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6 years ago

Management Tips Of Nursery For Farmers In Kenya

The major practices carried out in the nursery while seeds are growing include some of the following.


Upon the establishment of a nursery, light mulch should be applied for the sake of conserving the amounts of water being lost by evaporation. The mulch should be quickly removed on the fourth day after the emergence of crop varieties.


Comprises of regular application of certain amounts of after to the crops twice a day in the morning and late in the evening by the farmer. It helps plants get good distribution of water.

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6 years ago

Materials Used For Propagation By Kenyan Farmers


They comprise of tiny sisal plants produced in the inflorescence almost at the end of the growth cycle of a particular plant type. They resemble the mother plant in most cases except to the fact that they are small in size. They are produced by the major branches of the sisal pole.


Plantlets that have been divided from the mother plant with complete leaves and rooting system. They are mostly used in the propagation most pasture grasses and pyrethrum materials. They are firstly raised in the nursery that is later transplanted in the main field.

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6 years ago

Methods Of Fertilizer Application In Kenya

Fertiliser application mainly involves the use of artificial fertilisers.Phosphatic fertilisers are applied during the planting period while nitrogenous will always be applied upon the emergence of a particular crop.Applying fertilisers after crops have emerged is generally reffered to as topdressing.The following are some of the major ways of applying fertilisers.


Involves the random  scattering of seeds on the ground for the purpose of being used by plants in general.The method is more applicable when using nitrogenous and potassic fertilisers.The soil   Continue reading ...

6 years ago

How To Become The Best Freelance Writer in Kenya

Freelance writing is attracting the interest of many young Kenyans that are simply wishing to find part time jobs and earn money while working online. Anyone wishing to make money from the job must adhere to some basic conditions that are essential in propelling them forward in order to achieve some important things in life. The following tips will help many Kenyan freelancers find jobs and maintain quality work.

Freelance writing requires one to have the basic tools that can help that access the internet at a more regular basis. It is good if one uses their computers and reliable i  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Trading Partners Of Kenya

Kenya is involved in alot of trade with other nations making it develop good working relationships that can help the country earn revenue by exporting the various products that are locally produced to be used in other countries.The following list comprises of the major trading partners of kenya.


It is currently the main trading partner with the kenyan government having signed about 15contracts in one day.China has greatly helped kenya in economic development as seen by the construction of the only superhighway in the country Thika road.It has since been assigned anot  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Kenya School Of Credit Management

Kenya school of projeect managemnt is specialised learning institution for proffessionals in credit management.The mission is to provide  exelence and proffessionalism in credit management for all credit credit managers that work or intend to work in the credit managemnt of diffrent organisations.


  • Credit and risk managers

  • Credit controllers

  • Credit card officers

  • Debt managers

  • Co-operative officers and microfinance officers

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6 years ago

Factors Promoting Sugarcane Farming In Western Kenya

Western county is the largest producer of sugarcane in the country and many farmers are investing in the cash crop and eventually making alot of profit from it.The various sugarcane companies found at the place have encouraged  the development of infrastructure in the regions making it good for farmers to invest in the crop.Among many other reasons,the following are some of the factors promoting the farming of sugarcane in western kenya

Plenty Supply of Rainfall

Sugarcane needs plenty supply of rainfall and the western part of the country has good rainfall patterns an  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Best Air Transport Services In Kenya

Tavelling by air is becoming a growing trend among a large number of kenyan travellors that visit different destinations for the puposes of attending to different kinds of services.It is good that anyone wishing to travel by air should visit the following places that have the best airtransport facilities.

JomoKenyattta International Airport

It is the biggest and most busy airport in the country and has many number of people leaving in and out of the country.Many people use it for flying to different places across the world and the services at the place are among the best o  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Challenges Facing Wildlife industry In Kenya

Wildlife is one of the best tourist attractions in the country and it is good if the government took the initiative of ensuring that it caters and solves the various problems facing the wildlfe industyr in the country before making it become less productive.The folloing are some of the major challenges facing wildlife in the country and it is good if the government took the initiative of solving them


Ilegal hunting of animals is taking place in a numebr of gameparks found in the country.Many poachers are invading the parks and end up killng alot of anials that cou  Continue reading ...

6 years ago

Ways Government Use To Reclaimed Land In Kenya

Land in kenya is appreciating each and everyday and the number of people demanding it are continually in the rise.It is advisable for the government to get good ways that they can use land that is reclaimed for the purposes of ensuring that kenyans benefit much from the resources controlled by the government.The following are some of the major ways of how the government can put to use recliamed land.

Planting trees

Trees are very important natural resources for the country and there is high need for the government to find a stable way of ensuring that it has very large por  Continue reading ...