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6 years ago

Best Businesses To Invest Around JomoKenyatta University

The areas around campus have a lot of business ventures that anyone wishing to be successful can go ahead and invest in them. It has been realized that many people often complain of the problem of not being paid well but there are plenty of opportunities that a person can use and make money hence becoming richer. The following are some of the ideal business ideas that a person can invest in.

Fashion Business

Majority of campus students love fashion and anyone that can risk investing in the business will surely have a lot of time to invest and make more money. It has come t  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Most Dominated Races by Kenyan Runners

The Kenyan athletics federation is continually doing well and making the country more proud by winning more gold medals for the country. It has been noted that Kenya is the best country in the athletic field in Africa and among the best in the world. The following categories of races are the most dominated by Kenyan runners and they are performed best by them.


The race is one of the favorite for both the male and their counterpart female athletes. Kenyans have continually dominated this race with majority of them breaking major world records and winning a lot of gold   Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Major Causes of Road Accidents in Kenya


Accidents have killed many Kenyans and very little efforts have been made o reduce the causes. It has come to the attention of many that there are some major reasons that result in accidents in Kenya making it hard for th transportation of goods to be effective with time. The following are the major causes of road accidents in Kenya.

Over speeding

Many drivers will never obey the common rule of driving within a certain limit of speed allowed by the public. Majority of them will go ahead and drive at speeds that make it easy for accidents to occur and take pla  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Structure of The Court System in Kenya

Supreme Court

Comprises of the chief justice, vice chief justice,5other judges and the president making a total of about seven members. The court has got exclusive jurisdiction and majority and nearly all issues that pertain the electoral petitions. Hears appeals from the high court and also major tribunals. It can play the role of offering advisory opinion to the national government.

Court of Appeal

It is composed of not less than 12judges.Hears discontents from lower courts combined with various tribunals. It includes conducting operations by acts done within t  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Most Infuential Religious Leaders in kenya

Cardinal John Njue

The catholic bishop of the diocese of Nairobi and the cardinal of the country of Kenya. The person is hard working and has tried to improve many situations and challenges that have been affecting the church for quite a number of years. He was the former Bishop of Nyeri but was later chosen by the pope to be the cardinal being the second after Maurice cardinal Otunga.

Bishop Wabukala

The bishop is the head of the Anglican church of Kenya. He has brought a lot of developments and changes enabling other priest to acquire education and continue wit  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Problems Affecting the City of Nairobi


The problem of insecurity has continued to be a major and big issue affecting the people of Nairobi area. It has now been a longtime since various efforts in establishing stable security in the city have continually failed to excel. Nairobi has a lot of unemployed youth some of which venture into crime as a way of getting their daily basic needs and money to survive.


The city has the largest number of people when it comes to urbanization in the country. Many families in Nairobi are desperately sharing a single room that serves all the ba  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Highest Mountains in Kenya

Mount Kenya

The mountain is the highest in Kenya and second in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro of Tanzania. Mount Kenya is 5199m and is found in the central parts of Kenya. It is a major source of water for many rivers and continues to support a number of wildlife activities being a home to various wild animals. It is a major tourist attraction centre and that gives it the reason to be counted as being crucial to the economic development of the country.

Mount Elgon

It is located in the western part of Kenya and its 4321m.The mountain attracts a lot of tourist from  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Major Bus Routes and Their Numbers


A person willing to travel to the town can first find the suitable matatu buy heading to the railway centre in Nairobi. The matatus will be seen by their numbers indicated on the mirror just near the driver’s seat. The number can also be used by people wishing to travel to carnivore grounds, lang’ata cemetery and Karen. Furthermore other universities such as multimedia and catholic university of east Africa can be reached using the number.

Embakasi 33

The matatus are found in Nairobi around the Kenya archiv  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Good Places To Record Music in Kenya

In Kenya, music industry is growing at a very fast rate making it necessary to have qualified producers that can deliver music that can do well at the international level stage. The following are some of the best places one can seek to record their music.


The studio has produced some of the country’s biggest hits and musicians. The late E-Sir was one of the top most musicians that used to record their songs at the studio. Currently, ogopa is doing well producing songs for big names such as Marya,Avril and Ringtone. The music is of high quality and new artis  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Best Football Coaches of The National Team


The coach propelled Kenya into the Africa cup of nations that saw the young team perform well despite not qualifying for the next round.Mulee has since helped the national team do well in major events and has been a crucial force in the issues pertaining the national team. He has made history with the team and continues to aspire to do well and help the level of football in the country to grow.


The coach used a set of local based players that he used them to reach the cecafa finals in Uganda Kampala. James has been consistent with p  Continue reading ...