Richest Estates In kenya

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The area is flooded with a lot of rich people that occupy well paying jobs in the city centre. Many young people making a lot of money are opting to stay in Runda due to being cool and also the accommodation facilities such as houses offered are not only big but also secure for one to live and operate their daily lives in more peaceful manner. The place is also hosting a lot of visitors that often live in places that are well built, clean and free from interruption.


It can be found by one taking matatu numbers 125 or 111.The place is next to the bomas of Kenya and is home to big politicians in the country such as Raila Odinga. Karen has good buildings and security is also well maintained. It is also home to good schools and campuses Jomo Kenyatta being one of them. Many residents come to the place daily due to the busy operations in the place some reporting to work and others have their own private businesses.

Buru Buru

Found in east lands sides of the city, the place has a lot of rich guys that live and invest in the area. Majority of the people in the place have good access and find better and well paying jobs in town. Some phases of the estate are good, clean and very conducive for one to stay and bring up a family from there. It is therefore important that those looking for secure housing facilities to try looking for accommodation around the place.


It is found by taking bus number 46.Neighbours to the famous slum kawangware,the place is good and comfortable for one to stay and find a better and comfortable lifestyle. Famous politicians such as the late George Saitoti used to reside in the place. It has better housing facilities and the security of the place is relatively good for one to host a family.

South C

The place is found along Mombasa road. It is one of the fastest growing estates as more people are investing in the place and the number of business activities is also high. The famous south c has been home to musicians such as the late E-sir and Krupt. It has good and well built houses that continue to attract a lot of investors. Water supply is also good and security is high.

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