The Most Outspoken Politicians In Kenya

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The term outspoken describes a person who doesn’t fear to express his thought through spoken or even written media. With Kenya now fully out of the joint coalition government the lines have now clearly been drawn between the opposition and the ruling party hence creating a form of battle field as expected every battle field creates a super hero hence here are some of  the politicians that have stepped up to defend their sides in Kenya’s  new democracy since 2013 and are now trending as they voice the thought of their affiliate groups on current affairs in a country marred with insecurity, corruption, tribalism, international crimes, hunger and much more with all this topics to be discussed.

Aden Bare Duale

He is the majority leader in the national assembly and belongs to the Jubilee coalition a position he assumed due to the large or higher number of constituency representatives affiliated to his side based on the previous general elections. Duale is known to remark on anything that comes up and is always on the defense of the government fighting the opposition on key policy matters even once quoted saying that he would catch a bullet for the president or his deputy when possible. Duale is known for his fearless way of expression without minding anyone a statement confirmed by the way he came out to defend the Somali group during the Eastleigh raid.

Jokoyo Midiwo

He is the second non official man in command at the national assembly being the official opposition leader in the house as he is affiliated to the CORD fraternity. Though considered not as vigil as Duale Midiwo expresses his view anytime chance presents and has been known to be a close confidant of the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. The Nyanza law maker has constantly been caught in parliament voicing the opposition and criticizing the government but the tyranny of numbers has made it difficult for him to equal his mate in office.

Alfred Keter

This to me is the most outspoken of them all due to the mode in which he has conducted himself condemning and criticizing the side that he is affiliated to. The rift valley law maker has criticized his jubilee side on the plea of corruption on various factors like the tender process of the standard railway, the sucking of rift valley officials from the government and also gone ahead to condemn the deputy president for what he calls failing to represent his side in the government effectively.

Senator Bonny Khalwale

The man who gladly calls himself the bull fighter from western Kenya is today one of the most courageous man in parliament who has publicly criticized the president in his presence accusing him of undermining devolution, failing to curb insecurity and has declared himself the crusader calling for the impeachment of the president. By virtue of being the only senator on this list tells you how far the law maker has gone to establish a vocal voice for himself despite being a member of the UDF party and Amani.

Governor Kabongo

The kiambu governor is said to enjoy a close relationship with the president and even though he is also known for his controversial remarks the former Juja legislator is an outspoken man who does not fear to comment on anything or anyone pertaining the government or his personal life a thing that almost got him prosecuted were it not for his timely apology about a comment he made on single women.

Governor Dr. Evans Kidero

The Nairobi chief can to some extend be compared to Alfred Keter for failure to align himself with his group and instead siding with the other side and despite a pending petition in court that could most likely see him dethroned from office Dr. Kidero has refused to amend his ways and continued dinning with his political enemies even after receiving a hostile reception from party supporters. His continual insistence that he will work with the government where necessary puts his loyalty to the party in question though to some extend shows how outspoken he is, free of consequential fear.

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