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8 years ago

Courses Offered By Magenta Training Institute in Kenya.

Magenta institute is one of the best institutes in Kenya that offer professional courses. It was established in 1998 and since that time, it has grown to be one of the best institutions. It is a recognized institution because it was been registered the former ministry of higher education (which is now recognized as commission for higher education) in Kenya.

This institution is located in Nairobi city, second floor of Giwa House along Moi Avenue near Muranga junction. It offers certificate, diploma and advance diploma courses in a variety of courses. These courses includes:

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8 years ago

Courses Offered At Mbaya Karichu Institute In Kenya.

Mbaya Karichu is one of the institutes in Kenya. It is locate in Meru county, Meru town in Karichu house along Tom Mboya Street in Meru town. The majority of courses offered by Mbaya Karichu are computer and information technology based courses and they are offered certificate and diploma level.

Certificate course offered by Mbaya Karichu institute in Kenya.

  • Certificate in computerized accounting.

  • Certificate in web design (Ms FrontPage, Dreamweaver, HTML, flash, PHP)

  • Certificate in micro-computer and a  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

List Of Secondary Schools In West Pokot County.

Boys secondary schools in West Pokot County.

  • Chewoyet high school – it is a boarding school.

  • Kapenguria boys high school – boarding.

  • Kamito boys’ secondary school – boarding.

  • Chepkorniswo boys’ secondary school – boarding.

  • Karenger boys’ secondary school – boarding.

  • Sook boys secondary school – boarding.

  • St. Comboni Amakuriat secondary school – boarding.

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8 years ago

Courses Offered At Nakuru College Of Health Sciences In Kenya.

Nakuru is one of the growing towns in Kenya and due to its big population, many people engage in businesses to earn a living. Where there is a group of people, there need to be an improved health status of such group and that is why Nakuru College of health sciences decided to specialize in health courses. Since Nakuru is and agricultural town in Kenya there was also needed for the same college to integrate business courses alongside the medical courses offered.

Higher diploma courses offered

8 years ago

Government Parastatals In Kenya

Parastatals are government owned companies, boards or organizations which help the government to run essentials functions of the government. And they provide very important services to the people of Kenya. The Parastatals are usually managed by board of directors who are appointed by the president of the republic of Kenya.

These Parastatals of the government of Kenya are usually managed and funded through the respective ministries of the government. Some of these governmental Parastatals also source of revenue to the government of Kenya such as Kenya meat commission, new Kenya co-op  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Mobile Phones Shops Found In Kisumu

Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya and it is growing at high rate due the investments from business men. The presence of institutions in the town, there are many students in the city and therefore they contribute a lot to the economy of Kisumu. This city is approximately 350 kilometers from Nairobi city and acts as the capital city of The Nyanza region part of Kenya.

Since Kisumu is a big city, there are many telecommunication companies who have invested there to ensure that there is availability of communication among people. For communication to exist there must be a means   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Accredited Institutions That Offer Bachelor Of Medicine And Surgery In Kenya

Medicine course is among the marketable courses in Kenya. It is the most expensive course to pursue in Kenya and the government of Kenya spends millions of money to train students in this field. Many students who finish their Kenya certificate of secondary education (KCSE) apply for the medicine course in Kenya put only few are usually considered because of the highly required cut points.

There are approximately eleven institutions (both public and private universities) that offer Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in Kenya and only few offer Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Th  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Banking Services Available In Kakamega Town.

Kakamega town is located in western region which has larger population of people. Apart from this, this town has various education institutions (colleges and universities) where students converge from all corners of Kenya. The students from the colleges and universities pay their fees and therefore there was need to have banks that will keep these fees save.

The students also need to be accommodated while school. Therefore the accommodation services to the students are provided by the people of Kakamega town hence they need to save the money they get from these students. All the inv  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Private Institutions That Offer Diploma In Nursing In Kenya

There are over thirty seven (37) private colleges that train nurses at diploma level in Kenya. They act to supplement the government colleges that also offer diploma in nursing. These private colleges offer courses which have been approved by Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK). Diploma in Nursing in most colleges is known as Kenya registered community health nursing (KRCHN).

The private colleges that offer nursing at diploma level usually have their own hospitals and their students practice from the same hospital. The students who are trained from the private institutions perform well b  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Kenya Government Institutions That Offer Diploma In Nursing

Nurses in Kenya constitute to approximately fifty (50%) percent of all health care workers in Kenya. This is because they are very essential in caring of patients and clients in all health care setup (both public and private). The government of Kenya spends a lot of money and resources to train nurses; both certificate and diploma in nursing.

Nursing is the only course in Kenya that takes a long duration of time in Kenya at certificate and diploma level. For instance, certificate in nursing takes approximately two and half years while the diploma in nursing takes three and half year  Continue reading ...