Places To Get Spa Services And Treatments In Nairobi, Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - August 6, 2022

There comes a time in life when one needs to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of Nairobi to a quiet haven. Contrary to popular belief, Spas in Kenya are not only places for women but men also go there to relax. Services offered in spas in Nairobi range from facials, localized massages, full body massages, skin treatments, body wraps, hot baths, steam baths and nail care among others.

Angsana Spa, in The Sankara Hotel in Nairobi

Angsana Spa, Sankara Nairobi is located in the heart of Westlands in Woodvale Groove, off Waiyaki Way in Nairobi, and is home to a range of award winning treatments. Angsana Spa in Sankara Hotel is located in the hub of Nairobi’s commercial retail and entertainment hub. Angsana Spa in Nairobi is also strategically placed in a five-star hotel in Westlands; The Sankara Hotel. Angsana Spa in Westlands is situated in the topmost floor of the Sankara Hotel. Angsana Spa in Kenya features a range of Asian therapies.

Kaya Spa in Tribe Hotel in Nairobi

The Kaya Spa in Nairobi is an exclusive spa that combines the traditional and new world treatments from around the globe. Kaya Spa has five treatment rooms and a tranquil ambience. Kaya Spa is in Tribe Hotel in Nairobi. The Tribe Hotel is located along Limuru Road in Nairobi, near KCB village Market. The Tribe Hotel in Nairobi also has a state of the art gym that is open 24hours.

Wild Earth Day Spa in Nairobi

Wild Earth Day Spa in Nairobi is a sanctuary in the busy Westlands business hub on Peponi Road. Wild Earth Day Spa in Nairobi is inspired by the Moroccan theme designed to revive and rejuvenate all your body senses. Wild Earth Day Spa in Kenya has massage, body scrub, manicure and a salon. Wild Earth Day Spa in Westlands also has a massage catered for pregnant women and the staff is very friendly. The Wild Earth Day Spa in Nairobi even gives you fruit to eat after massage. The best thing is you can book your appointment online from Wild Earth Day Spa website in Nairobi on The food in Wild Earth Day Spa in Nairobiis also great.

Silver Springs Hotel Spa in Nairobi

Silver Springs Hotel Spa in Kenya is among the best spas in the country. Silver Springs Hotel Spa in Nairobi pride themselves of having state of the art equipment and fitness knowledge to assist every member who walks through their doors. The opening hours of Silver Springs Hotel Spa in Nairobi also suit the busy people who work through the day. One can work out alone or have a personal assistant guide you through the workout in Silver Springs Hotel Spa in Nairobi . There is also a great swimming pool located in the Silver Springs Hotel Spa. Kids pay Kshs 400 while adults pay Kshs 500 to swim in the crystal clear swimming pool of Silver Springs Hotel Spa in Nairobi . In this spa in Nairobi, one receives a pure individual experience. It is the best place to relax and unwind after a stressing week. Silver Springs Hotel Spa in Nairobi also have the following packages with excellent services; Mothers Day Package, birthday packages, bride and groom to be packages, prenatal indulgence and the stress buster. If you are looking to have that one on one individual attention, this is the place to be. Silver Springs Hotel Spa in Nairobi is located on Valley Road near The Nairobi Hospital.

Most of the people in Kenya have never experienced that spa treatment because they believe that the spa services in Kenya are meant for the upper class. It is true that these spa services in Nairobi cost a lot of money, but someone can save some money through the year and treat themselves once in a while. Your body is your temple and so you should treat it with care. A few of these spa treatments also have medicinal value in Kenya. For example, the aromatherapy and steam bath during spa treatments in Nairobi helps to open up your nasal passages increasing your wellbeing and reducing your predispose to respiratory diseases. The massages in spas in Nairobi reduce stress and cause the free circulation of blood reducing stress related diseases. In a nutshell, you should visit the spa in Nairobi once in a while.

Recovery Medical Clinic (Kariobangi South)
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