Best Vehicle Tracking Company in Kenya

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It is also words best vehicle tracking company; it is located in Muthithi road in Westlands Nairobi, Box 14295 00800 Westlands, Nairobi, Sales line: +254 713 041 812, Technical line: +254 717 243 752, Email:, Website: Selection of the best tracking company can be hard especially in this generation where tracking gadgets are easily available in the market. When choosing a tracking systems ensure that it can be accessed anywhere and anytime even when you are offline. The main aim of your device should be getting and understanding all the alerts about your vehicle, if it is hard to understand the locations the device is sending you then the tracking system is useless. If the system will require you to log in in then it means that you will only track you vehicle or fleet using the internet. The language should be easy to understand.

Tramigo comes with a full software package: a smart phone, a tablet and personal computer software to access and control all the functions of your vehicle with just few taps and clicks. The company does not charge monthly subscriptions or any license fees, the only thing charged is operations of the mobile which includes the normal SMS payments or the GPRS charges of the data used. Tramigo’s tracker is reliable; thing of a scenario when the tracking device fails to deliver when you mostly need it, our device never fails, my advice to you is avoid going for low grade tracking system, we have the lowest defect rate in the market, take your time and research whether there is another tracking company which matches our offers. Our device will give you peace of mind knowing that your device is fully protected. We do not charge fees for third parties reliance.

The tramigo tacking system will give you full functionality even when off line, full 24 hour warranty for all the our customers even those going for fleet tracking, our device have a backup battery that allows functionality even when the vehicle power is cut, we offer a free management of fleet and the mobile softwares. There is a difference between just receiving SMS and the ability to keep record for management purposes, with our tramigo m1 Mobile Software tracker and m1fleet enterprise server you will be able to track history of the vehicle location, manage the settings of the vehicle and manage the record of all your vehicle or fleet statistics, most trackers will not give you this service instead they will offer just the location alerts.

The location data is very easy to understand it beats the mapping information, the TLD installed will give you location information which you can easily communicate to others, you never lose track of vehicle just because of connection issues. Most of our clients have expressed satisfaction because even when the children are the one driving they track all the information of all the places they have gone and the speeding alerts. We are rated as the world’s best car tracker, we have tracking solutions to: private vehicle security, small fleet tracking, large fleet tracking and personnel tracking.


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