Functions Of IEBC In Kenya

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The Independent Electoral and Boundaries commission is an independent body charged with conducting free, fair and transparent elections. It is charged with all matters pertaining elections according to the law.  Ahmed Isaac Hassan is the current chairman. Here are some of its functions;

Supervising elections

It is charged with ensuring that elections are undertaken according to expectances. The body provides the necessary equipments needed for supervision. The equipments also include security to make that there is no disputes experienced. They make sure there are no irregularities.

Registering voters

It ensures that records are kept up to date to avoid. New voters are registered and those that have died are cancelled from the records. These kills the habit of voting twice and aliens do not get an opportunity to vote. Advertisements are done to encourage people to register as voters and one is required to have the necessary documents.

Setting boundaries

The IEBC has mandate to set boundaries in the country. It decides where counties  starts and reaches. This ensures that disputes are avoided because the boundaries are well known and one identifies them quickly.

Educating voters

Voters are made aware of how to vote and its importance. The IEBC sets platforms to educate people on how to vote to avoid spoilage of votes and consequences of engaging in irregularities. It uses the media mostly to reach as many people as possible.

Announcing results

The IEBC announces elections after verifying that they are the correct results. The results are announced by the chairman.

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