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Jobs in Kenya are limited compared with enormous number of jobseekers.To help solve this here comes, the Kenya’s biggest job website which keeps one alerted of any job opportunities as soon as it gets available.Its free recruitment publication which assist recruitment agencies and employers in finding the right candidate for any job in East Africa i.e Kenya,Uganda and Tanzania by offering them a large network on which they advertise their vacancies.Since job hunting in Kenya is competitive with lots of jobseekers and limited opportunities of jobs,BrighterMonday does its best to get as many jobs to jobseekers as possible by being committed to only delivering real current job vacancies.To get the best from brightermonday and to maximize your chances of job hunting,I strongly recommend that you do the following:

  • Sign up for daily job alerts in your category or field of work.Since recruitment agencies and employers in Kenya get hundreds of curriculum vitae,they don’t have time to read them all and therefore by signing up to alerts ,you get the job alerts within 24 hours maximum and so you can be among the first to apply.
  • Upload a written CV to make sure that employers looking in BrighterMonday resume database can find you.Carefully fill the profile that allows you to communicate information beyond just your CV about what you are looking for and what jobs you want.

BrighterMonday gives options to jobseekers to apply jobs within their locality,the country you will need to work within the East Africa,category of work either part-time or full-time,fields of work your qualifications are based such as healthcare sector,sales and marketing,human resource management,managerial,administrative,companies and many more fields of work.

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