How Internship Programs Work In Kenya

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Internship programs in Kenya are programs where students or graduates are engaged in through organizations or institutions where the supervisors in the organization scrutinize the progress of the students as they work. The graduates or students get a specified term of working with an organization in Kenya, mostly three months or more. The Kenyan students or graduates therefore have a chance to get involved in the practical aspects of the discipline they major in.

Internship programs in most of the institutions in Kenya usually have the aim of familiarizing the students or graduates with the knowledge they need to know in their field. Internships are the only way a graduate or a student can get a boost in the job world. For graduates in Kenya who have completed school, you don’t have to wait until you get a job to start accounting for the time, be wise enough to familiarize yourself in the world of work through internship.

The most employers in Kenya want to employ a person who has had experience in some things. It’s expensive to provide training for a person who has completely no experience as comparing to a graduate who has experience through an internship program. In fact, most employers assimilate their interns to do work in their institutions. This only happens, however in cases where the interns in Kenya show that they are capable of achieving higher in the organization and can easily adapt to the working conditions present. An employer will always aim at taking aboard the candidates who will benefit the organization best.

Hence, interns in Kenya should put their best in the tasks allocated in the field they choose to take. How do the internship programs work? A student or a graduate seeking to be considered as an intern in an organization should do research on the organization they are targeting. Knowing about the aims, vision, mission, objectives, projects and all about an organization gives a potential intern advantage of showing their interest in the organization.

A person should then make contact with the organization they wish to be enrolled in. In cases where some organizations take interns at particular times of the year, a person seeking an internship in Kenya should follow the schedule of the organization. Once a person becomes an intern with the institution, the rules and regulations guiding the organization should be held to the last day.

Internship programs in Kenya give the students or graduates an entry point to the job world. Therefore, the interns in institutions are engaged in the activities for the experience they need. A recommendation letter is drafted by the supervisor at the end of the program. You will need the recommendation from organizations in Kenya to serve as a show of your experience.  Students or graduates in Kenya are therefore encouraged to behave well while in the internship program.

Some organizations in Kenya also accept foreign interns. There are so many places where interns from Norway, Australia and the like are accepted in organizations for internship. The foreign interns in Kenya get to learn from especially our environment, and this expands their knowledge and experience. In Kenya, some organizations offer interns stipends for the period they do the internship. However, other organizations do not offer anything at all. You should get to know the organization you are wishing to join prior the internship.

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