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 Everyone hopes for a good job someday later in life, but what is a good job? The best job the one that pays better than the others or the one you enjoys doing? How important is it to choose a good job in Kenya? Those are the questions we will be looking at.

Kenya is a country of great educational competition. People become better and better at what they do as days goes by. If you are not good at what you do, the probability of you getting a good job are very slim but if you do, you will not keep it for long and if you do, which is very rare, you will not go up  Continue reading ...

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How To Reduce Unemployment In Kenya

The huge number of population growth in the country is making alot of kenyans to encounter hardships when it comes to finding jobs and earning money from it.Many have ended up lacking jobs for a long duration of time making it necessary to have measures that can help reduce unemployment in the country.The following comprises some of the ways unemployment can be reduced in  kenya.

Developing the rural areas

The government should adapt a culture of spreading more industries and giving more incentives to investors to construct more industries in the rural centers of the   Continue reading ...

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Most Common Interviewed Questions In Kenya

People go for interview to try their luck if they will be accepted at a certain position within an organization. With a good well written and packaged curriculum vitae one is confident to having the job. Before the interview one should ensure that he or she arrives for the interview at least 20-30 minutes before ensuring that he or she is neat and presentable. Most people are never sure of the questions to be asked during the interview.

Some of the common questions used in interviews include:

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How to acquire internship Opportunities at Unilever kenya.

Unilever  company offers various internship opportunities for students during vacation while they are still undertaking their university education. experience is achieved while  working with company hence creating future for the applicants.

Unilever Internship Programs.

The company is seeking new recruitment for the people that are joining the institution and should have the following minimum requirements for one to be considered a favorite candidate for application. The person should be in the final year at the time when they are submitting their applications fo  Continue reading ...

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Tips on How to win government tenders in Kenya

Always provide all the information requested in the tender application form.Tax clearing certificate and shareholding certificate should never be forgotten at any cost.Out-dated tax clearance certificate are not allowed.

Calculations of tender prices must alwats be correct.

Incase you are not sure of anything in the tender, ASK so as to avoid misinterpretation.

Always sign your bid document to avoid disqualification incase of unsigned documents.

If you are an HDI,remember to claim your points.Points unclaimed are points lost.

Ensure that you drop the   Continue reading ...

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The Lowest Paying Jobs in Kenya.

Kenya remuneration system is one of the poorest in the world. This is because majority of public civil servants in Kenya are poorly paid and yet they are involved in a lot of risks while at work. Due to lack of jobs in Kenya, many Kenyans are just forced by situation to train those courses so that Kenyans can easily get employed. For instance the case of teachers in Kenya, they are not adequate in the country and therefore many people train in this course so that they can be easily employed once they finish college yet they are paid low amount of money.

Sometimes we do not know whom  Continue reading ...

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Top Most Well Paying Jobs in Kenya.

Every student who finish Kenya certificate of secondary education (KCSE) every year wishes to pursue a course or career in one of the colleges or universities in Kenya in a course that is marketable and well paying in terms of salary. Back at home, the parents also advise their children to pursue courses which are well paying and marketable at the same time.

If you are one of the students who are planning to join college or university in Kenya, you need to make a concrete decision on the career to pursue. Choosing a career to pursue in life is one of the challenging things you can d  Continue reading ...

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Jobs in Kenya are limited compared with enormous number of jobseekers.To help solve this here comes, the Kenya’s biggest job website which keeps one alerted of any job opportunities as soon as it gets available.Its free recruitment publication which assist recruitment agencies and employers in finding the right candidate for any job in East Africa i.e Kenya,Uganda and Tanzania by offering them a large network on which they advertise their vacancies.Since job hunting in Kenya is competit  Continue reading ...

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How to register with Zakenya website in Kenya: benefits of Zakenya website.

Are you interested in writing articles? Do you have passion for writing articles? Or are you unemployed in Kenya and wants some money for upkeep? Then, if you are the person who has interest or passion for writing articles and you are not employed, you can earn through writing articles to a website in Kenya hence you will be able to share your educative articles to other Kenyans through a website called Zakenya.

Zakenya is a freelance website in Kenya where people share, learn and earn money by submitting articles to the site. These articles will be viewed once they have been approv  Continue reading ...

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Top Popular Job Websites In Kenya

1. Brighter Monday

2. Advance Africa

3. Career Builder

4. OLX Jobs http://www.olx.  Continue reading ...