The Best Companies In Kericho

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It is situated on the left side of Bomet-Kericho road. It produces all the unilever products. They include Colgate, Nice and Lovely and Omo. It has more than 3000 employees; it has a good transport network with the best service delivery. It is a globally company that promotes and sells its products. It is well furnished and maintains its level of cleanliness as one of the competitive way with other companies.


It is situated at Brook just a Kilometer away from Kericho town. It bakes bread and its Brand is called SANIK. It is the most loved type of bread in the region. It has a good transport system. It has more than 500 workers working within and outside the company.


It is situated in the central part of the town. It is opposite Tuskys Supermarket and beside National Bank. It is one the most successful companies in the region. It has employed more than two thousand workers. It has a good transport network both locally and internationally that includes tracks and Lorries.


It is a company situated in the middle of the town. It strives to promote education to all the disadvantaged in the region. It has more than 500 workers making the network of the company known. It has mentored several youths to developing their talents. It is a well known group. It organizes co-curricular activities within the schools during the talents day.


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