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6 years ago

Rabbit Breeds Used By Kenyan Farmers

Rabbit keeping is becoming popular in the country making it necessary for farmers to take a close interest in the project and earn money from it. The demand for rabbit meat is growing each and every day making it necessary for one to start looking for the animal species and find out the best breeds that are most demanded by consumers. The following list comprises of the best rabbit breeds that can be kept by any Kenyan farmer.


The breed originated from Germany. It has an approximate size of 7-9Lb with a total of about 4.1kg.The breed belongs to those types that have  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Challenges Facing Urbanisation In Kenya

The current growth of towns that is collectively referred to as urbanization is one good but studies have shown that the faster growth of towns is affecting Kenyans in a number of ways. Many residents that leave the rural areas and move to urban regions end up getting a lot of problems along the way making it hard for them to cope up with the daily busy schedules of life. The following are some of the major challenges that come with urbanization in Kenya.

Lack of Jobs

The larger the number the few chances of securing employment in the largely growing industrial areas of Na  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Role Of The National Council Of Churches In Kenya

The church in Kenya is helping a lot of people to live the kind of life that is expected of them. It has been noticed that the church is stepping up measures and helping the society in the following major ways that continually propel the society to greater levels in life.


It is of no doubt that the church is the main centre of counseling in the country. Many people having difficulties in life continually rush to the church to seek help and get saved from a particular issue that is constantly affecting them. It is encouraged for one to join others in going for co  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Best Employers of Kenya



The company is one of the best employers offering Kenyans with a wide range of employment opportunities. Bidco is among the fastest growing industries in the country and that gives it the reason to continue getting more room for Kenyans to fill the gap of busy operations taking place in the company. Bidco is spreading to other parts of the country and that makes it open for anyone that wants to apply for vacancy at their various branches. The prices are so friendly that encourages the members of the country to buy goods in bulk.


The  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Reasons For Failure of Marriages in Kenya

The marriage institution in the country is continually failing and experiencing a lot of hardships and difficulty as many people are seeking divorce and end up staying as single parents. Experts have tried to find out the main problems affecting the institution of marriage in the country.


Many couples have the problem of not being true to their partners and the problem is making them increase the level of disagreements in the country. It has been discovered that many people that enter into the union fall back and start having affairs outside the marriage wit  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Sources of law in kenya

The government of Kenya has a lot of places that it uses to pass and amend the laws to be followed by the citizens of the country. The following list comprises some of the major sources of law in the country.

The constitution

It is a formal document that defined the rules and regulations, functions and roles of the various government state bodies and the relation between them and the public. It comes first in the country and any matters that need emergency response are handled according to the requirements provided by the constitution. It is therefore important for one to   Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How to Exel in Business in kenya

Carrying out business in Kenya can be a challenging task more especially for people that have poor skills of carrying out business. There are a number of factors that one needs to consider if they have to be successful in the business world. The list below provides some of the best options.

Being passionate about the business

The above quality is needed in the field that one needs to achieve and grow in what they are doing. Passion further means that a lot of sacrifice has to be employed when dealing with a number of operations in one day.  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Ladies To Avoid in Kenya

It is the dream of every man to find a loving lady that will eventually help them work well and achieve many things together. It is important for one to be very careful when deciding on the type of lady to settle with.

The gold digger

Some ladies date men not because they love them but because they want to derive some benefits from the men. It has come to the realization that a lot of men that employ the virtue of trying to know more about a lady often discover that some were after the money and not love. Kenyan men should avoid ladies that are after mater  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Problems Affecting The Medical Institution in Kenya

Lack of adequate medical technicians

The country has continued to suffer from the constant ability to produce good experts that can handle various medical problems. Kenyan doctors lack specialized skills and those that show high competence end up being taken to the western countries to cater for their needs. The government is failing in addressing the needs of its doctors as seen in the many number of strikes showing that the field of medicine is flooded with problems.

Poor Training Centers

The country has very little centers that can be used to encourage th  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

The Most Corrupt Departments/Organisations in Kenya

The Police

The field is considered to be the most corrupt as seen by the rising number of bribe cases that exploit innocent people. The Kenya police is more corrupt especially in the traffic department. Many buses end up giving huge amounts of money to the police so that they can operate and most of them carry out illegal activities. It is therefore important that ways be invented on how the practice can be stopped for the sake of avoiding the exploitation of innocent Kenyans.

The Education Department

It is one of the departments that have increasing cases of cor  Continue reading ...