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Where To Shop For Varieties Of Wine In Nairobi, Kenya

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If you have a heart for wine and you are looking for where to get that bottle of great wine in Nairobi to serve for a very important dinner or yourself, look no further. These are the areas to get great wine in Kenya. As a wine aficionado, I can vouch for them.

Chandarana Supermarket in Nairobi

Chandarana Supermarket in Kenya is located on 3rd floor of 197 Lenana Place, Lenana Road in Nairobi. One can order wine online in Nairobi from their Chandarana Supermarket website on www.chandaranasupermarkets.co.ke, and there is a secure online ordering system for wines. You can also go personally and check what Chandarana Supermarket have from their portfolio. The minimum order of wine from Chandarana Supermarket is Kshs 1,000, and there is free delivery in Nairobi. For example,  a classic wine like the Moet & Chandon Brut, Champagne, France retails for Kshs 6,395 in Chandarana Supermarket in Nairobi. The Sky Vodka and Sky Blue Vodka are Kshs 1,195 in Chandarana Supermarket in Kenya.

Mia Wines International in Nairobi

Mia Wines and Spirits International in Nairobi is the leading importer of Fine Wines and Champagnes in Kenya. Mia Wines and Spirits International in Kenya has a portfolio which consists of 300 different wines from South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Germany and France. Examples of the wines that Mia Wines and Spirits International in Nairobi sell are Nicolas Feuillate Champagne and Chateau Talaud from France, Mara Wines, Springfield Estate, Juno, Goats Do Roam from South Africa The Sadie Family Wine, The Chocolate Block and Ken Forrester, Blue Nun Wines from Germany and Santa Carolina from Chile. For wine deliveries in Nairobi, one simply emails Mia Wines and Spirits International at [email protected]. Payments of wines delivered by the Mia Wines and Spirits International are made via Mpesa, and they have free deliveries in Nairobi.

Wines of the World Wine Bar and Shop in Kenya

Wines of the World Wine Bar and Shop in Kenya is located on the ground floor, The Junction in Lavington in Nairobi. I recently visited this place. Wines of the World Wine Bar and Shop in Kenya have a wine shop and even have a wine tasting room in Nairobi. They have a lounge area with nice furniture that help you relax as you sip your wine. Wines of the World Wine Bar and Shop in Nairobi have a vast cabinet of wines and spirits collection, and it is one of the best I have seen. There are over  100 types and selections of wine in Wines of the World Wine Bar and Shop. A glass of quality wine from Wines of the World Wine Bar and Shop in Kenya retails from as low as Kshs 350 onwards depending on the type.

Common night clubs, bars and lounges in Nairobi

Most of the clubs in the city of Nairobi have wine collection in their counters. Though most may stock beer, vodka and other quick selling types of alcohol in Kenya, most actually sell good wine. Examples of clubs in Nairobi that have a good wine portfolio are Waka Waka Bar, Resturant and night club, Tribeka and Club Sylk in Nairobi town, and Skyluxx lounge and Galileos club in Westlands among others in Nairobi city centre.

Kenya Wine Agencies (KWAL) in Nairobi

Kenya Wine Agencies (KWAL) in Nairobi have great brands in their portfolio that are locally made and distributed. The wines at Kenya Wine Agencies (KWAL) are Highlife fortified wine, Kingfisher, Highlife medium sweet, Yatta wines, Rocamar caprice and Black tower.

Wines and Spirit Shops in Nairobi

There is wines and spirits shop in every town, and Nairobi is no exception. These are small shops that are owned by individuals in Nairobi which sell wines and spirit in town. One can browse through their brands. Although it is hard to get all brands of wines in Nairobi wines and spirits shops, one can order, and they can get it from the various distributors in Nairobi.

Supermarkets that stock wine in Nairobi

Some supermarkets in Nairobi have an alcohol section and one is likely to get wine there. Examples of these supermarkets in Nairobi CBD which stock wines are Nakumatt, Turskys, and Chandarana Supermarkets.

Whether you decide to shop online for wines in Kenya, for your wine or you decide to look for it yourselves. You will most probably get your brand of choice in the above wine spots in Nairobi.

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