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6 years ago

Popular TV Shows in Kenya

The media industry is continually growing and winning the attention of many viewers. However, each kind of person has there favorite programmes and the following are among the best in the industry.


The show is the most popular in the industry due to hosting various comedians that make Kenyans laugh. Apart from jut comedy, the show invites popular personnel in various fields making it enjoyable to watch. Churchill show is done at the carnivore and it is ranked as the best comedy show in east and central Africa.


The show i  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Bus Companies in Kenya


The company is considered to be the largest in Kenya mostly because of being popular in number and it’s loved by many Kenyans. The company has fair prices in the way they charge their customers and this makes them attract many clients. Furthermore, they have well trained drivers and touts that respect the needs of travelers attending well to their complaints.


The company has specialized in dealing with travelers that go to the coastal regions of the country. It has well designed facilities that provide a lot of comfort to the trave  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Popular Stadium in Kenya


The ground for various national activities including public holidays and other major events such as athletics and football. The place is also used to host various rallies conducted by politician’s country wide. Nyayo is big and can accommodate a large number of people making it the favorite place for any big function.


The best in western Kenya, the stadium offers room for different types of functions to be carried out in it. It has hosted major events in the country such as the Cecafa cup challenge that takes place annu  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Online Money Making Jobs in Kenya

Kenya is experiencing a lot of economic problems and the continuous lack of jobs s becoming rampant and growing to greater and higher levels. However, hardships can still be eliminated if only Kenyans find better ways of being more creative to make money. One of these ways is by venturing into the internet and getting the various opportunities that and jobs that are advertised daily.

Internet Marketing

The project is growing at higher levels and it simply involves inviting friends to like a certain page and sign up for a particular type of company. The tre  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Income Generating Projects in Kenya

For a long time, many families in Kenya have continued to stay in poverty due to the continuous lack of stable income that is essential in helping them get the basic requirements of daily life. As a result of the continuous deprivation of the basic needs, many communities have integrated together to start projects that can raise money that will in turn generate a lot of profit which helps the society. There are a number of projects that have been proven to be effective in generating income as seen below.

Freelance writing

The project involves writing a lar  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How to Attract a Kenyan Lady

Kenyan ladies have for a long time been noted to be hard to get more especially because men are not displaying the type of qualities they want. However, it has come to the realization that majority of men have gone ahead to better their chances of winning the trust of ladies by applying the following qualities.

Being well groomed

A Kenyan lady will want a man who she will feel being more comfortable around with. Men that are well groomed will always make a lady feel proud to introduce them when she is around her friends. Grooming however, does not mean tha  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Competitive Courses in JomoKenyatta University

Business Information Technology (BBIT)

The course involves a combination of both business and information technology units. Many students are applying for the course with an intention of getting double skills from both units. Furthermore by being taught skills such as programming and analysis of systems helps students gain huge chances of securing high jobs in the market system.

Actuarial Science

The course is more suitable for students that are good in mathematical operations. It is more competitive and it gives the students the  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Campus Challenges in Kenya

Campus students are experiencing a lot of hardships throughout the entire period of their education. Many students are forced to quit schooling as they cannot endure the continuous challenges that occur in their daily lives in campus. New students should find a better way of dealing with the following major challenges.

High Rental Costs

Self sponsored students are charged huge costs by landlords making it very difficult for them to cope up with the high cost of living. The challenge can be overcome by simply one sharing costs with a friend or someone that   Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Kenya five most paying careers

Jobs in Kenya are available for the right type of applicants that show high cases of competence and willing to work well with others. It is therefore important that competitive candidates check and be informed on the best paying careers in Kenya before sending their applications. The following are the most competitive careers for Kenyans

Financial Experts

The parties are responsible for ensuring that a country maintains the revenue it gets in a more efficient manner or way. They play a leading role in signing big contracts with other country’s agenci  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Best Lakes in Kenya

Tourists love visiting places that have adventure and it is of no doubt that the fact is indeed true. Kenya as a country has a lot of lakes that have different unique features which draws the attention of tourists to visit and explore them. The following are the best lakes to visit in Kenya.

Lake Victoria

It is the biggest lake in Kenya commonly known for producing large varieties and types of fish. The lake connects Kenya with its neighbors Tanazania and Uganda. The lake plays great role by being used as a source of transport for many landlocked nations U  Continue reading ...