Out dated Practices In Kenya

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Kenya is an inclusive and diverse nation. It is well known that there are 42 tribes in Kenya, all from different origins and different ancient traditions, beliefs and practices. Some activities that our ancestors practiced were simply barbaric, unfair and corrupt and should be stopped straight. Some were okay, and that science and I do not object, they can still be carried on. For example, there is no reason to stop Isukhuti dance an ancient Luhya dance or their bull fighting. Some practices however are simply out of time. Pay attention and let me take you through some of these.

Female Genital Mutilation

What is meant by catching up with time? I am a surprised patriot of this nation. Just the other day, a group of Kenyan women took to the streets to demand their rights to circumcise their daughters. I did not know what to say. I was totally surprised. Is it not clear, has it not been proven that Female Genital Mutilation is harmful to the health of a woman? Is it not open as the day that the cut can affect the sexual life of the woman forever? Then why is it that some of us are so stubborn? The women took to the streets and a while later, Citizen TV aired a documentary titled “The Elite also Cut”. I watched it, did you? I was amazed by the resistance of some of our elite to change and development and these elite are the chief architects of this.

Wife Battering

This is another practice that needs to be stopped on its tracks. Although situations were vice versa in Central Kenya where wives were physically assaulting their husbands’ allegedlly over excessive taking of alcohol, especially locally prepared brews that reduced their ability to carry out their responsibilities including performance in bed, women are the victims in the other parts. Everyone hopes that as time goes, the more we get civilized and therefore the less these activities happen. The sad news is that if you thought the same too, you are mistaken. Some men still hold the mentality that a woman should unconditionally submit and obey and if the woman goes against this, she is ‘disciplined’. This is a backward practice and should stop.

Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination is sadly still practiced in a thousand forms. The oppressed are women and girls, who succumb to pressure from their male counterparts. I am completely optimistic when it comes to the elimination of gender discrimination in Kenya because foremost, the constitution provides for equity and the minimum fraction of one third that women representation must not go below by law. At least that is in the political arena and other positional areas. When it comes to inheritance, the constitution step up too and gives the girl child equal opportunities to inherit property, unlike the previous constitution.

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