Location Of The Enashipai Hotel and Spa In Naivasha Town In Kenya

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Enashipai Hotel and Spa in Kenya is a posh hotel located in the heart of Naivasha town in Kenya. Naivasha in Kenya is a small town located approximately 90 kilometers from Nairobi City. Naivasha town is bypassed by the Nakuru-Nairobi highway in Kenya. Enashipai Hotel and Spa in Naivasha derives its name from the Maasai word “Enashipai” which means a state of happiness. Enashipai Hotel in Kenya is located at least four kilometers away from Naivasha town, around 2 kilometers off the Naivasha-Mai Mahiu route in Kenya.

Enashipai Hotel and Spa in Kenya is a historically decadent hotel with well manicured lawns, smooth and subtle lighting and culturally rich setting. Located in one of the Rift Valley Towns in Kenya, Enashipai Hotel and Spa usually hosts and give accommodation to both local and foreign tourists in Kenya visiting the neighboring Naivasha town.

Naivasha town in Kenya is a tourist prone area as it is home to two Rift Valley lakes namely Lake Naivasha and Lake Elementaita in Kenya. Mount Longonot in Kenya is yet another tourist attraction site in Kenya found within the Naivasha area as it is a crater mountain  in Kenya found close to Naivasha town. With respect to these tourist attractions within Naivasha area in Kenya, Enashipai Hotel and Spa in Kenya provides much needed food and accommodation for the tourists visiting attraction sites in Naivasha.

Enashipai Hotel and spa deals in both African cuisine and foreign cuisine in Kenya. The Enshapai Hotel and Spa in Naivasha is a popular relax joint as well as team building activities spot for major companies in Kenya. The Enshapai Hotel lawns in Kenya stretch out into Lake Naivasha giving you a sense of worth for every dime spent in Enashipai Hotel and Spa.

The accommodation rooms within Enashipai Hotel and Spa in Naivasha town pamper you with upscale conveniences and comforts such as flat screen televisions, coffee bars as well as internet services. The Enashipai Hotel and Spa rooms provide a stylish and relaxed stay within the resort.

Enashipai Hotel and Spa in Naivasha is a popular site for garden weddings in Kenya as well as wedding photo shoots for Kenyans. The well manicured lawns and the scenic outdoor swimming pool  found in Enashipai Hotel and Spa in Naivahs not only set a nice backdrop but also ensure top beat style.

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