boundaries of our beloved country since the deployment of the Kenya Defense Forces in Somali back in October 2011 as a way of dealing with the then increased crimes of piracy, kidnapping of foreign tourists and transaction of illegal businesses along the coast perpetrated by the Somali based militia group Al Shaabab.

The situation may have been tamed by the Kenya military based on the reduced cases of piracy in the Indian ocean but however statistics in the country indicate a different thing as Kenya has since had to deal with a number of terror attacks in the main towns which the militia group has claimed responsibility despite lack of evidence. The attacks range from grenade attacks, minor bombasts in buildings and cars and also gunmen shooting innocent civilians in churches and other social gatherings with the Mpeketoni incident the most recent of all where over 50 people were gunned down while watching a world cup match which was similar to the attack in a Nairobi mall Westgate mid last year. Despite the governments call of reassurance that the country will be safe from such attacks the situation continues to escalate throwing the question to the public that is the government doing enough.

The opposition has continued to mount pressure on the government calling for drastic changes in the security department a call which the president and the deputy have since declined to heed and now the focus shifts on the government call for citizens to be vigilant and embrace self-protection groups of looking after one another with the president leading in this media campaigns done on local TV networks. Kenyans should back the governments call in this like the president says a secure nation will be good for all generations to come and efficient in business and political success. Here are some of the reasons why we should all unite to fight terrorism

To save our collapsing tourism industry Kenya relies on tourism as the second most income earner which has greatly reduced over the recent past with most states issuing travel advisories for their citizens not to visit Kenya. A secure country free from terrorism will restore this industry to what it earlier was a home of tourists.

Enhance business. Terror attacks tend to jeopardize business with most areas mainly focused being businesses like the Westgate attack hence foreign investors are most likely to shy away if terrorists continue to attack our country hence reducing our gross domestic product and subsequently leading to unemployment.

Security of our reputation This may seem to be the least of reasons why we may need to urge everyone around us to embrace nyumba kumi and the likes but it is the most important as many things are held together by this factor hence this is the way the others look at you or perceive you or much worse how you look at yourself. Harmony is my call. 

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