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6 years ago

Features and Benefits Of the Nakumatt Global Card In Kenya

Technology advancement in Kenya has been the talk of the town as many people have embraced it and use it for the benefits it has to the environment and all other sectors. Technology has improved many areas ranging from banking services, transport services to shopping and marketing of businesses. This has been improved since technology present the users with the easiest, fast and efficient method on how to tackle problems and challenges of the areas involved.

In some areas such as education and shopping, technology has enabled and ensured that the users are comfortable with the servi  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Loan Products Offered By Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT)

Women and young girls in Kenya are viewed to be more vulnerable to most situations in a society. This makes them weak and not able to cope with the conditions that may take place in certain areas as compared to men. Women also are known to be well-off individuals who can develop the areas, as the society without women will be hard for survival. This has therefore made different financial institutions to provide the women with financial opportunities to develop their areas and business which will benefit them as well as the society.

Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT) is one of the fina  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Water Bottling Companies And Mineral Water Processing Industries In Kenya

Water is one of the most and essential entity that without people can hardly services as water is used in different places and for different purposes. Water especially for drinking is the most crucial resource that should be more prioritized when it comes to its safety as well as availability. Clean drinking water should be always available since survival can only be possible in environment with clean water for potable use.

This has attracted interest in many organization and the government and has ensured that the people even from the interior regions have access to safe clean wate  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Exercise Books Manufacturing Industries In Kenya

Books are the most important commodity that are required by the students and pupils in all the learning institutions ranging from Kindergarten, Primary schools, and Secondary schools to Universities and colleges. This therefore creates the best and highest demand of these books in the market by these learners. Most of the books are manufactured as ruled or lined and of varied pages with the lowest number of pages being 32 pages and these books are majorly for the Kindergarten kids and the highest number of pages is 200 pages designed for the advanced student of high schools and institutions  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Various Course Offered At Machakos University College

Education in Kenya have taken another level in terms of its growth and technological embracement and usage in the content delivery. This has seen many people opt for education and especially higher education. Many have got the interest to join higher education learning institutions to mostly acquire the vocational skills that they offer and thereby increasing the demand of education. For the meeting of this high educational demand, a lot of institutions have been established to accommodate and offer education to the students and overall people interested in it.

Machakos University C  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Public Universities Offering Bachelor Of Science In Geology In Kenya

Public universities have been set up all over Kenya offering a variety of academic programmes to ensure that education brighten the future. In these higher learning institutions, the students are offered the best facilities for their best experience in the learning process and providing them with the best learning environment. Universities in Kenya therefore ensure that their students are given the best chance to acquire the necessary knowledge that is required in the job market.

Most of these universities have been accredited to offer specific courses that they have the best facili  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Transfer Services Offered by I&M Bank In Kenya

Banking in Kenya has become one of the most emphasized sector in the country for the safety and convenience of the bankers. This has seen the established of different banks which provide a lot of good and safe banking services. The banks have been able to embrace the advancement in technology to ensure that the banking services are fast and smooth in their transactions. Technology has also improved banking services which has seen the introduction of the internet banking services.

Kenya banks have therefore advanced in all level as known they have also used technology to enable them   Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How To Set Up A Twitter Account For Marketing A Business Venture In Kenya

The use of Social Media in Kenya have been widely grown due to the advancement of technology and the provision of cheap and fast internet connectivity in the country. Social media platforms have thereby been established to operate In Kenya and the most popular include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Palm Chat and many more. This platforms have enable people to be able to make friends and well as set up business which are successful through them. The social media platforms ensure that the people are able to view the different ideas that people have in the market.

Twitter bein  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Products And Services Of Wire Products Limited In Kenya

Kenya have various industries that provide different products and services to people in Kenya and also abroad. These industries and companies ensure that their services are of highest quality in order to conquer the available market in Kenya and in the World.

Most established companies that are situated in Kenya include the Rivatex Industry for textile, C and P shoe limited for manufacture of shoes, Crown Paints Limited and many more. Wire Products limited is among the best companies that offer world class services and products to their customers. This company limited was establishe  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Companies That Offer Garbage Collection Services In Kenya

Sanitation and community health is one of the major essential areas that are important and should be looked upon by relevant authority for their splendid conditions. These areas should be well established to make sure that the health conditions are of the highest quality. The services which could minimize, avoid or reduce the impacts of poor sanitation is the building of latrines, garbage pits and periodically collection of garbage and waste material.

Poor sanitation in areas may cause outbreak of diseases and epidemic where it may lead to death, displacement among other effects. Th  Continue reading ...