Hotels Offering Conferencing Services And Accommodation In Kisumu Town, Kenya

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Kisumu city is the third largest city in the republic of Kenya. Kisumu Town in Kenya was the former headquarters of the Nyanza province in Kenya and is now the capital of Kisumu County in Kenya. The rapid growth of the Kisumu city in Kenya has led to increase of people and development of many hotels within Kisumu. These hotels provide accommodation in Kisumu town to both the Kisumu city dwellers and tourists in Kenya. The best hotels in Kisumu town in Kenya include;

Imperial Hotel in Kisumu town in Kenya

Imperial hotel in Kisumu town in Kenya is the most luxurious hotel in Kisumu city and is located at the centre of Kisumu city along the Jomo Kenyatta highway. Imperial hotel in Kisumu has range bars, accommodation in Kisumu town, and restraunts that meet the needs of individuals who go there. Imperial hotel in Kisumu contains modern halls for meetings and holding conferences in Kisumu. For those who like swimming, Imperial hotel in Kisumu provided swimming pool facility. For more information about Imperial hotel in Kisumu and booking hotel in Kisumu, contact Imperial hotel in Kisumu  at

Nyanza Club Hotel in Kisumu part of Kenya

Nyanza Club Hotel in Kisumu is a hotel that has sports services in Kenya for the registered members although it serves also Nyanza Club Hotel non members with other services apart from sports. Nyanza Club Hotel in Kisumu is located in Aput Lane along the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya. Nyanza Club Hotel near Lake Victoria in Kenya has conferences halls for meeting and seminars in Kisumu, bar, restraunts and luxurious rooms. For more information, you can contact Nyanza Club Hotel in Kisumu at

Rock Resort Hotel in Kisumu city in Kenya

Rock Resort Hotel in Kisumu is a hotel that is situated along Kisumu Maseno Road. When you are in Rock Resort Hotel in Kisumu, you are able to view Maseno hills in Kenya and Lake Victoria in Kenya. Rock Resort hotel in Kenya is approximately 17 km from Kisumu city and takes only 20 minutes on matatu or motor cycle but those people who are near the Kisumu airport in Kenya can access the hotel through a matatu in 10 minutes only. Rock Resort Hotel in Kisumu is a very cool hotel with very delicious meals. Apart from the accommodation provided in Rock Resort Hotel in Kisumu, there are other services offered in Rock Resort Hotel in Kisumu which include; bars, restraunts and luxurious rooms. For booking with Rock Resort Hotel in Kisumu, contact the Rock Resort Hotel in Kisumu at email address or the Rock Resort Hotel in Kisumu website at

Hotel Riversand in Kisumu city

Hotel Riversand in Kisumu is located in Kisumu city CBD (central business district) along Accra Street. Hotel Riversand in Kisumu is a condusive place for travelers  and tourists in Kenya, especially those attending conference meetings in Kisumu because of the nature in terms of luxury of Hotel Riversand in Kisumu.Hotel Riversand in Kisumu contains about 50ingle and double rooms and a big conference room that can accommodate 28 people in Kisumu at a time. For bookings with Hotel Riversand in Kisumu, you can contact the hotel through the Hotel Riversand website at

Maseno University Hotel in Kisumu town in Kenya

Maseno University Hotel in Kisumu is another hotel that is located within the Kisumu city CBD along Achieng Oneko Road and is a hotel about 5 km from the Kisumu International airport in Kenya. Maseno University Hotel in Kisumu is owned by Maseno University in Kenya because it is a training place for students doing hospitality at Maseno University in Kenya. Maseno University Hotel in Kisumu is one of the hotels that offer quality services in terms of accommodation in Kisumu and has luxurious rooms. Maseno University Hotel in Kisumu also has conference halls for seminars and meetings in Kisumu. For more information, you can contact Maseno University Hotel in Kisumu at +254 20 2437871 or email them at for booking.

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