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8 years ago

Coffee Board of Kenya.

Coffee is one of the cash crops in the republic of Kenya that earns the country a lot of revenue in terms of exchange. Coffee farming is practiced in highlands parts of Kenya because it requires a lot of rainfall. Coffee farming in Kenya is under the management board known as coffee board of Kenya.

Coffee board of Kenya is located in Nairobi city along Exchange Lane Off Haile Selassie Avenue in a building known as Coffee Plaza Building (10th floor of this building).

Coffee board of Kenya is one of the governmental parastatals in Kenya established under the act of parliament   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

How To Improve Dairy Farming in Kenya.

Dairy farming is one of the most profitable types of farming in Kenya. This has been attributed by high consumption of dairy products such as milk, meat and others. Almost all Kenyans rear animals at home so as to get milk which is majorly used to make tea.

Although dairy farming is practiced in many parts of Kenya, large scale dairy farming is practiced in highland parts of Kenya because this is the place that favors new species of cows. Since, dairy farming is the most profitable farming in Kenya, there is need to improve its productivity in Kenya to ensure production of high prod  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Courses Offered By Africa International University (AIU) in Kenya.

Africa international university is a chartered private university in Kenya. It was established in 1983 as Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School but became a fully operating university in Kenya in 2001. This institution is located in Karen part of Nairobi and occupies a space of 53 acres of land.

Since it is a chartered university in Kenya, AIU offers courses from certificate to doctor of philosophy. These courses are being taught by experienced experts.

Certificate courses offered by Africa International University (AIU) in Kenya

The only certificate  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Pig Markets in Kenya.

Pig farming in Kenya is one of the growing businesses in Kenya and those Kenya who do this type of farming in large scale benefit so much in the market. Majority of Kenya do pig farming on small scale basis, that, they keep few pigs in their farms. Although the general livestock markets are spread throughout in Kenya, there are few specific market places for pigs.

Although people may wonder if there are specific market for pig in Kenya. The truth of the matter is that pig farming in Kenya also market and these markets include:

Farmer’s Choice Limited in Kenya<  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Courses Offered at Kenya College of Commerce and Hospitality in Kenya.

Kenya College of commerce and hospitality is one of the famous institutions in Kenya that offer business and hospitality related courses. It is located in the fourth floor of Church House which is along Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi city. They offer both certificate and diploma courses in the mentioned fields. These courses includes:

Diploma courses offered by Kenya College of commerce and hospitality in Kenya

  • Diploma in guidance and counselling.

  • Diploma in hotel and catering management.

  • Diploma in human   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Football Clubs in Kenya And Their Stadiums.

Kenya premier league is now gaining fame and we are witnessing many people attending stadiums during football matches which are a show of how Kenyans are supporting their football league. Kenyans are also buying products from football clubs such as jackets, jersey, and caps hence contributing to the growth of football clubs in Kenya.

The current premier league of Kenya is known as tusker premier league and has sixteen (16) clubs on the top flight. It usually begins in February every year and end around November. Each football club in Kenya has a stadium for its home matches. The sta  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Kenya Power and Lighting Company Training School in Kenya.

 Many Kenyans know Kenya power and lighting company as an institution that deals with supply of power countrywide. One thing that many people do not know is that this governmental institution also trains people in the engineering sector.

This institution is located in Ruaraka area in Nairobi city. They train people at craft, certificate, diploma and advance diploma level. The courses offered by this institution include:

Craft courses offered by Kenya Power and Lighting Company Training School in Kenya

8 years ago

Accredited Institutions in Kenya That Offer Diploma in Pharmacy.

 All colleges or institutions that offer or want to offer Diploma in Pharmacy in Kenya must be approved by Kenya pharmacy and poisons board. This is the only board that is recognized by the constitution of Kenya to accredit institutions that offer Diploma in Pharmacy in Kenya.

Diploma in Pharmacy takes duration of three years. If you want to apply for this course, then, it is better to know the institutions that are accredited in Kenya before enrolling for the course because you might fall in an institution that is not registered by the Kenya pharmacy and poison board.  Th  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

East Africa School of Aviation (EASA) in Kenya.

East Africa School of aviation is one of the best aviation not only in Kenya and Africa but also in the entire world. It was established in 1954 and has trained many personnel from the field of aviation from Kenya, Africa and outside world. Since it has the best personnel, it trains best aviation personnel.

Since its established, EASA was officially accredited by international air transport association (IATA) in 2006 and became among the sixteen recognized institutions in the world that offer quality aviation training courses.

Location of EASA in Kenya

  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Tusker Premier League Remaining Fixtures for the 2014/2015 Season.

Tusker premier league is a football league in Kenya which contain sixteen clubs. The Kenya premier league begin in February 2014 and is expected to end in August 2014. The football matches from Tusker premier league are now being broadcasted live from supersport DStv channels.

25th June 2014

Top fry Nakuru vs tusker

28th August 2014

Ulinzi stars vs AFC Leopards.

Muhoroni youth vs mathare united

Western stima vs tusker

Top fry Nakuru vs Sony sugar


29th August 2014Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Gor Mahia Football Club in Kenya.

Gor mahia is a famous football club in Kenya that operates in Nairobi city and has various nickname such as K’Ogalo, Mayienga and Sirkali. This football club was established in 17th February 1968 and won the first league the same year and are the current defending champions in the Tusker Premier league (Kenya premier league). It was the first club to be formed in Kenya.

They are currently using Nairobi city stadium as their home ground stadium but they are also allowed to use Moi international sport centre for the same purpose. This stadium has a capacity of 15000 people and c  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Kenya Institute of Biomedical Sciences and Technology in Kenya.

It is not possible for all of us to qualify for university education after KCSE results. Those who can be able to obtain a mean grade of C+ (plus) and above, can join tertiary colleges and still pursue courses of their dreams. Kenya institute of biomedical sciences and technology is one of these tertiary colleges in Kenya that offer certificate and diploma courses.

This college is located next to Hill Valley academy along Masai Road in Nakuru town just next to Milimani Cottage Hospital.

Those who begin with certificate or diploma courses can still pursue their desire of reac  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Accredited Institutions That Offer Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) in Kenya.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) is one of the marketable competitive courses in Kenya. Those working with big pharmacy agencies earn a lot of money. Those who want to be sponsored by the government to pursue this course at university should ensure that they have scored a minimum of A (plain) at Kenya certificate of secondary education (KCSE) and passes in English or Kiswahili, mathematics or physics, biology and chemistry. Those who want to sponsor themselves through their parents must have attained a mean grade of C+ (plus) at KCSE and passes in the above mentioned subjects.

The deg  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Admission Requirement For Bachelor of Science in Optometry and Vision Sciences at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) in Kenya.

 Eye is a very important part of the body and very sensitive because without eye we cannot be able to see what is happening in the surrounding. The lack of eyes can limit somebody movement. Although there was a course that deals with the management of eye conditions in Kenya, it is only offered at diploma level and is called diploma in optometry.

With advancement of education, a degree course that deals with eye conditions was introduced in Kenya in 2009 by Masinde Muliro University and the first intake was done in 2010 (2010-2011 academic year) with only seven students but sin  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Kiambu Institute Of Hotels And Catering In Kenya

Kenya is a country in the world that still observes cultural practices and still practice it. It is a taboo in many cultural tribes for a man to cook. Due to emergence of tourism sector in Kenya, hotel and catering has been on demand and young Kenyans from different tribes in Kenya have decided to study in hotel and catering management related courses so as to earn a living because tourism in Kenya was the sector that earned the country a lot of revenues due many tourists visiting Kenya throughout the year.

The tourism sector led to many emergence of hotels in Kenya and these hotels  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Services Provided By Lodwar County Referral Hospital In Kenya.

Lodwar is the current headquarters of Turkana County. Since it is centrally placed many people tend to travel to this town for many services of which health care is one of them. Because it is the only hospital in the entire county that has better health care facilities, it therefore serves referrals from other hospital facilities as a referral hospital.

Lodwar county referral hospital was formerly known as Lodwar district hospital and is located in Lodwar town along Lodwar – Lokichoggio highway. It has a bed capacity of 270 and 36 cots.

The services offered at Lodwar c  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Famous Mobile Phone Shops In Mombasa City

Mombasa is the second largest town in Kenya and it is the only city that earns Kenya a lot of revenues because it is the one that receives a lot of the imports for Kenya and other countries such as Uganda and south Sudan. Many tourist who visit Kenya begin with Mombasa because of its environment and available wonderful beaches.

Because of its economic importance in Kenya, Mombasa city host many Kenyans from all corners of the country who go to this city in search of employment and therefore the same people need to communicate with their relatives back at home. For them to communicat  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Programs Offered At Laikipia University in Kenya.

Gone are those days’ people of Kenya used to go to Nairobi for education purposes and end up spending a lot of money for accommodation. Kenya now has institutions of learning almost every county and Laikipia County is not left out because it has an established public university known as Laikipia University that offers education to the people of Laikipia County and other Kenyans from other counties.

Laikipia university was established in 2013 by the third president of the republic of Kenya; Hon. Mwai Kibaki. It was initially the constituent college of Egerton university. Since   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Courses Offered At Tsavo Park Hotel Institute In Kenya.

Voi town is a famous town in Kenya because it has one of the biggest national park in Kenya that attracts tourists. This national park is known as Tsavo national park and it is divided into two; Tsavo east national park and Tsavo west national park. Due to presence of these national parks in Voi town, there was need for establishment of an institution that will trains people to experts in tourism sector.

Tsavo national park is a tourist attraction site in Kenya and therefore many tourists will approach the town so as to visit the national park (Tsavo). Those who do jobs in any natio  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Course Offered At Leaders Institute Of Business Studies In Kenya

Leaders institute of business studies in Kenya is an institution that trains Kenyans interested in business courses. It is a registered college in Kenya and also administers examinations that are governed by recognized examination bodies in Kenya such as KASNEB and KNEC.

This institution is located in Nairobi, the third floor of Braidwood House. The courses offered by Leaders institute of business studies are from certificate level to advance diploma level.

Certificate courses offered 

8 years ago

Courses Offered By Magenta Training Institute in Kenya.

Magenta institute is one of the best institutes in Kenya that offer professional courses. It was established in 1998 and since that time, it has grown to be one of the best institutions. It is a recognized institution because it was been registered the former ministry of higher education (which is now recognized as commission for higher education) in Kenya.

This institution is located in Nairobi city, second floor of Giwa House along Moi Avenue near Muranga junction. It offers certificate, diploma and advance diploma courses in a variety of courses. These courses includes:

  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Courses Offered At Mbaya Karichu Institute In Kenya.

Mbaya Karichu is one of the institutes in Kenya. It is locate in Meru county, Meru town in Karichu house along Tom Mboya Street in Meru town. The majority of courses offered by Mbaya Karichu are computer and information technology based courses and they are offered certificate and diploma level.

Certificate course offered by Mbaya Karichu institute in Kenya.

  • Certificate in computerized accounting.

  • Certificate in web design (Ms FrontPage, Dreamweaver, HTML, flash, PHP)

  • Certificate in micro-computer and a  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

List Of Secondary Schools In West Pokot County.

Boys secondary schools in West Pokot County.

  • Chewoyet high school – it is a boarding school.

  • Kapenguria boys high school – boarding.

  • Kamito boys’ secondary school – boarding.

  • Chepkorniswo boys’ secondary school – boarding.

  • Karenger boys’ secondary school – boarding.

  • Sook boys secondary school – boarding.

  • St. Comboni Amakuriat secondary school – boarding.

  • Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Courses Offered At Nakuru College Of Health Sciences In Kenya.

Nakuru is one of the growing towns in Kenya and due to its big population, many people engage in businesses to earn a living. Where there is a group of people, there need to be an improved health status of such group and that is why Nakuru College of health sciences decided to specialize in health courses. Since Nakuru is and agricultural town in Kenya there was also needed for the same college to integrate business courses alongside the medical courses offered.

Higher diploma courses offered

8 years ago

Government Parastatals In Kenya

Parastatals are government owned companies, boards or organizations which help the government to run essentials functions of the government. And they provide very important services to the people of Kenya. The Parastatals are usually managed by board of directors who are appointed by the president of the republic of Kenya.

These Parastatals of the government of Kenya are usually managed and funded through the respective ministries of the government. Some of these governmental Parastatals also source of revenue to the government of Kenya such as Kenya meat commission, new Kenya co-op  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Mobile Phones Shops Found In Kisumu

Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya and it is growing at high rate due the investments from business men. The presence of institutions in the town, there are many students in the city and therefore they contribute a lot to the economy of Kisumu. This city is approximately 350 kilometers from Nairobi city and acts as the capital city of The Nyanza region part of Kenya.

Since Kisumu is a big city, there are many telecommunication companies who have invested there to ensure that there is availability of communication among people. For communication to exist there must be a means   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Accredited Institutions That Offer Bachelor Of Medicine And Surgery In Kenya

Medicine course is among the marketable courses in Kenya. It is the most expensive course to pursue in Kenya and the government of Kenya spends millions of money to train students in this field. Many students who finish their Kenya certificate of secondary education (KCSE) apply for the medicine course in Kenya put only few are usually considered because of the highly required cut points.

There are approximately eleven institutions (both public and private universities) that offer Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in Kenya and only few offer Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Th  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Banking Services Available In Kakamega Town.

Kakamega town is located in western region which has larger population of people. Apart from this, this town has various education institutions (colleges and universities) where students converge from all corners of Kenya. The students from the colleges and universities pay their fees and therefore there was need to have banks that will keep these fees save.

The students also need to be accommodated while school. Therefore the accommodation services to the students are provided by the people of Kakamega town hence they need to save the money they get from these students. All the inv  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Private Institutions That Offer Diploma In Nursing In Kenya

There are over thirty seven (37) private colleges that train nurses at diploma level in Kenya. They act to supplement the government colleges that also offer diploma in nursing. These private colleges offer courses which have been approved by Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK). Diploma in Nursing in most colleges is known as Kenya registered community health nursing (KRCHN).

The private colleges that offer nursing at diploma level usually have their own hospitals and their students practice from the same hospital. The students who are trained from the private institutions perform well b  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Kenya Government Institutions That Offer Diploma In Nursing

Nurses in Kenya constitute to approximately fifty (50%) percent of all health care workers in Kenya. This is because they are very essential in caring of patients and clients in all health care setup (both public and private). The government of Kenya spends a lot of money and resources to train nurses; both certificate and diploma in nursing.

Nursing is the only course in Kenya that takes a long duration of time in Kenya at certificate and diploma level. For instance, certificate in nursing takes approximately two and half years while the diploma in nursing takes three and half year  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Bus Companies Which Operate At Night In Kenya

It was last year when the ministry of transportation burned the idea of night travels. This was attributed by high number of accidents on roads claiming many lives of Kenyans. Therefore the ministry of transportation took an initiative of withdrawing the night travels as a way of reducing the number of accidents.

Although this was a nice idea, it affected the transport sector because people could not travel the same day due to availability of few public service vehicles which can travel to long distance towns such as Mombasa to Kakamega town. The ministry set the rules which need to  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Courses Offered At Intraglobal Training Institute.

Intraglobal training institute was formed in 1989 and grown in terms of academic and infrastructure since that time. This college (main branch) is located in Nairobi city along Moi Avenue in the third floor of Commonwealth House. This ensures that it is able to be accessed by many students because Moi Avenue is always busy.

This institution is accredited by ministry of education and commission of university education and therefore their courses are genuine and meet the demand of the job market. All courses offered by Intraglobal training institute are in artisan, certificate, diplom  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Branches,Location And Contacts Of Intraglobal Training College In Kenya

Intraglobal training institute is one of the approved institutions in Kenya that are allowed to train Kenyans on various artisan, certificate, diploma and higher diploma courses. This institution has been approved by the commission of university education n Kenya to offer its courses. It major in business, tourism, engineering and mass media courses which are accredited by various examination boards such as KNEC, KASNEB, ICM and C&G.

Since its establishment in 1989, Intraglobal training institute has produced best students and has been reflected in the board examination they do   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

How To Enroll For Private Sponsored Students Programme (PSSP) At Rongo University College.

Every year there is usually increase number of students who finish their form four education in Kenya after doing Kenya certificate of secondary education (KCSE) examination. Those who get B (plain) and above at KCSE are normally sponsored by the government of Kenya do pursue degree courses of their choice as a kind of appreciation for working hard while in secondary schools. There only pay small amount of school fees because their tution fees are paid by the government of Kenya.

The students who did not attain a mean grade of B (plain) but got C+ (plus) and above in KCSE are also e  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Postgraduate Programmes Offered At Rongo University College

Many Kenyans are now educated as compared to the time Kenya attain independence. There are also many institutions in place in Kenya that train people in various areas. Since there have been many people enrolled for undergraduate programmes in institutions across the country (Kenya), there is increase need for specialization because Kenya is now having many undergraduates who have general knowledge in their area of specialization.

Therefore there is need for people to specialize in various aspects of their undergraduate programmes so as to increase the production level in their work   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Undergraduate Courses Offered At Rongo University College

Rongo University College is one of the public institutions in the republic of Kenya. It was established in 2011 as the constituent college of Moi University in Kenya. The main campus of this institution (Rongo University College) is located in Rongo town on Kitere Hill.

Just like other universities and institutions, Rongo University College offers undergraduate programmes which have been approved by the commission of higher education in Kenya. The degree programmes offered here are covering various fields of specialization and are meant to train graduates who will be of beneficial t  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Contacts And Courses Offered At Bartek Institute In Kenya

Bartek institute is a public institution in Kenya that credited by the ministry of education to offer courses that are relevant to the Kenyan job market. It was formed in 2003 by the Baringo teachers SACCO so as to benefit the society in training those who finish schools in the surroundings. The name of this college ‘Bartek’ was derived from two former districts; Baringo and Koibatek.

The main branch of Bartek institute is located in Eldama Ravine while the other branches are found in Kabarnet town, Marigat town and Kabartonjo town. They offer courses from certificate, d  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Courses Offered By Wote Technical Training Institute In Kenya.

Wote technical training institute (Wote TTI) is one of the public technical colleges that known to train people from artisan level to higher diploma. Wote TTI began as a polytechnic in 1990 and has been supported by the government of Kenya in its development.

Wote TTI is located between Makueni Girls and the offices of ministry of roads, 3 kilometers from Wote town along the Wote Makindu road. This is one of the important institutions situated in Makueni County.

This institution helps those students who cannot be able to enroll for university education because they admit eve  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

African Institute Of Research And Development Studies (AIRADS) Campus In Kenya


AIRADS is a registered institute in Kenya that offers a variety of courses such as computer, medical, engineering education and business and accounting. The courses are offered at certificate, diploma and higher diploma levels.

The main campus of African institute of research and development studies is located in Uasin Gishu County, 13 kilometers from Eldoret town along Eldoret – Nakuru highway. Since its establishment, AIRADS has grown and has now main campuses distributed across the country (Kenya). They are therefore discussed below:

  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Location, Contacts And Courses Offered At Rift Valley Technical Training Institute (RVTTI)

RVTTI began as a technical and trade school in 1962 but was elevated to the level of high school in 1979 and began offering A- level courses (mathematics, chemistry and physics). It became a fully technical institute in 1986 and since that time it has grown and now offers a variety of courses.which includes;

This institute is located in Eldoret town, 3 kilometers from Eldoret central business district (Eldoret CBD) along the Eldoret – Kaptagat road. This institute can be contacted through the following contacts:

Rift Valley Technical Training Institute (RVTTI)

  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Kamadep Guest House In Kenya

Due to existence of many non governmental organizations (NGOs) in Kenya, there arises need for having conference halls because the NGOs like holding meetings and conferences every now and then and therefore they need large conference halls.

Kamadep guest house in Kakamega town is one of the favorable places for such services. It is located in Milimani area opposite Kakamega Nakumatt supermarket along Kakamega – Webuye road. It is situated adjacent to the Masinde Muliro University of science and technology – school of Nursing and Midwifery and behind Ambwere Complex.

  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

How To Activate DStv Channels Using Safaricom Line: DStv Channels You Can Watch From Phone.

With advancement of technology in the telecommunication and media sectors in kenya, people can now watch news and other programmes over the phone. This has reduced a lot of expenses in terms of buying things such as decoders, newspapers and screens at home. The modern smart phones have ensured that people access essential services from their phones.

All of these have been enabled by the largest telecommunication company in Kenya; Safaricom Company limited which has collaborated with DStv to enable its customers to watch some channels from their phones. This is done by subscribing fo  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

How To Apply For Scholarships In Kenyatta University (KU): KU scholarships For 2014/2015 Academic year.

Kenyatta University is a public university in Kenya that aims to enhance access to higher education for students from Kenya. For them to achieve this, they have announced scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate students for the coming academic year (2014/2015).

There are total of 120 scholarships chances; 100 for undergraduate while 20 are meant for postgraduate students (master’s programmes). The scholarship for undergraduate students is categorized into three parts; orphans and vulnerable students (OVS), sports scholarships and scholarships for performing arts.   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Location And Contacts Of The Branches Of Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) in Kenya: Where To Locate The Branches Of KIM In Kenya.

 Kenya institute of management is famously referred to as KIM by many educated Kenyans. It is one of the best institutions in Kenya and Africa due to their professional training in management. KIM is accredited institution in Kenya and offers certificate and diploma courses in management.

KIM has expanded so drastically in Kenya and now has many branches in many towns countrywide. These branches include;

KIM Narok branch. This college is located in the second floor of Enkara House in the place called Mid-rock area. It is placed along Narok – Bomet  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Location, Contacts and Services Offered at Kakamega Hospices.

Hospice is a special program designed to address the needs of terminally ill people. This is done by team health care providers who help the dying people manage pain until they die and also help the family through the process of bereavement once a patient dies.

The team of health care providers who work in hospice involves physicians, nurses, social workers, clergy, home health aids, volunteers, therapist sand family caregivers. The hospice services are available in a hospice facility, nursing homes and hospitals. In most cases the hospice care incorporates principles of palliative   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

The Best Place For Retreat In Kenya:Rondo Retreat Centre Kakamega


If you are living in Kakamega town, then, Rondo retreat centre is the best place for you to ensure your time because it is located near the Kakamega forest that provides a nice breeze and it is one of the famous forests that has a variety of species of butterflies and plants. This place is also a quiet place whenever you do not need noise.

Rondo retreat centre was build in 1948 by a European called Sawmiller and was later opened to the public in 1990s. It is currently manage by Trinity Fellowship who ensures that the place remains clean and well furni  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Short Courses Offered By African Institute Of Research And Development Studies In Kenya.

People who have gone to school in kenya knows that learning is a continues process that begins once you are born. Therefore after finishing you college and you are working it is always good to keeping increasing your knowledge and this can be done by pursuing short courses called professional courses. These professional courses adds value to already existing academic qualifications and some time can earns someone employment.

AIRADS is one of the accredited institutions that offer short professional courses. These courses are open to everyone; this means that there are no restriction  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Accredited Institutions in Kenya That Offer Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Nursing course in Kenya is becoming of the marketable courses because there is emergence of many health care facilities in the country and the nurses are the core health care providers who are required to manage patients and clients attending these health care institutions for various health services. Although Kenya medical training college (KMTC) have been training nurses at certificate, diploma and higher diploma levels, there has been a need for advancement in their education (to degree level) so as to improve the management of patients and assume managerial posts.

In Kenya, for   Continue reading ...

8 years ago

How To Apply for Scholarships (2014-2015Academic Year) in Mount Kenya University (MKU).


Mount Kenya University (MKU) is a private university in kenya and it is one of the universities that have been accredited to offer courses from certificate to doctor of philosophy level by commission of higher education. Its main campus (MKU) is located along Gen Kago road in Thika town.

This university (MKU) has grown so tremendously and now has established campuses in majority of towns in Kenya such as Eldoret, Nakuru, Kakamega, Kitale, Lodwar and many other towns. Mount Kenya university has commitment in promoting access of higher education to many  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Courses Offered at Moi University School of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management.

Tourism sector is of the sectors in Kenya that contributes a lot of revenues to the country as a result of large number of tourists who visit Kenya from various countries in the world such as United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Netherlands, Canada, Germany and many others. The recent advisory message of UK and USA embassies to their citizens who came to tour Kenya has affected the tourism sector of Kenya because many tourists have fled the country due to insecurity matters brought by frequent attacks of Al-shebab to Kenya.

Although the tourists from outside Kenya ha  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Courses Offered By Moi University School of Information Sciences.

One of the most interesting thing in the field of information sciences is when you publish an interesting article that attracts people who then read it and appreciate you work. We have read many books written by different authors and this is after it has been published by certain companies.

There is another category of information called information technology that deals with establishment of website which enables people to seek information from well established and maintained websites. When you want to pursue a career in information and publishing sector, then Moi University is a v  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

The Lowest Paying Jobs in Kenya.

Kenya remuneration system is one of the poorest in the world. This is because majority of public civil servants in Kenya are poorly paid and yet they are involved in a lot of risks while at work. Due to lack of jobs in Kenya, many Kenyans are just forced by situation to train those courses so that Kenyans can easily get employed. For instance the case of teachers in Kenya, they are not adequate in the country and therefore many people train in this course so that they can be easily employed once they finish college yet they are paid low amount of money.

Sometimes we do not know whom  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Courses Offered At Centre for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (CEBIB) in the University of Nairobi.

Biotechnology is a field that tries to produce useful products from living organism while bioinformatics is another field of knowledge that deals with development of software’s which is then used to generate important biological use. These two fields are making use of technology in manipulating living organisms in one way or another.

At undergraduate levels, learners are involved in many fields of biology and technology (practical). Once you study biotechnology at advance level (postgraduate level), it turns to specialty area where people major in a specific area of their inte  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

The Best Secondary Schools in Turkana County.

The Best Secondary Schools in Turkana County.

Turkana County is the largest county in Kenya and again ranked the poorest county in Kenya. It is bordered by countries such as Ethiopia, Uganda and the newly formed country; South Sudan. The majority of people who reside in this county are the Turkana people.

This county (Turkana County) is among the counties that have few schools and inadequate personnel (teachers). Inadequacy of teachers contributes to poor performance in many of secondary schools in Turkana County. The harshness of the environment also cont  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Programmes Offered at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication in the University if Nairobi.

Without the media, any given country will be in a total darkness. This is because people will not be informed of any news or events occurring in the country. If you look at the occurrences which are happening in Kenya at the moment such as Al-shabab attacks, you will appreciate the role of media sector because they keep Kenyans informed of all news required. Therefore, media has played a role informing and educating people. They are also involved in advertising jobs and products of various industries.

The people involved in the preparation of news, collection of reports and broadcas  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Services Provided by Kapedo Sub-county Hospital in Kenya.

Kapedo was initially known as Kapedo sub-district hospital Kenya adopted system of county devolution. This hospital is located in a trading centre called Kapedo in Turkana East (Turkana County) and serves a population of around three thousand people from Kapedo and the surrounding. Although majority of people who access the services are form Kapedo (turkana), neighbouring community (pokot) alsoattend the hospital for medical services.

Despite the fact that Kapedo hospital is at sub-county level, it is still headed by a clinical officer with assistance from nurses. The hospital has a  Continue reading ...

8 years ago

Minimum Admission Requirement for Courses Offered at the School of Economics in the University of Nairobi.

We have heard of economic growth every year. The economics experts usually say that Kenya has an economic growth of 5 % and sometimes 5.7 %. People wonder how they arrive to such calculation or how they do such calculations. This is done by experts who have specialised in economics. If you dream of becoming an economist, it is not late because you can still make it at the University of Nairobi.

University of Nairobi has the school of economics which has produced known economists in Kenya and the East Africa. The school offers specialised training of economics at all levels of learni  Continue reading ...

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Postgraduate Programmes Offered at Chuka University Main Campus.

With reduction of cut points required to join university and college, there is influx of students doing various courses. Since the minimum admission required for one to pursue diploma course in Kenya is now C- (minus) in Kenya certificate of secondary education (K.C.S.E), it is projected that there will be many students joining various institutions.

Therefore, it is high time for graduates to further their education in their field because Kenya as a country more people who have done a general course. There is need for specialization and this can only be done at postgraduate level. A  Continue reading ...

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How To Purchase Internet Bundles Using Safaricom Line.

Safaricom is the largest telecommunication company in Kenya. The Safaricom mobile network operator was formed in the year 1997 and has grown at faster rate since it was formed. The current chief executive officer (CEO) of Safaricom Company in Kenya is Robert Collymore and is the man who has been behind the success of the Safaricom Company in the telecommunication market. Due to investment in money transfer (m-pesa and m-shwari), Safaricom company has emerged as the most mobile network company that generates billions of money in Kenya.

Safaricom is a company that has enabled people t  Continue reading ...

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Top Most Well Paying Jobs in Kenya.

Every student who finish Kenya certificate of secondary education (KCSE) every year wishes to pursue a course or career in one of the colleges or universities in Kenya in a course that is marketable and well paying in terms of salary. Back at home, the parents also advise their children to pursue courses which are well paying and marketable at the same time.

If you are one of the students who are planning to join college or university in Kenya, you need to make a concrete decision on the career to pursue. Choosing a career to pursue in life is one of the challenging things you can d  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered at Moi University School of Education.

Courses Offered at Moi University School of Education.

Kenya has many teachers in civil servants sector more than any career. They are among the low paid civil servant and this lead to recent strikes witnessed in the country (Kenya) until some of their allowances were increased. The undergraduate teachers are trained in many institutions in Kenya and Moi University is one of them that do that. This is offered at the school of education that was formed in 1987 when there were offering only one course; bachelor of education (arts).

The school of education in  Continue reading ...

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Engineering Courses Offered at Moi University in Kenya.

Engineering is a course that involves application of science and practical knowledge in designing and maintaining structures and devices. It is one of well paying career in Kenya. Few students pursue this course in Kenya both at undergraduate and postgraduate level because of its toughness and tution fees paid.

Moi university is one of those institutions in Kenya that offer engineering courses at all levels, that is , from degree to doctor of philosophy. This is offered under the school of engineering which is equipped with ultra modern laboratories for practicals and workshops. The  Continue reading ...

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Programmes Offered at Moi University College of Health Sciences.

Programmes Offered at Moi University College of Health Sciences.

Moi University is among the best public university in Kenya that train health care providers (nurses, doctors, public health officers and dentists). All medial courses in Moi University are managed under the college of health sciences. This is the first college to be formed in Moi University in 2011 and has four schools; medicine, nursing, public health and dentistry). The current principal of the college is professor Fabian Esabai.

The medical courses offered range from undergraduate to doct  Continue reading ...

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Admission Criteria For Pursuing Diploma In Nursing (KRCHN) at Tenwek School of Nursing in Kenya.


Tenwek school of Nursing is among the approved institutions in Kenya that offer a diploma course in nursing. The nursing council of Kenya (NCK) is only board that approves nursing courses at any level in Kenya. This school was founded in 1987 and trained enrolled community nurses (ECN) which was a certificate course in nursing until 1999 when they began training nurses at diploma level nowadays known as Kenya Registered Community Health Nurses (KRCHN).

Those students admitted to this college are normally accommodated within college because the school   Continue reading ...

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Services Available at Golf Hotel in Kakamega Town.


Golf hotel is a classic hotel in western region is located in Kakamega town, 400 kilometers away from Nairobi city. It is approximately 58 kilometers from Kisumu city and can take a journey of one hour. Those who are in Nairobi city can take a minimum journey of six hours. This hotel is next to Golf club in Kakamega on Kakamega-Shinyalu way. It is a three minute walking distance from the Kakamega-Kisumu road (Kakamega round about).

The services which are available in Golf hotel in Kakamega town includes:

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Services Offered at Mukumu Mission Hospital.


Mukumu mission hospital is a private hospital that is owned by Catholic Church (diocese of Kakamega). It is a famous hospital in western region of Kenya because it admits patients and offers other services to clients that attend this mission hospital. It has a bed capacity of 240 beds and it is estimated to admit a total of six thousand patients on in patient basis and fourteen patients on out patient department annually.

This hospital is surrounded by Isukha and Idakho community and they are the majority of the people who attend the hospital for vari  Continue reading ...

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A New Chemotherapy Centre Opened in Kenya.


Cancer has being a killer disease in recent time because of the lives of people it has claimed. In Kenya, there are many people who are suffering from cancer and because they cannot afford treatment, majority die while others are managed with palliative care in the hospital setup while others are taken hospices for continue management of relieving pain.

The treatment of cancer has become a challenge to the government of Kenya because the government cannot be able to purchase the machines required for cancer treatment. The drugs used to treatment cance  Continue reading ...

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Programmes Offered at Moi University School of Human Resource Development.


Human resource is a career that deals with recruitment, staffing, motivation and promotion of workers in any given organisation in both public and private sector. It also involves management of resources in those sectors. Courses that are in close proximity with human resource are also offered in Moi University. These courses are offered in the school of human resource development.

The school of human resource development in Moi university is one of old schools in the university and was formed in 1989. It is currently headed by Professor Joshua Kwonyi  Continue reading ...

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Minimum Admission Requirement For Master of Science in Nursing (MScN) at the University of Nairobi.

Nursing is a career that deals with management of patient both at the hospital and community level. This is a profession that is trained at certificate, diploma, degree, masters and Ph.D level. University of Nairobi is one of the institutions that this course from degree to Ph.D level.

The programme of nursing in Kenya at undergraduate level is all about general nursing. This has led to recent need for specialisation to improve on the health needs of the patients hence improving quality of life. The University of Nairobi through the school of nursing has given degree graduates nurse  Continue reading ...

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Postgraduate Programmes Offered at Moi University School of Arts and Social Sciences.

School of arts and social sciences is one of the schools that have many students enrolled to do arts in various options at different levels. Those who have done bachelor degrees and wish to advance their studies, they have a chance at Moi university which is one of the public university and has more experienced staffs in the school.

The school of arts and social sciences is under the college of humanities and social studies. The school of arts and social sciences in Moi university was formed in 1987 and is currently headed by Dr. Mary Lonyangapuo as the dean. The postgraduate progra  Continue reading ...

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Undergraduate Programmes Offered at Kenyatta University School of Public Health.

Kenyatta University is a public chartered university in Kenya and was formed in the year 1985. It is the second public university in Kenya in terms of student’s population and programmes offered. The main campus of Kenyatta University is located in Kahawa (it is20 kilometers from Nairobi central business district).

School of public health is one of the established schools in Kenyatta University and acts to train personnel in the field of preventive medicine.This school was formed in 2011.There are only four degree courses offered at the school of public health and the mode of   Continue reading ...

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Undergraduate Programmes Offered at Moi University School of Arts and Social Sciences.

Have you ever thought of becoming an adjudicator sitting before congregation of people singing and you are the person to make decision on the best people out of many who make presentations in theatre. Have also though of learning languages of other countries such as France and Germany? School of arts and social sciences in Moi University trains graduate in this fields and others such as diplomats, media, and religion.

The admission criteria for students in this school fall into two categories; personal sponsored students and government sponsored students. For those who want to apply  Continue reading ...

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Undergraduate Programmes Offered at Kenyatta University School of Health Sciences.

School of health sciences is one of the famous schools that deal with training of health care providers. The courses offered at this school trains nurses, pharmacist, medical laboratory technologist, public health officers and medical officers. For instance a course like medicine began in 2008 and it will have the first students graduating at the end of this year (2014).

The medical courses offered at Kenyatta University have been approved by respective boards such as nursing council of Kenya, Kenya medical practitioners and dentist board and pharmacy and poisons board. These course  Continue reading ...

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How You Can Prevent Yourself From Hypertension: How Kenyans Can Live Hypertensive Life Free.

Hypertension is one of the common diseases in adults and it is mostly associated with people above 50 years of age. Most of the old people attending hospital in Kenya have high blood pressure yet they do not know. It is after taking the measurement that the disease is detected.

Hypertension can lead to rupture of small blood vessels, hence eye, renal and heart complications, ascitis, liver failure and so on. It can also lead to coronary heart disease, heart failure, kidney failure, and stroke.

The causes of hypertension are not very clear, but there are some predisposing fac  Continue reading ...

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Programmes (Courses) Offered by Chuka University In Embu Campus.

Programmes (Courses) Offered by Chuka University In Embu Campus.

Embu campus of the Chuka University is found in Embu town and is among the four campuses established by the Chuka University in their objective of increasing accessibility to education (higher education). Chuka university Embu campus was established in the year 2011 and is currently located at Njigoru building which is opposite the office of the governor of Embu County.

Majority of the courses offered by Chuka university Embu campus are humanities and social sciences and they are offered at a  Continue reading ...

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Undergraduate Programmes Offered at Chuka University Main Campus in Kenya.

Chuka University is a fully chartered public university in Kenya and is located in Chuka town along Nairobi Meru highway. This university (Chuka) is approximately 187 kilometers from Nairobi city. The university was a former constituent college of Egerton university in Kenya and it was called Chuka University College. Chuka University in Kenya became a fully chartered public university in Kenya on 8th January, 2013 and was awarded by the former president of the republic of Kenya His Excellence Hon. Mwai Kibaki.

The university of Chuka main campus has grown gradually in terms of acad  Continue reading ...

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New medical programmes offered at the University of Nairobi.

New medical programmes offered at the University of Nairobi.

Medical courses are among well-paying jobs in Kenya and many young people aspire to do these courses since their childhood but end up not doing it because of the tough requirement and tution fees that is involved. Government of Kenya in fact spends millions of money training medical students in many universities and colleges. The University of Nairobi is the best medical university in Kenya and trains the students at all levels of education.

The medical courses offered by the university of Nairob  Continue reading ...

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How to register with Zakenya website in Kenya: benefits of Zakenya website.

Are you interested in writing articles? Do you have passion for writing articles? Or are you unemployed in Kenya and wants some money for upkeep? Then, if you are the person who has interest or passion for writing articles and you are not employed, you can earn through writing articles to a website in Kenya hence you will be able to share your educative articles to other Kenyans through a website called Zakenya.

Zakenya is a freelance website in Kenya where people share, learn and earn money by submitting articles to the site. These articles will be viewed once they have been approv  Continue reading ...

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Undergraduate Programmes Offered at the Faculty of Arts in the University of Nairobi.

Faculty of arts in the University of Nairobi (UoN) is the largest faculty in the entire university because it has many students. It is placed under the large college of humanities and social sciences. The undergraduate programmes offered here range from certificate to degree courses.

The certificate programmes offered at the faculty of arts in the University of Nairobi includes Certificate in:

  • French.
  • Chinese.
  • Philosophy.
  • Natural Resource Management.
  • Environmental Assessment and Adult.

There is also bridging cour  Continue reading ...

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Featured Projects of Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA) in Kenya: What IPA does in Kenya.

Innovation for poverty action (IPA) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Kenya which opened its branch here in Kenya in 2006. This non-governmental organisation has branches over 40 countries worldwide. Its main aim in Kenya is addressing developmental needs. They have a branch in Nairobi and Kisumu.

The areas of operation for IPA (innovation for poverty action) in Kenya are;

  • Western region of Kenya (the former western province).
  • Nyanza region of Kenya (the former Nyanza province).
  • Central region of Kenya (the former Central province).
  •   Continue reading ...

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Programmes Offered by the University of Nairobi In the School of Mathematics.

Mathematics is a subject that majority of people do not like it especially those in primary and secondary school in Kenya. This is the perception they hold right from childhood and they end up performing poorly in it. Those who create interest in mathematics end up enjoying it more and some of them advance in it until doctor of philosophy level.

Statistics is another course which is feared by majority of college and university students and in most cases majority of students fail it. Therefore, the school of mathematics in the university of Nairobi offers undergraduate (degree) and p  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered at the School of Continuing and Distance Education at the University of Nairobi (UoN) in Kenya.

Due to advancement of education systems in Kenya, majority of people can know learn while working. Those who cannot afford to travel to main campus of the university an also learn through distance learning. The University of Nairobi (UoN) introduce is one of the universities in Kenya that introduced the programme (continuing and distance education) to cater for those who want to study while working and also those who can afford to travel to main campus for studies.

The programmes offered at the school of continuing and distance education are on the basis of part time, full time and   Continue reading ...

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Courses (programmes) Offered at Igembe Campus of Chuka University , Kenya.

Chuka University located in Meru County (Igembe central constituency) specifically in Njoune market, which is three kilometers from Maua town. Igembe campus of Chuka University is currently headed by director, Dr. John M. Kobia.

Chuka University was established on 30th September in year 2011 and has grown sporadically and has over 400 students enrolled at different levels of education (from certificate to doctor of philosophy). The courses that are offered at this campus are based in humanities and social sciences.

The certificate courses which are offered by the Chuka unive  Continue reading ...

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Extra Mural Centres (study centres) of University of Nairobi in Kenya.

Are you working and want to study educational courses while working in kenya? Or are you living far away from Nairobi city and wish to pursue an educational career in one of the Kenyan university? Then, you are in the right place because the University of Nairobi has a well established extra mural centres across the country (Kenya) so that Kenyans can gain educational access wherever they are. The University of Nairobi has decided to open extra mural centres in some towns where there were no colleges in the first place such as Lokichogio and Garissa town.

The programmes which are be  Continue reading ...

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Postgraduate Programmes Offered at The Faculty of Arts in The University of Nairobi in Kenya.

Faculty of arts is the largest faculty in the University of Nairobi because the total number of students admitted to this faculty constitutes almost 50 percent of total university admission through privately sponsored and government sponsored students. The faculty of arts is under the college of humanities and social sciences. It trains people in many fields of arts at postgraduate programmes. Several courses are also offered at postgraduate diploma level.

For those who wish to pursue any postgraduate programme in the faculty of arts in the University of Nairobi, they should have at  Continue reading ...

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Programmes Offered at the School of Business in the University of Nairobi.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming s manager? Or are you working and have a business course at undergraduate degree level and wish to further your career at an advance level? Then, the University of Nairobi is the place where you will never miss to achieve your ambition. The unique aspects of doing a business course you will at times behave as a manager.

The courses in the school of business are offered in the university of Nairobi main campus, Mombasa and Kisumu campuses. In the main campus, it is offered at both full time and part time basis while in Kisumu and Mombasa, these cours  Continue reading ...

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Programmes Offered at the School of Education in the University of Nairobi.

Education is a core career for the development of any given country since the teachers are the people who are involved in the development of a child mentally since childhood. Education therefore acts as a tool of removing illiteracy from a given community and without it, a country will be considered a failure state at all cost.

University of Nairobi is one of the public universities in Kenya that have strived to offer educational courses and it is a university that has trained majority of teachers at undergraduate level to postgraduate level (master and doctor of philosophy).the sch  Continue reading ...

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University of Nairobi School of Medicine Undergraduate Admission Criteria.

The school of medicine in the University of Nairobi has been the top most medical school in the republic of Kenya since its establishment in the year 1967. The school (medicine) has been excellent in Kenya in both teaching and research and it has trained many undergraduate since it was formed. The school of medicine is under the college of health sciences in the University of Nairobi alongside other medical courses such as nursing, medical laboratory, pharmacy, public health and dental sciences. This school is located in Chiromo campus of the university of nairobi.

Since university   Continue reading ...

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How to do Online purchasing of men’s fashion brand in Kenya from suitsupply.

It is like a routine in Kenya that once a new fashion of cloth enters the market, many Kenyans rush to buy it. Many people buy best clothes during the eve of Christmas and in large quantities. For such matters, there is a new website that was launched in Kenya and suits men who want to be on fashion market. Suitsupply is an online company from European countries that specializes in selling all sort of men’s clothes through online. This company was formed by a person called Fokke de Jong who is the current chief executive officer of the company in the year 2000.Suitsupply opened its on  Continue reading ...

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How to start profitable Bee farming in Kenya.

Bee farming is the keeping of bees for productive purposes. It is one of the cheapest types of farming that a person can engage in especially here in Kenya. Since Kenya is a country that is approximately 80 percent arid and semi-arid, it is a favorable place for bee farming because bee farming is a type of enterprise that does not require fertile land.

The arid and semi-arid areas in Kenya such as Baringo and Kitui County have proved to be the best counties in bee production because most of the honey that is being sold in Kenyan market is coming from those two counties.

The   Continue reading ...

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Postgraduate programmes offered at university of Nairobi Faculty of Agriculture.

Are you an undergraduate in any agriculture course and wish to further your studies? Then, university of Nairobi is the right place for you to specialize in any agriculture course of your choice. You only need to have attained a minimum of bachelor degree honors upper division or bachelor degree honors lower division with two years experience.

The faculty of agriculture at the University of Nairobi is among the old faculties and it is placed under the college of agriculture and veterinary sciences which is located at Kabete campus of Nairobi University. The faculty is only 14 kilome  Continue reading ...

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Programmes offered by the University Of Nairobi School Of Physical Sciences.

Physical sciences entail the study of chemistry and physics and that is exactly what the University of Nairobi offers at the school of physical sciences. They are majorly offering physics and chemistry from the undergraduate level to the Ph.D level although some geographical courses have also been incorporated in this school.The undergraduate programmes are offered at full time basis while the postgraduate programmes are offered on both full time basis and distance learning.

The undergraduate programmes offered by the University Of Nairobi School of physical sciences include;

  Continue reading ...

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Undergraduate and Postgraduate Biological Programmes offered by the University of Nairobi.

Some people wonder where the birds get their food, how they reproduce themselves and where they live. The same questions are raise towards animals especially the wild animals because majority of people are familiar with domestic animal due to their close relationship with human being. If you are interested in animal at large you can decide to study any biological science course or biology so that you can fulfil your curiosity.

The Universityof Nairobi is then the best university in Kenya where you can study the biological courses all the way from undergraduate to doctor of philosoph  Continue reading ...

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Location and contacts of Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA) in Kenya.

Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA) is a non governmental organization that operates in Kenya on a non profit basis. The Innovation for poverty action (IPA) created its branch office in Kenya in 2006 at the Nairobi city before creating another one in Kisumu city. IPA has their branches in other African counties such as Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Liberia and Mali and other countries outside Africa such as Brazil, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, China and Indonesia.

The main mission of IPA in Kenya is to apply their research findings in developing, testing and   Continue reading ...

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Where to buy shoes in Kakamega town in Kenya: Bata shops outlet in Kakamega town.

Bata shoe company is one of the oldest companies in Kenya that has gain fame in many towns in Kenya. The Bata company also has many shops outlets almost in every town in Kenya. This has been due to production of quality shoes which has been accepted by many Kenyans. They began with production of sandal shoes which were commonly branded the name “pata pata” by majority of Kenyans. They later produced leather shoes which are nowadays used by school children, office workers and other civilians in Kenya. Many parents flock to bata shops to get shoes for their children who go to scho  Continue reading ...

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The Admission Criteria for Undergraduate Programmes Offered at the Faculty of Veterinary Science in the University of Nairobi in Kenya.

The faculty of veterinary sciences in the university is an old faculty that was formed 1940s when university of Nairobi was still a college and by that time, a diploma course in Animal disease was the only course offered. The faculty of veterinary sciences has grown drastically over years and now they have five departments which include:

  • Department of Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Department of Animal Production.
  • Department Veterinary Pathology.
  • Department of Microbiology and Parasitology.
  • Department of Clinical Studies.
  •   Continue reading ...

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Postgraduate programmes offered at University of Nairobi Faculty of Veterinary Sciences.

Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya and contributes to about 80 percent of the country’s economy and without much investment in this field, it will lead to hunger and other implications associated with it. Agriculture involves both the rearing of animals and plants. Majority of Kenyans are practicing plant and animal production and hence there is need to train them in courses pertaining animals and plants.

The University of Nairobi through the faculty of veterinary sciences has establish courses which specializes in animal field at masters and doctor of philosophy (Ph.D) leve  Continue reading ...

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Postgraduate Engineering programmes offered at the university of Nairobi Kenya.

Engineering is one of the careers that pay well in terms of salary in Kenya hence many students who finish their Kenya Certificate of Secondary of Education (KCSE) every year wish to pursue this course of engineering. University of Nairobi is one of the public universities in Kenya that offer engineering programmes right form undergraduate to postgraduate level (postgraduate diploma, masters and doctor of philosophy). The engineering programmes offered by the University of Nairobi are approved by certain recognized boards and institutions in Kenya to ensure standardization purposes. The ins  Continue reading ...

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Courses offered at Thika Institute of Business Studies in Kenya.

 With increase of investors in Thika town in Kenya due to better road networking, there is also increase of people rushing to Thika town for jobs and therefore, there need for colleges to offer management courses to ensure that people are equipped with knowledge and skills to handle businesses. Thika institute is among the various institutions situated at Thika town in Kenya that offer business courses. This institution is registered by Ministry of Education and also offers other courses such as computer engineering. The examinations of various courses offered at Thika  Continue reading ...

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Courses offered at the Kenya school of medical science and technology in Thika, Kenya.

Medical courses are among the courses children dream to pursue when they are in their early childhood education. Due to tough requirement of medical courses, many students in Kenya do not pursue it after completing their Kenya certificate of secondary education (KCSE). Medical courses in Kenya are the most expensive courses offered by the institutions(colleges and universities) across the country and for this reason, only the rich Kenyans take their children for the medical courses and this leaves the other children to seek cheaper courses such as Arts.

If one does not attain the mi  Continue reading ...

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How to enroll for certificate, diploma, degree and postgraduate programmes In Masinde Muliro University of science and technology in Kenya.

Masinde Muliro University of science and technology (MMUST) is among the public universities in Kenya and is located in western Kenya, Kakamega town which is a town that is located 57 km from Kisumu town and 42 km from Webuye town. Since Masinde Muliro University is a chartered university in Kenya and also ISO certified, it offers courses in various fields from certificate to doctor of philosophies programmes. Such courses include disaster, education, science, information technology and engineering.

The minimum requirement for one to apply for any programme in Masinde Muliro Univers  Continue reading ...

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Services Available At West Kenya Diagnostic And Imaging Centre Limited (WKDICL) In Kisumu, Kenya

West Kenya Diagnostic and Imaging Centre Limited (WKDICL) in Kenya is a state of the art facility that provides personalized diagnostic care in Kenya using the latest technology. With advancement of technology in Kenya, the use of technological diagnosis has made the diagnosis of various diseases in Kenya very easy as the medical practitioner in Kenya can visualize the body parts infected and affected by the pathogens (which can be viruses, bacteria and fungi) and injuries.

In WKDICL in Kenya, the diagnosis has even been made mo  Continue reading ...

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Courses Offered At Mount Kenya University Kabarnet Campus In Kenya

Mount Kenya University in Kenya is one of the fully chartered private universities in Kenya. Mount Kenya University is among the universities in Kenya that has established campuses across Kenya in many major towns. Mount Kenya University Kabarnet campus in Kenya is one of the campuses that Mount Kenya University has in various towns in Kenya. The Mount Kenya University Kabarnet campus in Kenya was established only two years ago and has grown in terms of the courses in Kenya offered and the number of students.

The programmes offered by the  Continue reading ...

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Services Offered By The Bontana Hotel In Nakuru Town, Kenya

Bontana Hotel in Kenya is one of the classic hotels in Nakuru town in Kenya. Bontana Hotel in Kenya provides the best accommodation services in Nakuru town. Since Nakuru town in Rift Valley of Kenya and is growing at a faster rate, many people flow to Nakuru in need of various services. Nakuru town in Kenya is also a town that is surrounded by several scenic tourist attractions in Kenya because of its location within the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. This has ensured that the Bontana Hotel provides accommodation in Nakuru to the many tourists visiting Nakuru to site see. The many tourist attr  Continue reading ...

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Services Provided In Jumuia Guest House In Nakuru Town, Kenya

Jumuia Guest House in Kenya is one of the modern hotels in Nakuru town. Jumuia Guest House in Nakuru a two star hotel model in Kenya. Jumuia Guest House in Kenya was founded in 1972 and it is operated and managed by the council of churches in Kenya. Among other high class hotels found in Nakuru town, there is Merica Hotel in Nakuru CBD, Bontana hotel in Nakuru, Hotel Cathy in Nakuru, Mid Lands Hotel along Nakuru Eldoret Highway in Nakuru and of course Jumuia Guest House. 

Location of Jumuia Guest House in Na  Continue reading ...

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Servces Offered At Nomad Palace Hotel In Nairobi City, Kenya

Many people like visiting Nairobi city in Kenya because it is the capital city of Kenya and all major Kenyan governmental offices are located in Nairobi. Nairobi city is the most populated city in Kenya due to the many industries located in Nairobi Industrial area. People migrate in large numbers from rural areas in Kenya to Nairobi in search of job opportunities in Kenya. There is a large number of people who travel to Nairobi for business purposes or tourism purposes in Kenya. The people traveling to Nairobi need accomm  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Kabarak University Main Campus In Kenya

Kabarak University in Kenya is one of the known private universities in Kenya that offer credible programmes from certificate programmes in Kenya, degree programmes in Kenya, diploma programmes in Kenya to master’s programmes in Kenya. The Kabarak University in Kenya was established in 2001 where it operates under the letter of interim authority which was granted by the former commission for high education in Kenya (the present commission of university education in Kenya). The Kabarak University main campus in Kenya was officially  Continue reading ...

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Programmes Offered At Kabarak University Main Campus In Kenya

Kabarak University main campus in Kenya located in Kabarak in Kenya is a fully chartered private university in Kenya which enables it to offer certificate courses in Kenya, diploma courses in Kenya, degree courses in Kenya and master programmes in Kenya. Kabarak University in Kenya joined the other chartered universities in Kenya in 2008, when it was chartered by Hon. Mwai Kibaki who was the former president of Kenya. Since Kabarak University in Kenya is an accredited institution in Kenya, it offers various courses at the Kabarak&n  Continue reading ...

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Diploma Programmes Offered At The Rongo University College In Kenya

Every year, form fours who do Kenya certificate of secondary education (KCSE) in Kenya get their results. Those studentsContinue reading ...

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Services Available At Kakamega Provincial General Hospital In Kakamega Town, Kenya

Kakamega Provincial General Hospital is situated in Kakamega town. Kakamega town in Kenya is in Kakamega County  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Kakamega Provincial General Hospital (PGH) In Kakamega Town In Kenya

Kakamega Provincial General Hospital is a provincial hospital for the former Western provinceContinue reading ...

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Hotels Offering Conferencing Services And Accommodation In Kisumu Town, Kenya

Kisumu city is the third largest city in the republic of Kenya. Kisumu Town in Kenya was the former headquarters of the Nyanza province in Kenya and is now the capital of Kisumu County in Kenya. The rapid growth of the Kisumu city in Kenya has led to increase of people and development of many hotels within Kisumu. These hotels provide accommodation in Kisumu town to both the Kisumu city dwellers and tourists in Kenya. The best hotels in Kisumu town in Kenya include;

Imperial Hotel in Kisumu town in Keny  Continue reading ...

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The Medical Courses Offered At The University Of Nairobi In Kenya

The University of Nairobi is the oldest university in the Republic of Kenya. University of Nairobi in Kenya was formed in 1956 as a college and become an independent institution as the University of Nairobi in 1970. The institution of University of Nairobi in Kenya is one of the approved training institutions in Kenya that offer medical courses in Kenya, and it has contributed many health professionals in Kenya to many hospitals here in Kenya such as Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi.

There are many medical courses offe  Continue reading ...

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Location Of The University Of Eastern Africa, Baraton Main Campus In Kenya

The University of Eastern Africa, Baraton main campus is a fully chartered private university in Kenya. University of Eastern Africa, Baraton main campus in Kenya received fully accredition from the former commission for higher education (the current commission for university education in Kenya) 1991 as the first private university in the republic of Kenya. The University of Eastern Africa, Baraton (UEAB) main campus institution in Kenya is managed by a church known as seventh day Adventist church (SDA) which also forms part of its education system.

The Univ  Continue reading ...

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The Best And Famous Hotels For Accommodation And Conference Meetings In Embu Town In Kenya

Embu town in Kenya is placed towards northeast of Nairobi city. Embu town was the headquarters of the former eastern province in Kenya and is now the headquarters of Embu County in Kenya. Embu town is about 122 km from the Nairobi city in Kenya. For those who are travelling through the Embu town or want a conference hall for meetings in Embu town, there are a variety of hotels in Embu town in Kenya that offer these services. The hotels in Embu Town in Kenya include;

Maina Highway Hotel in Embu town  Continue reading ...

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National Parks And Major Lakes In Kenya Where Tourists Can Visit

Adventure in Kenya is what many people aspire to have when they are capable in terms of finances needed in travelling. There are many beautiful sceneries and places in Kenya that people who seek adventure can access and see many wonderful things. There are various places tourists in Kenya can visit and enjoy themselves. The places in Kenya which people from all over the world converge during tours to Kenya include;

Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya

The Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya is famous for its wild beast migration from Kenya towards Tanzania which occurs   Continue reading ...

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Location Of Kibabii University College In Kenya

Kibabii university college (KIBUCO) is a public constituent college of Masinde Muliro university of science and technology (MMUST) in Kenya. Kibabii university college (KIBUCO) in Kenya is an institution located in Western Kenya, specifically in Bungoma town.

Kibabii University College in Kenya became officially the constituent college of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology in Kenya through a legal notice (act of parliament) in August 2011. Kibabii university college (KIBUCO) originated from a teaching college called Kibabii Diploma Teachers College in Kenya which wa  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology Main Campus In Kenya

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology in Kenya is a  public university in Kenya, and is located in Kakamega town in Western Kenya. Masinde Muliro University in Kenya originated from a college that was formed in 1972 as Western College of Arts and Applied Sciences and was named after the famous politician; Masinde Muliro. The Masinde Muliro college in Kenya began taking students for various courses such as engineering, agriculture and accounting in the year 1977. The Masinde Muliro college in Kenya, now known as Masinde Muliro University in Kenya, becom  Continue reading ...

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Kenya Premier League: How Gor Mahia And AFC Leopards Football Clubs Pay Football Players In Kenya

Majority of Kenyans have been supporting clubs from English Premier League (EPL) such as Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea in the past, but this has changed in recent times since Kenyans are now big fans of clubs in Kenya Premier League (KPL). Kenyans have been attending football matches played in stadiums of Kenya such as Nyayo stadium and Kasarani international stadium in Nairobi.

The AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia are the two football clubs in Kenya which have many Kenyan fans. The support of Kenyans towards the football games held in Kenya is evident by the many numbers of peop  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Bukhungu Stadium In Kakamega Town, Kenya

Bukhungu Stadium is one of the oldest stadiums in Kenya build in Kakamega Town. This Bukhungu Stadium in Kakamega Town is one of those that have been verified by the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) to host Kenya Premier League matches. Bukhungu stadium in Kenya is a multi-purpose stadium in Kakamega that is a home ground for two premier league clubs; western stima football club and Kakamega homeboys football club in Kenya. The football fans in Kenya of these two footbal clubs attend the home matches of these clubs in Bukhungu Stadium.

Initially, the Bukhungu Stadium was losing reven  Continue reading ...

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The Best And Famous Hotels In Nyeri Town, Kenya

Nyeri Town is one the famous towns in Kenya that is situated in the central part of Kenya, and it was the former provincial headquarters of the Central Province in Kenya. Nyeri Town in Kenya is about 150 kilometers from Nairobi city and is surrounded by both Aberdare ranges and Mount Kenya. To get to Nyeri town in Kenya from Nairobi, you pick a matatu at Tea Room stage in Nairobi town and use the Thika Superhighway. People who are living in Nyeri town and wish to enjoy themselves with nice dishes during the weekends or weekdays, there are various good hotels in Nyeri town. People travelling  Continue reading ...

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Location Of Afraha Stadium In Nakuru Town In Kenya

Afraha Stadium is one of the stadiums in Kenya and is found in Nakuru town. Afraha Stadium in Nakuru is a recognized stadium by the football Kenya federation (FKF) since it has been authorized to hold Kenya premier league matches (football). Afraha Stadium in Kenya was officially opened before the independence in Kenya in the year 1948.

This Afraha Stadium is a famous one in Kenya. Afraha Stadium in Kenya became famous in Kenya because of political meetings that were held in the stadium in Nakuru during the post-colonial period. Afraha Stadium in Rift Valley was majorly used for pol  Continue reading ...

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Bullfighting Event In Malinya Stadium Is A Tourist Attraction In Western Kenya

Bullfighting is a cultural practice that has become famous in western Kenya. Bullfighting in Kenya is majorly practiced by the residents of Kakamega County specifically in Shinyalu and Ikolomani constituencies. Bullfighting events in Kenya led to the establishment of a stadium in Ikolomani constituency for bullfighting known as Malinya Stadium in Kenya. Bullfighting event is usually a type of sport that the people in Western Kenya always conduct on some Saturdays and public holidays in Kenya. Bullfighting in Kenya has thousands of fans from Isukha, Idakho and Batsotso who are sub-tribes of   Continue reading ...

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Kakamega Forest As A Tourist Attraction Site In Kakamega Town, Kenya

Kakamega Forest is one of the famous forests not only in the western region but also in Kenya. Kakamega Forest was gazetted as one of the important forests in Kenya in 1933 so as to protect the forest that acted as a source of rainfall attraction and an important water catchment area in Kenya.

The Kakamega forest in Western Kenya is surrounded by Nandi escarpment to the west. The Kakamega Forest makes Kakamega an evergreen town because of its rainfall that is distributed throughout the year. The forest in Kakamega covers an approximately 4,000 hectares of land. Kakamega Forest in Ke  Continue reading ...

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The Best Hotels As Wedding Venues In Nairobi, Kenya

A wedding in Kenya is a celebration where couples are uniting in a marriage. The modern wedding in Kenya involves exchange of the ring by couples in public, under an authority of a pastor or a leader in Kenya. It is the wish of every Kenyan to have a better and successful wedding events in Kenya. This means that a wedding needs planning and ideas especially when dealing with purchasing of wedding dresses, designing invitation cards, identifying a better venue and the entire budget of the wedding in Kenya. Nairobi city is the best place you can conduct your wedding since it has the best hote  Continue reading ...

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Internet Websites With Highest Traffic In Kenya

Websites in Kenya are becoming an important part of the learned people because they access a variety of resources from browsing. In essence, things such as news from Kenya are accessed nowadays through websites rather than daily newspapers. Even job advertisements in Kenya are done through the internet on various websites. Songs of artistes from all corners of the world are downloaded from websites in Kenya, such as YouTube. Kenya has several websites that are on the forefront in delivery of services and resources to the internet clients. The best websites from Kenya include;

Safar  Continue reading ...

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Services Available on Orange Mobile Network In Kenya: Benefits of Using An Orange Line

As Kenya is migrating to the digital world, the communication provider companies in Kenya such as Orange Kenya are also trying their best in the world of connectivity in ensuring that people within Kenya are connected and are communicating to each other. Orange Network Company in Kenya has followed the same protocol in terms of diversity, because you can now find orange services in Kenya in far places such as Lodwar Town in Turkana County.

Since the launching of 3 G network connectivity on Orange in Kenya, Orange Kenya has grown alongside other network providers in Kenya such as Saf  Continue reading ...

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How To Activate A Dormant Bank Account With Equity Bank In Kenya

Equity bank is one of the banks in Kenya that are growing at a high rate to the extent of opening other branches outside Kenya (in East Africa). Equity bank in Kenya has almost opened branches in every corner of Kenya because I was surprised to see Equity bank at Lodwar town in Turkana County in Kenya which is far and located at the Northern part of Kenya. Equity Bank in Kenya is also a good bank in terms of savings. In essence, if you are a student in Kenya and you open a bank account with Equity, Equity Bank will not charge you monthly rate unless at the time of withdrawing money fro  Continue reading ...

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How To Set Up Safaricom Internet Settings On Your Nokia Phone In Kenya

Internet in Kenya is almost becoming a necessity to many learned Kenyans as the country is moving to the world of digital. Nowadays in Kenya, mobile phones are the mostly used media to access internet services. Several students and learned people are even becoming addicted to the act of browsing in Kenya, and cannot stay without internet access for long. I am one of the victims of the internet use in Kenya because I cannot stay the whole day without accessing internet services from my Safaricom line. Safaricom internet access in Kenya enables me to read daily news from Kenya through the dai  Continue reading ...

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The Top Professional Examinations In Kenya

There are various professional examinations in Kenya which are administered by different exam bodies within Kenya. The courses offered by these examination bodies in Kenya transforms one to the ladder of being a profession and  qualified persons in Kenya who can acquire jobs within Kenya and the outside world. The courses in Kenya are in high demand because of their international recognition. The top most professional courses in Kenya include;

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Kenya

Certified Public Accountant is a board in Kenya that regulates professionals in the  Continue reading ...

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Various Income Generating Sites In Kenya

There are a lot of Kenyans who are unemployed and are yearning for a chance to earn. If you have access to the internet in Kenya, you will not miss the websites in Kenya from which you can earn money through online participation such as betting, writing reviews for products and essay writing. These Kenya sites require commitment in terms of time. Although there are some of the sites in Kenya which are scam, there exist ones which can earn you some money here in Kenya. Some of the sites in Kenya where people can register to get freelancing jobs in Kenya include;

Zakenya website in K  Continue reading ...

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Diploma, Certificate And Short Courses Offered By Masinde Muliro University In Kenya

Masinde Muliro University of science and technology in Kenya is one of the established public universities in Kenya that as strived to help the community by offering diploma, certificate, and short courses in various fields. These courses in Kenya are offered by the Masinde Muliro University institution under the School of Open Learning And Continuing education (SOLACE).

Diploma courses offered by Masinde Muliro University

The diploma courses offered by MMUST institution in Kenya are diploma in Disaster management, diploma in Ethics and corruption studies, diploma in Publi  Continue reading ...

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Postgraduate Programs Offered By Masinde Muliro University In Kenya

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology in Kenya is located in Kakamega region in Kenya. The university in Kenya is off Kisumu-Kakamega Road next to Co-op Kwa Jirani Mukoya Qassim. Courses in Kenya that are offered in Masinde Muliro University can be found from their website

Masinde Muliro University offers various postgraduate programs in Kenya which include masters, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and graduate diplomas.

Masters programs offered by Masinde Muliro University

The  Continue reading ...

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Hotels To Go Swimming In Kakamega Town In Kenya

Swimming in Kenya is a hobby to some people and a sport to others. People in Kenya who are born near rivers are likely to know how to swim because they begin to learn it from their childhood, especially if the river in Kenya has shallow edges or sides. For instance, I learnt how to swim on my own from the River Thiba in Kenya that was near our village when I was young and since we used to go for swimming in a shallow place until I was even able to swim in the deep side.

The activity of swimming in Kenya is something you cannot forget once you have learnt, and at times you can be tau  Continue reading ...

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Programs Offered By JKUAT Kakamega CBD Campus

Jomo Kenyatta University in Kenya opened its campus at Kakamega town in 2011 and has grown sporadically since. The courses in Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) campus in Kakamega in Kenya used to be taught in Ambwere Towers in Kakamega Town, but the campus has expanded and other classes have been moved to a new building in Kakamega Town called Ambwere Afraha Centre. Ambwere Towers in Kakamega Town in Kenya is located off Kisumu-Kakamega Road opposite Coast Bus Booking Office and near KCB building. JKUAT Kakamega campus has classes which students i  Continue reading ...

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Undergraduate Programs Offered At Masinde Muliro University In Kenya

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology offers a wide range of undergraduate courses ranging from sciences, medical, engineering, arts and disaster. Masinde Muliro University of science and technology is a university in Kenya that is located in Kakamega. Masinde Muliro in Kenya is off Kisumu-Kakamega road and near Co-op Kwa Jirani Mukoya Qassim in Kakamega. Masinde Muliro offer courses in Kenya which have been placed at their respective schools and faculties that include;

School of Business Studies in Masinde Muliro University

School of business in Masinde Muli  Continue reading ...

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How Discovery Of Oil In Turkana County Has Affected Kenyans

The news on the discovery of oil in Turkana County in Kenya was received with joy by the residents of this county after the former president of Kenya; Mr. Mwai Kibaki announced it officially to Kenyans. The discovery of oil in Kenya was made by a British company called Tullow Oil, which also discovered oil in Uganda. The discovery of oil in Turkana was to relief suffering from the community in Kenya, but it has now turned to be a point of conflict between the residents and the Tullow oil company.

Several meetings have been held between the community in Kenya and the Tullow oil compa  Continue reading ...

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Kenyans To Enrol For Gas And Oil Production Courses In Kenya: Kenya Lacks Experts In Gas And Oil sector

The latest discovery of oil and gas explorations in Kenya has caught our country off guard. The lack of experts in the field of oil and gas exploration in Kenya has greatly been felt by the Kenyan economy. Kenya has resulted to hiring human resource from outside Kenya which constitutes a higher percentage of foreign staffs working in the gas and oil exploration companies in Kenya. Currently the Ghanaians (people from Ghana) and Nigerians are the ones that account for a high percentage of workers in the oil and gas sector in Kenya, because they have a lot of experience in thes  Continue reading ...

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Maasai Mara National Reserve Is A Place To Visit In Kenya

Kenya is an attraction to many outside countries and to Kenyans themselves. Kenya has many breath taking sites, naming one of them, Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Majority of people in Kenya like adventures but the problem is that not all people are well off in terms of finances. Some other Kenyans are born in places where the only animals they can see are cats, dogs, cattle, goats or sheep! For those Kenyans who are financially stable and would like to spend there one or two days in exploring Kenya, Maasai Mara is a place to visit.

Maasai Mara is the best national reserve i  Continue reading ...

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How Female Genital Mutilation(FGM) Posses A Health Risk To Women In Kenya

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Kenya is also known as female circumcision. Female Circumcision is a rare practice in Kenya, though in cases like Kisii in Kenya, it is still practiced. It is estimated that about 130 million girls are currently living with the effects of FGM. A further two million girls are at a risk of the practice. Societies that practice FGM in Kenya believe that it is an initiation into adulthood and prevents the woman from becoming promiscuous.

There are four types of operations involved in FGM in Kenya; Circumcision, which involves cutting of the prepuces or  Continue reading ...

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New Courses Offered In Masinde Muliro University In Kenya

Emergence of new job markets have also led to rise of new courses in the institutions of high learning in Kenya to cater for  the upcoming jobs that require the workforce. Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology is one of the public universities in Kenya that have introduced news courses. These courses includes; Bachelor of Science in Optometry and Vision sciences and Bachelor of Science in midwifery (upgrading).

1. Bachelor of Science in Optometry and Vision science

Kenya is the fifth country in Africa to introduce this course after South Africa, Nigeria,  Continue reading ...

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How School Health Programmes Are Organized In Kenya

How School Health Programmes are Organized in Kenya

In Kenya, it is the responsibility as a community health nurse or any other health provider to design school health programmes. In order to organise a practical school health programme they need to involve the rest of the health team members, the school administration and the community. Sometimes the health professionals can decide to conduct a health program in a certain   Continue reading ...

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Gor Mahia F.C To Be Crowned Winner This Time Round

Gor Mahia is one of the football clubs in Kenya that participate in the Kenya premier league. It is among the oldest clubs in the history of football in Kenya and it has been successful in recent times having won the KPL Top 8 in 2012. It was founded on 17th February 1968.They have won the Kenya premier league twelve times, one less  than their rival-A.F.C Leopards who have won it thirteen times.

They are the favorites club to win this season’s league cup after having consistent performance throughout the season. They are in the first position with fifty (50) points,  Continue reading ...

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How Laboratory Tests Are Done Before Blood Transfusion In Kenya

Kakamega provincial hospital is one of the hospitals at level six, and it acts as a referral to many District hospitals in the Western region. It offers majorly curative and rehabilitative health services to the people of Kakamega County and the surrounding counties such as Vihiga and Bungoma. Laboratory is one of the sections that offer services to the patients especially the diagnostic services and blood transfusion being one of them, there are particular procedures that are carried out before traffusion. These procedures include;

-ABO and RH Grouping

-Direct coombs testContinue reading ...

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Engineering Courses Offered In Kenyatta University, Kenya

Kenyatta University is one of the public universities in Kenya and it is based in Nairobi city (capital city of Kenya). It offers Engineering courses alongside other courses in the institution. Engineering is under the school of engineering and technology that was established in the year 2007 from school of pure and applied sciences. The mission of these courses is to develop manpower and offer consultancy in the fields of energy engineering, manufacturing engineering, water engineering, and construction management thus contributing to the development of the country and to realize the 2030   Continue reading ...

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How Displaced Persons In Kenya Have Been Affected

Displaced persons are people who have been displaced from their communities or even countries. The displacement of people in Kenya was caused by a number of factors, the most common being armed conflict. Natural disasters, famine, political reasons and economic changes are some of the others. In Kenya, the majority of displaced people were displaced due to post election violence that broke in 2008, after the2007  general election. This violence in Kenya lead to some Kenyans\' displacement from their lands on political grounds.

The displaced persons in Kenya can be divided   Continue reading ...

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Patients Bill Of Right In Kenya

A patient in Kenya is any person who goes to the hospital to seek health care either in out-patient or in-patient basis. Out-patients in Kenya are those who seek consultation or are treated and go back home while in-patients are those who are admitted in the hospital for further management. Bill of right in Kenya is the right of a patient which should be granted when seeking health care in any hospital in Kenya. These rights are meant to protect against infringement.

In Kenya, bill of right for patients is usually written at the rece  Continue reading ...

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Activities Carried Out During School Health Programs In Kenya

One of the many objectives of the ministry of education in Kenya is to ensure that pupils in primary school and students in secondary school in Kenya are in healthy conditions while school. They do this in collaboration with the ministry of health in Kenya through the health care providers such as nurses, doctors, clinical officers and public health officers working in Kenya. These activities are carried out during the school health programme whereby the health care providers seek permission from the school management team first before going to any school. The activities prov  Continue reading ...

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Consequences Of Rape In Our Societies In Kenya

Rape in Kenya is one of the forms of sexual assaults. Rape is defined as sexual intercourse with another person without the consent of that person in Kenya. In many communities in Kenya, the issue of rape is considered as an abomination (sinful), and people who commit it are punished by the council of elders of that particular community in Kenya. For instance, among the Turkana community of Kenya, if you commit rape, you are going to be assembled by the village elders and forced to pay some cattle, sheep and goats. Then, a ritual for cleansing is performed to appease the spirits s  Continue reading ...

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How To Manage Diabetes In Kenya

Diabetes mellitus in Kenya is an endocrine (disease) disorder which is characterized by high level of blood glucose level that comes as a result of a problem in insulin secretion or insulin. Insulin is a hormone involved in glucose metabolism (production and storage), and it is produced by pancrease. The other hormones involved in glucose metabolism are glucagon, adrenaline, growth hormone and somatotrophin.

In Kenya, diabetes mellitus is a common disease that is diagnosed frequently and mostly in adults. Diabetes mellitus in Kenya is mostly managed at District Hospitals (such as Ki  Continue reading ...

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How To Manage Finance As A Student In Kenya

Management of finance is the primary challenge that students face in Kenya universities. Majority of them end up misusing the money, and some of them accumulate debts given by other students. Somehow, it depends on the family background of students in Kenya since those who come from a rich families do not have a problem with over-spending money since they are supplied with it when they are ‘broke,’ unlike those who come from poor families that try to survive. My advice to the students in the universities in Kenya is that, they should   Continue reading ...

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How To Understand Life Cycle of HIV In Kenya; Tips To Health Care Providers

HIV is a pandemic in Kenya. It is very important for every health care provider working in Kenya hospital set-up to understand the life cycle of HIV because it is a required concept when initiating antiretroviral treatment (ARV)  in Kenya. These ARVs target the HIV virus at different life cycle. If you look at the Nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors class of ARVs in Kenya, it targets the HIV enzyme reverse transcriptase while the protease inhibitors class of ARVs targets the enzyme protease. In a nutshell, it is important for the health care provid  Continue reading ...

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How HIV/AIDS Disease Has Affected Kenya

HIV/AIDS still has a huge impact in Kenya, and it is still rated among the killer diseases in Kenya. Although a decrease in the mortality has been reported in many areas in Kenya, there is still death occurring due to HIV/AIDS disease. The recent discovery of antiretroviral therapy (ARVs) in Kenya has significantly reduced the number of people dying because of HIV/AIDS. Although this has happen, the disease still has consequences to both the HIV/AIDS infected and affected people in Kenya. The impacts of HIV/AIDS in the society in Kenya include;


There is a decrea  Continue reading ...

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How Kenya National Football Team Can Improve; Harambee Stars

Sports in Kenya usually comprise of athletics, volleyball, netball, boxing, tennis and football. Football in Kenya has been on the media limelight in Kenya mainly because of the performance of the Kenya national team, Harambee Stars in soccer. The shortcoming of Harambee Stars in Kenya has resulted in many Kenyans believing that Kenya cannot be able to compete in Africa and the rest of the world when it comes to football. This has been attributed by poor performance of Kenya in national matches especially in qualificat  Continue reading ...

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Advantages Of Zakenya Article Writing Website Over Kenyaplex

Freelancing in Kenya is an emerging concept, not only in Kenya but also in the entire world. Zakenya has joined the freelance world of articles and it is a new freelance website (article writing) in Kenya that was launched four months ago and accepts articles based on Kenyan context. There is also another site called Kenyaplex in Kenya that accept articles and was started in 2008.

Although Kenyaplex has more categories to choose from, Zakenya is also coming up with new categories each day and I believe that it will soon overtake Kenyaplex in terms of service delivery to the clients   Continue reading ...