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   Human health is very vital and once an illness arises,immediate action must be taken.Penda Health Center is available to take care of human health.Penda Health Center is located in Kitengela town,along Nairobi-Namanga road and its next to Riva Petrol Station,Kitengela.Penda Health center is a franchised member of the Tunza Family Health network.Its a for-profit social enterprise that aims to provide high quality primary healthcare services for hard to reach populations in Kenya,with a slight emphasis on women’s health.The Penda Health center aim to provide accessibility,affordability,friendly nonjudgemental staff,high quality medical care and services for the entire family together with hard-to-find women’s services.Penda Health’s clinics are open 12 hours a day on a walk-in basis.The medical centres are fully stockedwith supplies,medicines,tests and essential equipment.The Penda Health center provides outpatient services and staffed by nurses or clinical officers and receptionists with medical officer oversight.The medical center provides consultations,diagnostic tests and medicines.Penda health centre uses a customized system accessible from personal computer(PC),to track stock and expiry dates.When supplies run low,a warning is triggered to make sure more are ordered.Staff also text patients to make sure they are taking their drugs at right times and in the right way or to tell groups of patients that a specialist is visiting.Penda is also working on developing their own electronic medical records system that ultimately will allow them to share records,if need be,with specialists both within Kenya and internationally.Furthermore ,Penda has held mobile clinics to reach patients farther away from their clinics which are generally staffed by one or two clinicians and several support staff.Also once or twice a month,Penda holds a screening day at their medical centres during which they will provide free or discounted consultations for specific illment e.g diabetes.

Services offered include:

-maternal services,newborn and child health

-family planning and reproductive health

-primary care

-health consultations

-testing and screening



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