Turkana North Development Forum (TNDF) To Eliminate Poverty And Hunger In Turkana County

by Cynthia Kendeli  - August 20, 2022

Turkana county in Kenya has a Turkana North Development Forum(TNDF) which has started a three year strategy to improve the constituencies to develop. The Turkana North Development Forum has started meetings in Lodwar town to come up with ways to eliminate poverty among Turkana residents in Kenya. Turkana part of Kenya has common perennial hunger cycles and drought periods which affect the lives of the people and livestock. Samburu part of Kenya is now facing hunger problems where the government of Kenya is involved in issuing relief food and help to the residents.

The Turkana North Development Forum has combined efforts of Turkana North professionals, women leaders, major influential business people in Turkana, civil society activists in Turkana and top Turkana politicians to find a way forward and resolve some Turkana community issues. Via these Turkana community leaders, the Turkana North Development Forum can be able to find the crucial development gaps in Turkana North and implement the hunger elimination strategies.

The discussions to take place during the TNDF in Turkana include; education sector, poverty, infrastructure, health sector in Turkana and Turkana county governance structures as the major predicaments in Turkana County. The Turkana North Development Forum is expected to table the constituency development plans that will be used by five other constituencies in Turkana County. The TNDF will concentrate more on the tourism sector in Turkana, which is the booming economic sector in Kenya.

With over 100,000 people facing starvation in Samburu area in Kenya, then such development forums in Kenya are welcome and will beĀ embraced by the Turkana community in Kenya.

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