How to register with Zakenya website in Kenya: benefits of Zakenya website.

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Are you interested in writing articles? Do you have passion for writing articles? Or are you unemployed in Kenya and wants some money for upkeep? Then, if you are the person who has interest or passion for writing articles and you are not employed, you can earn through writing articles to a website in Kenya hence you will be able to share your educative articles to other Kenyans through a website called Zakenya.

Zakenya is a freelance website in Kenya where people share, learn and earn money by submitting articles to the site. These articles will be viewed once they have been approved and uploaded in Zakenya website. The articles which are posted by people are usually paid once they have been uploaded to the site.

If you wish to join the site (Zakenya), it is free of charge and joining is very simple. What you need to do is have a phone or computer that access internet. Then punch in the website address of Zakenya – You will be directed to home page of Zakenya. Once you are there, click “login” from the menu. Then scroll downward until you find a login and information “new to Zakenya?” Because you are a new person, you need to signup (open an account with Zakenya).

The requirement for opening an account with Zakenya is your email address, full names and password. Once your fill the form provided, confirm your password and then click submit and you will have registered with Zakenya. You will now be directed to your email so as to validate your account to a fully functional one.

Once you have created Zakenya account, you will only be required to login daily using your username and password and then you can send articles by clicking the “add article”. The categories of articles accepted in Zakenya include; sports, transportation, travel and leisure, agriculture, software, social networking, services, self-improvement, relations and marriage, property, product review, politics, office, jobs, housing and estates, home improvement, health and fitness, food and beverages, finance, fashion, environment, education, communication, careers, business and arts and entertainment.

The amount of money paid in any given article ranges from Kshs.100 to Kshs.150 and should be a minimum of 350 words. The time taken to edit articles in Zakenya once they have been send and update is one day. Once an article has been rejected, they communicate with comments written under it.

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