Problems Affecting The Medical Institution in Kenya

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Lack of adequate medical technicians

The country has continued to suffer from the constant ability to produce good experts that can handle various medical problems. Kenyan doctors lack specialized skills and those that show high competence end up being taken to the western countries to cater for their needs. The government is failing in addressing the needs of its doctors as seen in the many number of strikes showing that the field of medicine is flooded with problems.

Poor Training Centers

The country has very little centers that can be used to encourage the growth of stable hospitals. Most medical students have poor laboratory equipments in the places they study making them suffer from adequate training and eventually ending up losing a lot of information. The government should look for ways of importing medical facilities that can be used to train more competent doctors.

Lack of Enough Capital

The medical department lacks enough funds that can be used to sustain the needs of its citizens. It has come to the realization that many hospitals have patients sharing beds and often lack basic facilities such as medicine and sanitary tools. It is therefore of basic necessity for the government to take the issue and call for foreign help through the help of sponsors.


The Kenyan medical field is filled with a lot of corrupt activities in it. Majority of departmental heads are self centered and often use the funds meant to help patients for their own personal benefits. Most doctors will end up opening their own pharmacy centers and that makes them continue benefiting from the national funds that are strictly meant for the medical tacticians.

Poor Disaster management techniques

Many hospitals in Kenya have experts that lack the basic skills on how to respond to the various public disasters such as accidents, earthquakes and floods. The ambulance services found in the places are poor and most patients die before reaching the respective hospitals.


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