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9 years ago

Meru University School OF Business And Economics Post Graduate Admission Criteria

A few years ago, pursuing a Masters course was seen as a privilege of just a few individuals in Kenya. However, as the competition in the job market intensified, more Kenyans began taking up post graduate courses to boost their chances of securing employment and qualifying for job promotions. Business courses are especially attractive as Kenya gears for a 24 hour economy and more and more individuals delve into the world of self employment. Meru University offers two post graduate courses under the School of Business and Economics. These are:

Masters of Business Administrat  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Kisii University Bachelor Of Ecotourism And Hospitality Management Admission Criteria

In Kenya, the tourism and hospitality industries are among the top industries that bring revenue into the country. As a matter of fact, many Kenyans tend to suffer whenever a ban or a crisis affects the tourism and hospitality industries. Among the things that affect tourism is the demand for agricultural land. People want to farm and some do it to the detriment of tourism resources. The government has put into place a new tourism policy that seeks to involve local communities in the management of tourism resources. However, knowledgeable individuals are needed to make this policy effective  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

University Of Nairobi School Of The Built Environment Undergraduate Admission Criteria

University of Nairobi i a kenya public university that offers various courses under the school of the built environment. Courses range from Diploma courses to Degree courses. Individuals who apply to the school can study Bachelor of Architectural Studies or Bachelor of Architecture –B02. They can also study Bachelor of Real Estate – B04, Bachelor of Arts in Planning – B65, Bachelor of Quantity Surveying – B666 and Bachelor of Construction Management. The school of Built Environment also offers Diploma in Estate Agency and Property Management – B118.

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9 years ago

Kenyatta University School of Economics Undergraduate Admission Criteria

kenyatta university school of economics undergraduate Admission Criteria

Kenyatta University is a kenya public university that offers a Degree course in Bachelor of Economics within the School of Economics. Individuals undertaking the undergraduate degree programme will be required to do so over a four year period. Individuals who enroll in the School of Economics is given the option of choosing courses from different departments. These departments are:

  • The department of Economic Theory
  • The department of Econometrics and Statistics
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9 years ago

University Of Nairobi School Of The Arts And Design Undergraduate Admission Criteria

It is true that not many people would consider themselves creative and not all who consider themselves creative nurture their natural talent. Arts and Design is one area that is certainly lacking in most Primary schools and High Schools in Kenya. Fortunately, the University of Nairobi offers B.A. Design (B05) through the School of the Arts and Design. There is however certain criteria that an individual must meet in order to be considered for the course.

Admission Criteria for B.A. Design at UON

9 years ago

Kenyatta University Bachelor Of Science In Crop Improvement And Protection Undergraduate Admission Criteria

Kenyatta University offers Bachelor of Science in Crop Improvement and Protection undergraduate course to all individuals who qualify. The program runs for a period of four years with each student required to complete a minimum of 54 units. During the duration of the undergraduate degree program, students are required to undertake a field attachment. This field attachment takes place after the completion of the third year and it involves each student being attached to an institution for a period of three months. There are several requirements that individuals should meet in order to be elig  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Kenyatta University Bachelor Of Science In Agribusiness Management And Trade Undergraduate Admission Criteria

Kenyatta University offers a Bachelors of Science (Agribusiness and Trade) option under the department of Agribusiness Management and Trade. Applicants from East Africa and non-East African’s are encouraged to apply for the Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness Management and Trade) course. Individuals who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for the course.

Application Criteria

  • Applicants should have a minimum of C+ at KCSE or equivalent in order to be considered for the course.

  • They should also have a minimum of C+ in Mathema  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Courses Offered At The Kenya Institute Of Management, Nairobi, Kenya

The Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) has been operational since 1954 and it continues to help thousands of students to achieve educational excellence in the field of management. Owing to the different courses and schedules, the school’s intake is done in January, April, July and September.

Courses offered at KIM, Nairobi, Kenya

Bridging Course In Management

The Kenya Institute of Management offers a bridging course in management. This caters to those who did not manage to acquire the needed grade of C- and it takes a period of 3 months. The total fees am  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Edge International Construction Company In Nairobi: Providing Kitchen Renovation Services In Kenya

A disorganized kitchen is something no homeowner desires. Kenyans have to eat and this means spending a considerable number of hours in the kitchen each day. In fact, many individuals prefer a spacious, easy to clean kitchen that enable the cooking process to be easier. Unfortunately, many houses in Kenya come with in-built kitchens that do not cater to the needs of the family. It is easy to utilize the in-built kitchen while lamenting its inconvenience. However, you can do something about your kitchen-like have your kitchen customized and modified to fit your needs in Kenya. EDGE Construct  Continue reading ...

9 years ago

Levine Fashion Design Shop In Fedha Estate In Nairobi: Buy Ladies & Gents Shoes And Clothes In Kenya

As much as you would like to reserve about individuals you meet, appearances contribute greatly to your perception. How you dress defines a part of your personality in that it enables others to make observations in regards to how you take care of yourself and the clothes you wear. In Kenya, an unkempt look is usually frowned upon whereas a neat look is appreciated. Fortunately in Kenya, it is not difficult to find clothes stalls in Nairobi or clothes sale outlets in Nairobi that you can get clothes no matter what your pay check is. The clothes stalls in Nairobi vary  Continue reading ...