The Craze With Magilim: The Newest Weight Loss Solution In Kenya

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Magilim is the latest answer to our prayers for weight loss in Kenya. Magilim is the celebration of all overweight Kenyans who have had access to it. There are testimonies of many Kenyans who have lost up to 8 Kgs within a month of using Magilim product. It comes packed in 500g capsules. It is recommended that one takes two capsules one hour before each meal with 250mls of water.

What are the contents of Magilim? Magilim contains Konjac glucomannan, which is extracted from the Konjac plant.  When ingested, it turns into a gel like substance with the capability to expand to almost fifty times, giving a feeling of fullness and delays stomach emptying, thus preventing overeating. Konjac also acts as a cleanser, absorbing and expelling toxins from the body. Studies in Kenya show that it also helps in lowering cholesterol. Konjac has also been shown to control blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes and is approved for treating constipation.

There are however, side effects associated with the use of Magilim, though manageable. Magilim should be taken with plenty of water to prevent choking and blockage of the throat and intestines. This product for Kenyans should also not be taken shortly before bedtime.

Magilim reduces absorption in the intestines. Therefore, should not be taken when one is under other medication. It should also be avoided when someone is going for, or after surgery, as it interferes with blood sugar. It is advisable for those with diabetes to seek a doctor’s consent before taking.

One bottle of Magilim bottle costs about Ksh. 3000 in Kenya.

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