How To Get A Loan On The Mobile Phone In Kenya Through Mshwari Service And Pesa Mob Service

by Laura Wanjiru  - November 13, 2022

Mobile phones in Kenya are almost a basic commodity due to the services mobile phones offer the user. A World Bank report indicates that the Kenyan mobile revolution has changed the lives of Kenyans by providing financial access in addition to basic communication. In 2012, it was estimated that around 93 percent of Kenyans were mobile phone users and 73 percent are mobile money customers in Kenya.

For many Kenyans, loans for business people in Kenya are essential and also for those with personal needs such as investments in Kenya. For many, they rather avoid going to financial institutions in Kenya due to the complexities involved in getting loans in Kenya, but this has been made easier by mobile financial services in Kenya. Especially with success stories to mobile stories such as M Pesa in Kenya and mobile banking in Kenya, the platform for financial transaction via mobile phones in Kenya has been opened and one can access a loan using just their phone. We shall look at some of the mobile loan opportunities in Kenya in detail.

M Shwari loan in Kenya

M Shwari in Kenya is a paperless mobile banking service in Kenya which is offered by Safaricom Company in Kenya and Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) through M-PESA. M Shwari service by Safaricom in Kenya, among other uses, allows you access micro credit products in Kenya such as a loans of a minimum of Ksh.100 anytime and receive the loan via the mobile in Kenya instantly on your M-PESA account in Kenya.

In order to get an M-Shwari account in Kenya, you need to firstly be a Safaricom mobile user in Kenya and a registered Safaricom M-PESA customer in Kenya with an active account and hold identification documents registered by the Government of Kenya. To access the M Shwari service in Kenya, you go to M-PESA Menu and Select M-Shwari whereby a message with the terms and conditions for your acceptance will be received after accepting them; an SMS will be sent informing you that you are now activated on the M- Shwari service in Kenya, and your pin is the same as that of M-Pesa pin.

There are no ledger fees and no limit on the regularity of withdrawals while using M Shwari  service in Kenya. There is also no minimum operating balance on M Shwari service in Kenya, however, only the M Pesa charges in Kenya apply. In order to be eligible for an M Shwari loan in Kenya, you will need to be an active M-PESA user in Kenya for at least 6 months, regularly save on M-Shwari account in Kenya and continuously use other Safaricom services in Kenya. Once you borrow an M Shwari loan in Kenya, let’s say worth Ksh 1,000, if you qualify you will receive the full loan of amount requested. However you will be required to pay back Ksh 1,075 within 30 days because each loan on M Shwari service in Kenya attracts a 7.5% facilitation fee. One can only borrow one loan on M Shwari  service in Kenya at a time and if you have not paid your M Shwari loan within 30 days, you will be charged an additional 7.5% facilitation fee on your outstanding M Shwari loan balance.

Pesa Mob loan in Kenya

PESA MOB service in Kenya is a Computer-generated Bank that provides various banking services in Kenya by allowing PESA MOB account holders in Kenya to deposit cash, transfer, withdraw over any ATM locations in Kenya, and access micro loan facilities in Kenya such as PESA MOB loans in Kenya conveniently without having to go to the bank.

Pesa Mob service in Kenya is facilitated by Family Bank in Kenya. Family Bank potential account holders in Kenya will only need to Dial *325# from their mobile phones in Kenya and follow simple prompts to subscribe to PESA MOB service. The prompts will allow Family Bank account holders in Kenya to activate their secure personal Virtual bank and is available on the banks Pesa Pap platform in Kenya. PESA MOB service in Kenya is available across several mobile networks in Kenya, and you need to have a family bank account in Kenya to register for PESA MOB service. Once you have dialed the number *325#, you will get a prompt informing you on how you can be eligible for the Pesa Mob loan in Kenya.

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