Residential Housing Along Jogoo Road Nairobi

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With the ever rising population in Nairobi City, proper housing is becoming more elusive by the day. More shanties and ramshackles are coming up in Nairobi and sprawling further over time. Kibera slum in Nairobi, the largest urban slum in Africa, houses over 170,000 people according to the 2009 Kenyan Population Census. However, the numbers go as high as 500,000 people depending on which Nairobi slums are included when defining Kibera slum in Kenya. All these Nairobi residents in Kibera slum are confined in a rather small area, and as such have little or no access to basic services such as water and electricity in Kenya.

The situation along Jogoo Road in Nairobi is a tad different from that in Kibera slum in Kenya. The Jogoo Road houses are more spaced and spacious. There are at least four estates in Nairobi found along Jogoo Road. The area around city stadium in Nairobi also has some housing facilities. The area around City Stadium along Jogoo Road in Nairobi is rather squeezed, and most of the houses are single rooms with communal toilets and bathrooms. The Nairobi housing is rather affordable and more so for those living on a very tight budget in this section of Nairobi. Having a rental house around City Stadium in Nairobi is also convenient for the casual labourers working in the Industrial Area of Nairobi.

Bahati estate and Shauri Moyo estate, slightly off Jogoo road in Nairobi also have housing units. The housing in Bahati and Shauri Moyo estates is slightly more costly than those in found around City Stadium in Nairobi though, you can find single rooms and bedsitters. Bed sitters in Kenya refer to a housing unit with one room, a toilet and bathroom and a small kitchen area. Bedsitters in Nairobi go for roughly KSH 5, 000 on the lower side. However, you can get single rooms in Nairobi for KSH 3,000 or thereabout.

Kimathi Estate in Nairobi also has some middle class residential units along Jogoo Road. The houses in Kimathi Estate go for KSH 20,000 roughly for a three bedroomed house with its own compound. The Nairobi residents here have access to facilities such as running water, electricity and also street lighting. Kimathi Estate is off Jogoo Road in Nairobi and neighbours Bahati Estate.

There some city council houses in Nairobi also located along Jogoo Road. City council houses in Kenya are usually very affordable, but they have high demands as everyone in Nairobi is looking for affordable housing. Single bedroomed City Council houses in Nairobi go for as little as KSH 3,000 as compared to the normal charge of KSH 8,000 for single bedrooms elsewhere in Nairobi.

Easton apartments neighbouring the Makadara train station in Nairobi are a block of housing units. You are guaranteed to get single bedrooms and also two bedroomed houses in Easton Apartments in Nairobi. The rent in Easton Apartments ranges between KSH 8,000 and KSH 17,000 depending on whether you settle for a single or a double bedroomed house.

Maringo estate in Nairobi along Jogoo road too also offers housing facilities. Maringo Estate, which is located along and slightly off Jogoo road, has a characteristic building design. There are a few flats coming up in the area in Maringo Estate. Maringo estate in Nairobi goes on to join with Hanza estate in the bigger Makadara area of Nairobi. For the middle class residents in Nairobi estates like Buruburu Estate and Dohnholm Estate along Jogoo Road are there for you.


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