Government Parastatals In Kenya

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Parastatals are government owned companies, boards or organizations which help the government to run essentials functions of the government. And they provide very important services to the people of Kenya. The Parastatals are usually managed by board of directors who are appointed by the president of the republic of Kenya.

These Parastatals of the government of Kenya are usually managed and funded through the respective ministries of the government. Some of these governmental Parastatals also source of revenue to the government of Kenya such as Kenya meat commission, new Kenya co-operative creameries and Kenya Pipeline Company. The Parastatals also employs a lot people therefore helping to reduce unemployment in kenya to some extend and for someone to be employed to this big government Parastatals, he should have a lot of experience both in terms of skills and knowledge and to some extend politically affiliated to the ruling president in kenya.

  • Geothermal Development Company.

  • Kenya leather development council board.

  • Kenya electricity transmission company (KETRACO).

  • Kenya pipeline company (KPL).

  • New Kenya co-operative creameries.

  • National cereals and produce board.

  • Kenya meat commission.

  • Anti-female genital mutilation board.

  • National bureau of statistics.

  • Consolidated bank board of directors.

  • National hospital insurance fund board.

  • National drought management authority.

  • Kenya medical training college board.

  • Kerio valley development authority.

  • Water resource management authority.

  • Lake Basin development authority.

  • National water conservation and Pipeline Corporation.

  • Tana and Athi rivers development authority.

  • Kenya marine authority.

  • LAPSSET corridor development authority.

  • Kenya broadcast corporation.

  • Postal Corporation of Kenya.

  • Kenya information and communication board of directors.

  • National sports fund board of trustees.



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