The Four Presidents of Kenya

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He was the first president of Kenya having gone through a lot to fight for freedom in the country. Kenyatta has for a longtime been known to be hard working and would not tolerate any kind of people that tried to drag behind the efforts made by the society in economic development. He is the father to the currently fourth president of Kenya hon.Uhuru Kenyatta.Delivering Kenya from the hands of the white men was one of his major achievements to the country.


He was the second and longest serving president for the republic of Kenya. He helped Kenya continue well economically by improving industrials growth despite many collapsing during his period.Moi’s reign was characterized by cheap products that were affordable by many parties and has since gone to greater levels in supplying plenty of milk to the public schools that existed. He has opened several schools and hospitals that will remind the public about his major achievements as the president of Kenya.


He was known to be a cheerful leader with vast knowledge in the field of economics. The president has helped Kenya experience huge economic growth by signing a lot of trade agreements with other nations of the world such as Japan and china. Major works of the president include the construction of the Thika superhighway that is playing great roles in establishing a stable economic system for the country. The president would approach matters with a lot of confidence and would respond to them appropriately.


The son of the first president of Kenya‘s first president mzee Jomo Kenyatta and the husband to the first lady Margret Kenyatta. He is very hard working and this fact is supported by the major achievements he has accomplished within a short duration of time. He has helped the country reduce traffic congestion by starting the railway project and has offered title deeds to various residents of the coastal region.

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