How To Get First Aid Training And Membership Of St John Ambulance In Kenya

by Jean Wandimi  - February 22, 2023

St John Ambulance in Kenya is a charitable organization and an NGO whose headquarters are in Nairobi. St John Ambulance has offices in nine regions in Kenya which are Nakuru, Embu, Nyeri, Mombasa, Kisumu, Isiolo, Kakamega and Garissa. St John Ambulance offices in Nakuru, in Rift Valley part of Kenya are located in Show Ground in Nakuru which is off the Nairobi-Nakuru highway, near Nakuru Provincial General Hospital. St John Ambulance in Kenya has many divisions all over Kenya, with each division having over 40 members, such as Moi University St John Ambulance Division in Eldoret. St John Ambulance offices in Nairobi are located in the city centre in St John House on County Lane off Parliament Road.

To get St John Ambulance membership in Kenya, you need to contact any of the offices of St John Ambulance in Kenya and register to become a member. The advantages of being a member of St John Ambulance in Kenya include that you can get engaged in the noble cause of the organization in Kenya of giving help in situations of poverty or during accidents and disasters, through relieving people in the world from suffering.

St John Ambulance in Kenya offers emergency aid and management in providing able first aiders in accident or disaster scenes anywhere in Kenya. Kenyans are usually advised to get First Aid Training as a supportive course from St John Ambulance in Kenya, which has international recognition. St John Ambulance in Kenya has a school of First Aid and Safety Studies which is located on County Lane off Parliament Road in St John House in Nairobi. First aid classes in the St John School of First Aid & Safety Studies (SOFAS) commence daily from Monday to Thursday where a comprehensive training in first aid is done at a fee. To get more information on St John Ambulance, you can go to their website. 

Having first aid training in Kenya gives one an advantage in the job market.

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