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Healthcare services to patients or sick people from a hospital require that they be offered in the best environment for their quick recovery from the diseases they were suffering from. Elderly people may also need more attention in the care for their better living. This has therefore made certain companies to offer care and therapy services to ensure that the sick and elderly are given the care services that they need. Kenya Home Nursing and Therapy Services (KEHNTS) is one of the services providers for the elderly and sick in the society and they provides various services which include;

Home-Based Services

Home based clinical nursing, assisted living care, medical management and medication to patients are all provided at home by personnel of KEHNTS. This nursing and home care services provider also offer other professional home nursing care services which include care provided at home by very qualified registered nurses who are certified with the nurse aids. The nursing services include clinical assessment, IV services, medication training, family education, diabetic treatment and any other needs that require supervised clinical nurse. This nurses also can offer 12 hours services or 24 hours depending on the condition of the individual requiring the services. They offer other additional services such as self-care assistance, meal preparation, hygiene, medications, safety, companionship and general support. They also provide elder care services, a specialized nursing and therapy care program for elderly who need assisted living, medication assistance, feeding and meal preparation assistance, safety supervision, hygiene and general care as their staff are certified in a gerontology program that include elder care special need management.

Physiotherapy Services

At Kenya Home Nursing and Therapy Services, they provide special physiotherapy (or physical therapy) services to a wide variety of patients, including but not limited to Back pain problems, Post-Surgical pain (orthopedic or medical), Accidents and Sports Injuries, Post Child Birth Pain, Stroke Rehabilitation, Neurological weakness, Tension headaches, Tension Massage and Relaxation, Abdominal pain as well as Sports injuries. All these services involving Physiotherapy are offered from their Center or at home in case the patients cannot reach the center and offered by the best qualified personnel with great experience in the field.

Speech Therapy services

KEHNTS offer the most unique services which involve speech and language therapy services to carious clients through a network of consulting speech therapists. This services covers the disorders that affects the patients speech, language, cognition, voice, swallowing and the rehabilitation or corrective treatment of physical and/or cognitive deficits/disorders resulting in difficulty with communication and swallowing. They offer the treatment of these disorders and difficulties depending on the nature and severity of the disorders, and the treatment range from physical strengthening exercises, instructive or repetitive practices and drilling, to use of audio-visual aids. Speech therapy may also involve sign language and the use of pictures symbols or augmentative and alternative communication.

Special Therapy Services

This institution also offer other special therapies which include hospital-based therapy which involve delivering rehabilitation services and involve Pediatrics therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, Pain management and counselling, Occupational Therapy/ Occupational Health, Ergonomics/ Independent Living Retraining, Substance Abuse Rehabilitation, Nutritional Services, Bariatric and Counselling as well as Family Therapy/ Counselling. In addition, KEHNTS provide outpatient Therapy services all the regions that have regional health centres.

As an institution for the provision of medical services, the institution also provide health management training which offer educative services such as nurse assistant training for the assistance of the nurses in charge of offering the home-based services to the patients. For the provision of the services, they can be contacted through their website at and dully filling the online form for their services. You can also visit them located in Gigiri Shopping Centre above Eldochem Pharmacy or contact them through Telephone +254 716 318356 or +254 774 307111



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