Hindrances To Faster Industrialization In Kenya

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Kenya is one of the best developed nations in eastern Africa.One of the factors that promote the fast growth of countries in the world is industrialization.Kenya being one of the countries that do well is however facing many challenges when it comes to the growth of industries.The following are some of the major hindrances to growth of local industries.

Lack of labour

Majority of the youth that are learned are venturing into white colar jobs leaving no room for the industrial sector to have adequate supply of labor.It is important that labor be supplied in plenty for the project to grow and see that many industtries are growing and providing more employment opportunities to kenyans.

Lack of enough capital

Most sectors of economy in the country have poor sources of funds making it hard for them to get ways of expanding.It is good for them to get the issue to the government to get better ways of ensuring that there is enough money to expand the industrial sectors.

Over reliance on foreign help

Kenya faces the major challenge of relying on other developed countries that are well developed.It is good for them to learn of bettr ways of handling challenges to avoid depednding on foreign countries that later exploit kenya by taking away the best raw materials to their countries.


The smoke emiitedfrom the industries is becoming a major challenge as it is spreading and affecting other sectors of economy that do well a good example being the agriculture sector where emitted chemicals often destroy the produce that is planted by farmers.

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