Where To Get Public Swimming Pools In Nairobi, Kenya

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A good way to relax from a hard stressful week is to let your body in the water through swimming in Kenya. Swimming is a great form of exercise in Kenya, since one actively involves all the muscles in the body. Swimming in Kenya is ideal for people who are looking towards loosing weight because one losses a lot of calories from a swimming session. Going for swimming in Nairobi public swimming pools is also a good way to have fun with friends and or family. If the weather is great, people in Kenya can have water games with friends and family and then bask in the hot sun. Nairobi has numerous establishments with public swimming pools in Kenya, where you can go swimming. These include schools, sports clubs, hotels, hostels and guest houses in Nairobi. There are also other spots that are built by the government in conjunction with other agencies for swimming in Kenya. Examples of these places in Nairobi which have swimming pools are;

Chester House in Nairobi

Chester building is in the Central Business District along Koinange Street in Nairobi. Chester House is easily accessible from any part of the Nairobi town. The Chester House swimming pool in Nairobi is open rooftop and is well situated on the fourth floor of the Chester building. The Chester House pool is 18 metres in length. The charges at the Chester House swimming pools in Nairobi are Kshs 500 per day per member. Chester house swimming pool in Nairobi city centre is a great place to relax and one can enjoy great food after a swimming session.

Hilton Hotel Nairobi

Hilton Hotel in Nairobi is strategically placed in the Central Business District between Mama Ngina Street and City Hall Way. Hilton Hotel is opposite Kencom House in Nairobi. Hilton Hotel swimming pool is convenient for people who work in Nairobi and around Nairobi. The swimming pool in Hilton Hotel in Nairobi is 18 metres in length. The swimming charges in the Hilton Hotel in Nairobi city centre are 1000 per day per person.

Kivi Milimani Hotel in Nairobi

Kivi Milimani Hotel is situated two kilometers from the city centre of Nairobi, along Milimani Road off Ralph Buche Road. Kivi Milimani Hotel in Kenya is near Integrity Centre in Nairobi. The swimming pool in Kivi Milimani Hotel is well situated for those living in Hurlingham in Nairobi. The pool in Kivi Milimani Hotel is 18metres in length. The swimming charge at Kivi Milimani Hotel is Ksh 800 for adults and Ksh 500 for kids. One can also pay a monthly membership at the Kivi Milimani Hotel swimming facility in Nairobi of Kshs 7,000 or quarterly membership of Kshs 14,000.

Laico Regency Nairobi Hotel

Laico Regency Nairobi Hotel is located in the Central Business District at the corner of Uhuru Highway and Market Street. The pool in Laico Regency Hotel in Nairobi is 18 metres long. The swimming charge in Laico Regency Nairobi Hotel is Ksh 1,500 per member per day. One has the option of paying monthly, annually, biannual or annual membership in the swimming facility of Laico Regency Nairobi Hotel in Kenya.

There are other swimming pools which are open to the public within Nairobi, which include: Milimani swimming pool, along Ngong Road in Kilimani and Lavington areas, along Langata Road in Ongata Rongai, along Mombasa road public pools are in South B, South C and in Industrial area, along Thika Road public swimming pools are in Ruaraka, Garden estate and Kasarani, along the Waiyaki way public swimming pools are in Westlands and lastly along Jogoo Road public pools are found in Buruburu.

One can also get public pools in Nairobi in a variety of schools and some of these pools are open to the public on weekends. While doing research of where to go swim, one must consider the cost of swimming in Nairobi which normally ranges from Kshs 200 to Kshs 1,500 a day depending on the place of choice. One must also look at the proximity to your home or place of residence in Nairobi. There is no need to go far while you might find a better pool and great service in Nairobi, just near you.

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